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Chapter 549: Tiring Out the Opponent

Chapter 549: Tiring Out the Opponent
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The competition ground was only so big; it was hard to run away. As soon as Fat Monkey appeared with his Flash, he was immediately frozen by Lucky Southern Persian’s pet. Ice Mages had the upper hand in terms of control when it came to a battle between Fire and Ice Mages.

Lu Li pounced onto Hornet’s Nest and instructed Fat Monkey to keep running.

Hornet’s Nest wasn’t afraid of Lu Li at all; his magic damage dealt rows and rows of damage on Lu Li. Warlocks relied on damage-over-time, and these skills posed a high threat to Warriors and Thieves.

Lu Li didn’t bother with the damage that he had taken; he just kept on attacking.

As long as he could distract Hornet’s Nest, he could save Fat Monkey.

On the other hand, his own safety was a concern. While Hornet’s Nest attacked Lu Li, his Succubus also followed. Vast Silence and her pet also focused on Lu Li; they planned to kill him together.

Suddenly, there was a flash of light and two Lu Li’s appeared.

The special effect of his dagger had been triggered! Not only did this shadow deal 30% damage, but it was also capable of mimicking his actions. It would be hard to tell which one was the real Lu Li without testing the waters.

Hornet’s Nest raised his staff and casted Shadow Bolt Volley.

"Attack the one that I’m attacking."

The armor of the duplicate was different to the armor of the actual Lu Li. Master gamers could tell the difference between the two by looking at the damage they dealt to both targets.

Hornet’s Nest had half his health left, while Lu Li had 30% health remaining.

Water Fairy’s cape’s Silence effect was perfect for dealing with Warlocks – Hornet’s Nest suddenly lost his ability to cast spells.

However, since Vast Silence and her pet were still focusing Lu Li, his health continued to drop.

The silence lasted for three seconds, and in this time, Hornet’s Nest was quite helpless. He had lost a portion of his health from Lu Li’s damage, but he also had faith that Lu Li would die before he did.

March Rain went over to help Fat Monkey; the battle had been dragged quite far apart.

Lu Li smiled and placed a shield on himself as he kept stabbing at Hornet’s Nest.

Hornet’s Nest and Vast Silence didn’t take long to pop the shield. The shield was a special effect from a Silver grade equip, so it only absorbed 300 damage.

Disarm – a special effect from the ring. If Water Fairy was watching this match, she would most likely ask for a reward from Lu Li.

Hornet’s Nest suddenly found that his staff had disappeared. This wasn’t as simple as reducing his damage, as a lot of the skills casted by Warlocks required a weapon of some form. He could only wait while the two-second duration of this effect expired.

Vast Silence tried his best during this time and managed to drop Lu Li’s health to an extremely low point.

To his excitement, the staff returned to Hornet’s Nest’s hands. If they killed Lu Li now, they would have a great chance of winning.

However, another problem occurred at the exact same moment.

A shroud of black mist appeared before his eyes and he lost his vision. It took some time for him to notice Lu Li, who was glowing red from the Berserk effect.

This was the special effect from Zom’s Rain-Stained Cloak — Summon Fog, Instant Cast. Summon a fog in a 4-yard radius. Attack of caster within fog increased by 20% and armor of target within reduced by 20% for 10 seconds. 120 minute cooldown.

This was yet another equip from Water Fairy.

Lu Li was still fighting with the two of them because he wanted to bait and kill Hornet’s Nest.

As soon as he summoned the fog, he applied a Pollution effect to Hornet’s Nest.

Hornet’s Nest’s armor dropped even lower and he became a fragile target.

However, he still had thirty percent of his health left, while Lu Li only had 200 HP. With Vast Silence chasing behind him, it would be impossible to complete his task before he died.

Lu Li silently activated the special effect from Pamela’s Gift.

Pamela’s Tea – activation required, instantly recover 20% of health and regenerate 2% of health each second for the next five seconds. Cannot be interrupted, cannot be used on other targets. Cooldown 30 minutes.

The instant 20% health regeneration brought Lu Li back in the game.

Almost in an instant, he appeared behind Hornet’s Nest with the special effect from his shoes. This was a similar effect to the one on his Shadow Cloak.

This effect also allowed him to go into Stealth. He stunned Hornet’s Nest with a Cheap Shot and began dealing insane damage.

The fog lowered Hornet’s Nest’s armor by 20%, while Pollution lowered his armor and movement speed by 25%.

A single Ambush removed around 300 HP from Hornet’s Nest’s health bar.

Hornet’s Nest wasn’t a newbie – his equips had been specifically prepared for him by his guild. What he was using was unknown, but Lu Li’s Backstab after the Ambush only dealt around a hundred points of damage.

He also woke up from his stun.

Kidney Strike!

Once again, Hornet’s Nest woke up from this stun effect. It seemed like he had more than one way to remove crowd-control.

Vast Silence knew that the situation was urgent, so he used his control skills on Lu Li as well, but most of them were dispelled. He had more than one way to free himself from control effects.

Son of Arugal’s Gift: Cast. Curse a target, causing it to lose 100 HP every 5 seconds for 300 seconds. 30 minute cooldown.

As soon as Lu Li casted this effect onto Hornet’s Nest, he had to run for his life.

After all, there were two players chasing him with two pets. He had used up almost all of his damage reduction and escape skills, so if he still couldn’t kill Hornet’s Nest, then there was nothing more he could do. Fat Monkey was already safe anyway.

Hornet’s Nest was helpless. He realized that he couldn't stop Lu Li, who had transformed into a panther.

Stampeding Roar was also an escape skill, and his control effect was dispelled as soon as he used it. Lu Li ran towards March Rain, seeking the protection of his healer.

Lu Li didn’t die, but neither did Hornet’s Nest. Substitutes from both parties had entered the match.

Lu Li received some healing from March Rain as his team surrounded them, forming a defensive wall.

Ruling Sword had lost Sakura Memories, but Lu Li, Moonlight, Fat Monkey, March Rain and Mu Qiu still remained. They had a very solid and stable combination with three damage dealers, one healer and a Paladin class that was a jack of all trades.

In comparison, Seventh Heaven had lost their main healer and was now stuck with a combination of four damage dealers and a support healer.

Although their team combination didn’t affect the damage they dealt, they lacked sustainability. Once Lu Li and the others made it through their strongest barrage of attacks, even the newbies would be able to guess the end result.

To make the situation even worse, Lu Li decided to kite. He used the abilities of the Thief class to his advantage and constantly harassed the opposing team.

They waited until most of their special effects and skills were off cooldown.

After another round of battle, Fat Monkey was killed first. The four damage dealing classes focused him down with all sort of control effects. Even March Rain couldn’t save him from that one.

However, the players from Seventh Heaven were in bad shape too. Their Paladin, Monsoon, could only do so much for them.

Lu Li and his team dragged out the fight with four against five until Seventh Heaven lost the match.

The result was an unfortunate defeat for Seventh Heaven. In the next round, Ruling Sword was up against Peerless City and Gale Legion.