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Chapter 550: Giant Wolf

Chapter 550: Giant Wolf
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Peerless City still had one more round with Gale Legion.

There was even more attention for their match than the match between Ruling Sword and Seventh Heaven. Since they were playing under point system, the champion would be decided between Peerless City and Gale Legion.

Both matches were played at the same time, so Lu Li couldn’t spectate.

However, Square Root 3 sent others to spectate their match.

Around a similar time in Lu Li’s previous life, the champion was Peerless City.

Peerless City had defeated Gale Legion by the skin of their teeth – only one player was left standing.

Although the importance of the next matches wasn’t as great as the current one, the system still sold out the tickets in no time.

If Ruling Sword won against Gale Legion, Ruling Sword would be placed second and they would also receive a chance to challenge Peerless City.

Of course, the result of this match wouldn’t affect Peerless City from being crowned the victors.

Gaze, Cloudy Leaf, Wendelian and Windy – Gale Legion played a very classic combination of Warrior, Mage, Priest, Paladin and Hunter.

Windy was one of their new members, and was a very strong Paladin player who played a different style to Mu Qiu. He barely had any healing skills, but was able to deal insane damage.

The other new player was a half-blood. Unfortunately, he chose to play the Troll race so no one could tell what he looked like. He was well-known for his dirty playstyle, and his positioning skills were textbook-level amongst the professional players.

As soon as the match began, Gaze brought his team and charged over.

An arena map layout really didn’t require much in the way of strategy and planning. The only thing that everyone could do was charge into the middle and fight each other.

"You all remember, right?" Lu Li’s face was serious.

In a map like this, he didn’t have any advantages over a Hunter or Paladin. There weren’t many chances for him to control anyone.

Fat Monkey didn’t rush out this time. The other team had four damage dealers, so he wouldn’t be able to even stand the first wave. Once he died, Ruling Sword would be placed in a difficult situation.

The target for Ruling Sword was very obvious – the healer.

Gale Legion also selected the healer as their target.

March Rain was quickly sent out of the map first. She didn’t have any immune skills, so it didn’t matter how many damage reduction skills she used.

Lu Li and the others weren’t fooling around either. With the Bloodlust buff from Sakura Memories, they also killed Wendelian.

"Cloudy Leaf." Lu Li seized the chance of both teams missing their healers and used Son of Arugal’s Gift on the opposing Mage. The Mage dropped a hundred points of health every five seconds, which wasn’t a lot, but was still troublesome.

As soon as Lu Li called out Cloudy Leaf, everyone else from Ruling Sword switched their target to him.

Despite being equipped with a badge, Cloudy Leaf still couldn’t survive. Lu Li didn’t hesitate to use his control skills, and their ten-second Bloodlust effect was also still useful. They killed Cloudy Leaf almost in an instant.

The substitutes then entered the match.

If they could protect Fat Monkey until Mu Qiu arrived, it would be a guaranteed win for Ruling Sword.

Unfortunately, Fat Monkey didn’t make it.

Both substitutes from both teams were support healer classes. The opposing team had a Shaman, while Mu Qiu was a Paladin. It was four against four.

Both sides lost their main healer and a Mage.

Moonlight and Gaze were longtime friends, and had already begun their battle with each other. Sakura Memories fought alongside Mu Qiu, facing off against Windy and the Shaman from Gale Legion.

Lu Li chose to hunt down the opposing Hunter.

The Hunter’s playstyle was simply too dirty. It would be problematic to leave him hanging around.

Flare was a very useful skill for Hunters when they fought against Thieves. However, with Lu Li’s level of skill, this also required a mastery of technique. Flare only allowed the Hunter to see Thieves in Stealth, but it couldn’t cancel the Stealth. Even if you saw the Thief, you would still have to hit them to bring them out of Stealth mode.

Lu Li’s special effect from his shoes gave him the upper hand.

Both parties were battling intensely; it wasn’t easy for Lu Li to try and kill his strange opponent within a short span of time.

Moonlight and Gaze were very familiar with each other. The gap between their gear and level also wasn’t too large, so they would most likely take even longer than Lu Li.

The more troublesome parts of the match were the 2v2 fights on the other side of the map.

The Shaman from Gale Legion was called Raging City. He focused on his element tree and placed the other points on healing. He and Windy were a strong, two-man combination.

Ruling Sword had Sakura Memories paired up with Mu Qiu, but Sakura Memories was slightly weaker since she didn’t have Bloodlust anymore.

They were still in the game thanks to Archeus, the Gold-grade sword in Mu Qiu’s hand. This was a weapon with extremely high damage.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before Mu Qiu and Sakura Memories lost.

With a Gale Step, Lu Li blocked off the Freezing Trap under his feet and caught up to his opponent.

The audience, analyst and competitors all made a special discovery.

Lu Li disappeared and was replaced by a giant wolf.

The Book of Ur (Gold): All attributes +15, Critical Strike +10%. Special Effect 1: Summon a giant

Wolf that lasts for five minutes. Cooldown 24 hours. Special Effect 2: Worgen Transformation, instant

Cast. Transform into a Worgen, lasts for ten seconds. Cooldown 24 hours. Level Requirement 35,

Durability 120/120.

Lu Li finally used this skill.

He had been practicing this while no one was around to familiarize himself with the transformation.

The giant wolf form doubled his attack and came with three skills.

One of the skills was Slam, which dealt damage. It also knocked down and stunned the target for seven seconds. The second skill was Shred. The damage wasn’t as high as the first skill, but it applied a bleed effect.

Fierce Attack, the last skill, was like an ultimate skill. Both claws were waved together and six attacks were dealt to the target in rapid succession.

Lu Li closed the distance between his target, but as soon as the Hunter tried to retreat, he suddenly saw Lu Li transform into a giant wolf. Instinctively, he knew that trouble was coming, but he was slammed onto the ground before he had the chance to react.

He could only watch as the giant wolf casted Shred on him.

The bleed effect damage was much higher than the damage from Son of Arugal’s Gift, and the tick-rate was much faster too.

What was worse was Lu Li’s ultimate – as his claws waved, blood spilled everywhere. Perhaps some of the audience members would have nightmares of this scene at night.