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Chapter 547: Changing Equipment Again

Chapter 547: Changing Equipment Again
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"Why do you always ask whether I got any good items? They’re mine; all the items are mine. I fought very hard, so don’t even try to take them…" Water Fairy was also on alert.

"Lend them to me, just like last time," Lu Li asked weakly.

He had been able to defeat Glory Capital and win the Shadow Cup because Water Fairy had lent him several pieces of equipment. As a result, he was able to defeat Sorrowless and Blood Dagger effortlessly.

"I’m a girl; I can’t just keep lending my equipment for you to wear…" Water Fairy was embarrassed. Last time, it was an impulse decision that she had regretted for a long time afterwards.

"Oh, do you know how valuable that badge is?" Lu Li asked sorrowfully and gave her a half truth, "Medivh promised me that I could ask him for a favor with that badge. I didn’t think it would be used up on you."

Water Fairy was immediately moved after hearing that.

At first, she thought that it was just some magical badge. However, after listening to Lu Li talk about Medivh, who was a man on par with Tyrande, she finally knew how much she owed him.

"In that case, we can even change two pieces if you want, but you can’t let anyone know," Water Fairy offered, then thought for a bit and continued, "If someone discovers it, you must never admit it. Just say that our equipment looks similar…"

"Don’t worry about it," Lu Li responded calmly and gave her a location.

The Feralas Teleportation Channel soon ushered in Water Fairy, who was riding the white kodo.

This place was only suitable for players who were higher than level 35. The map was also quite small, so after the Ruling Sword players arrived, other players rarely ventured here. Moreover, this part of the map had no one else at all.

Lu Li was here waiting for Water Fairy.

"Will someone suddenly appear? How about we find a place with no one else," Water Fairy suggested as she cautiously looked around.

"…" Lu Li was speechless. What was this girl thinking? She was a tycoon and he had come from the Common District. Why would anyone care about what was happening to them?

"Go, go to the tavern," Water Fairy said as she headed straight into the tavern.

The two of them sat in the corner of the tavern and secretly started negotiating what equipment to trade.

In fact, most players wouldn’t reveal to anyone else what kind of equipment they had. This was especially so for players like Lu Li and Water Fairy; secrecy was instrument to their success.

Water Fairy also asked to see Lu Li’s equipment and Lu Li didn’t think much about it.

The two of them analyzed the equipment that the other was wearing. Lu Li then realized that she truly was a tycoon – most of the equipment she had was Gold!

Even if Lu Li added up his Dark Gold and Gold items, he still wouldn’t have as many as she did.

However, Water Fairy’s shock wasn’t much less than his. "Goodness, you have two upgradeable equips. Where did you get them? You even have three Dark Gold items while I only have one. Why do you even want to trade equipment with me? Peerless City and I are roughly the same in strength; you’re just being a bully now," she exclaimed.

"I want the cloak and ring." Lu Li completely ignored her.

"You want the ring too…" Water Fairy was a little reluctant. Growing up, she had received all kinds of gifts, but never a ring. To most people, a ring had a special significance.

"It’s not as though you’re not getting it back," Lu Li said as he took off the Legionare’s Band from his own hand and threw it over.

Water Fairy’s Dark Gold ring had several silencing and disarming effects, in addition to the 25% Vampirism. Its effect was quite strong.

However, the cloak was even better; it was an upgradeable gold equip.

This wasn’t actually that unusual, considering Water Fairy’s family and wealth. It didn’t seem that unacceptable that she would have at least one piece of upgradeable equipment.

"The ring was dropped by the crocodile. You can use it, but remember to return it," Water Fairy said as she reluctantly handed it over.

Lu Li immediately equipped it without a second thought. This was a game and there were only a few specific equips in Dawn that were restricted to men or women. Otherwise, if it wasn’t equipment for a profession, anyone could wear it. There was also no need to consider whether it would fit.

Zom’s Rain-Stained Cloak (Gold): Armor 36, Agility +20, Constitution +14, Stealth Effect +20%. Special Effect 1: Shadowstep Skill +1. Special Effect 2: Summon Fog, Instant Cast. Summon fog in a 4-yard radius. Attack of caster within fog increased by 20% and armor of target within fog reduced by 20% for 10 seconds. 120 minute cooldown. Equipment Requirement: level 35. Durability 72/72.

There were two lines of small text on the equipment. The first line read: the sky is stained with tears, while the second line read: Upgradeable (1/3) kill a number of monsters 0/80,000 (Monsters must be no less than the holder’s level)

The sky is stained with tears. It sounded sad, but its properties were indeed quite strong.

The most impressive part of the equipment to Lu Li was the Shadowstep Skill +1. This was a heaven-defying property. There weren’t players who knew Shadowstep right now, but it was definitely an important skill for a Thief’s mobility.

As for the 20% Stealth effect increase, that was truly worthy of its Gold equipment classification.

The second effect could be summed up as buffing yourself for 20% and debuffing your opponent for 20%. The increase and decrease created a huge gap, but this effect hinged greatly on its timing. Most players who had this skill would not be able to use it well.

As for the other equipment on Water Fairy, there were a few that were better than what Lu Li had.

However, Lu Li knew he couldn’t go too far. On one hand, Water Fairy still needed equipment to level, but on the other hand, Drizzle Court and Peerless City had a good relationship and she was already taking a risk by doing this.

Despite Peerless City’s interests, Water Fairy had decided to lend her equipment to Lu Li.

"Are all the Assassin League quests this difficult?" Water Fairy was a little worried and couldn’t help but ask Lu Li before she left.

"Other tasks will also have some level of difficulty, but nothing to this level," Lu Li answered as he shook his head.

"How did I offend the pretty Southshore host?" Water Fairy asked.

Lu Li chose to ignore the adjective ‘pretty’ and just explained, "Anything that she knows, the Assassin’s League knows. She saw us together and must have thought I divulged information I shouldn’t have. They probably intentionally wanted us to not be able to complete our quests."

"Ah, "Water Fairy frowned, "Why did I get strung up with you on this? How do we solve this problem?"

"If the next quest isn’t too hard, then it’s probably fine." The game was designed for players after all, so it couldn’t be too unreasonable. Lu Li felt like they had already passed the test.

"You have to help me next time too." Water Fairy decided to continue to rely on Lu Li.

Lu Li looked at the ring on his hand and sighed. He didn’t really have a choice because he didn’t want to go against her. As such, he just accepted it and told her to find him if she needed his help.