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Chapter 551: Target Selection

Chapter 551: Target Selection
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Instant death!

At least, to the others, the Hunter was instantly killed with half of his health remaining.

The gruesome wolf raised his body, roared loudly and charged right at Gaze.

Even though Gaze was a big man, he was still shocked by this scene. Subconsciously, he turned and ran, but Moonlight gave him an axe and stunned him on the spot.

The giant wolf had an incredibly fast movement speed – as soon as Gaze used his badge to dispel his controlled state, it had already pounced on him.

He was attacked as he ran.

Within a short three seconds, he had lost around 1100 points of health, which was also helped by Moonlight. Gaze realized that they were most likely going to lose this match.

Their Shaman, Raging City, wasn’t as skilled as the other professional players, but was good enough to play in the match.

Raging City saved Gaze’s life. After Lu Li’s transformation ended, he couldn’t kill Gaze with Moonlight since the healer was protecting him.

However, the numbers in the match had changed once again.

Gale Legion had Gaze, Raging City and Windy, while Lu Li, Mu Qiu, Moonlight and Sakura Memories remained on Ruling Sword’s side. The balance had already been tilted.

Gaze and Windy exchanged glances and pounced at Sakura Memories together.

This Shaman had to die – her totems provided decent sustainability for her team and her Bloodlust was too much impact.

The ten seconds of Bloodlust wasn’t long, but the cooldown wasn’t long either — it was only eight minutes.

If a second Bloodlust was to be used after eight minutes, Gale Legion would have nothing left to save themselves. Their Shaman didn’t have a Bloodlust skill. There were no more than three Shaman players in the game who had the Bloodlust skill.

Sakura Memories wasn’t the strongest player in Ruling Sword. In fact, many thought that she held the team back.

However, if people paid enough attention, they would notice that her existence had caused a headache for two teams already – Seventh Heaven and Gale Legion. Both of these teams saw her as a major threat in the Magic Cup.

"We’ll aim the Shaman too." Lu Li decided not to worry about Sakura Memories; their target was the opposing healer.

As long as they focused on the healer, they wouldn’t lose.

Sakura Memories could also transform. She had already been warned by Lu Li, so when Gaze and Windy went to chase her down, she morphed into a Spirit Wolf.

This was a skill that had a casting time, so it was best if she used it earlier.

The Spirit Wolf transformation was simple. It came with a 30% movement speed buff and had no time restrictions. As long as Sakura Memories focused on escaping, she could constantly run with a 30% movement speed buff on her.

Gaze and Windy also had their own movement speed buff effects and skills. However, if the time ran out and they had failed to control Sakura Memories, they wouldn’t be able to catch up to her.

Lu Li wasn’t worried about Sakura Memories.

Even if Sakura Memories died, things would still be okay. They had a numbers advantage and they weren’t afraid to exchange players.

After a few moments of intense battle, Lu Li, Moonlight and Mu Qiu killed the Shaman together.

This marked the defeat of Gale Legion.

Ruling Sword had proven their strength once again and many people had high expectations for their match tomorrow against Peerless City.

The match wasn’t the final, but there was even more talk about than the finals.

The hosting parties also hired a great amount of people to talk up the event. Originally, the Magic Cup wasn’t as big as the Shadow Cup, but it still made it into the header on the gaming board.

It was in the second half of November that the last day of the Magic Cup arrived.

Lu Li’s sister was still in the ward. He had visited her already and spent some time with her before he went back to the competition.

Peerless City vs. Ruling Sword.

Both guilds were very new to the gaming scene. Peerless City had only been around for about three years, while Ruling Sword had been established less than a month ago.

Who was the best newbie?!

Peerless City had a shocking team of Deadly Golden Underwear, Professional Healer, Green Flag Wine, Chanelle and Vegetarian Mosquito. This was a combination of Warrior, Priest, Paladin, Warlock and Hunter, and all five of them were professional level players.

Immortal Priest was a girl who had started her career in Peacetime Dynasty.

Although she had already been quite famous a few years ago, her technique wasn’t as great as Hornet’s Nest, the current king of Warlocks.

As for Vegetarian Mosquito, he had joined Peerless City after Shadow Cup. He originally served under the Gangnam Royals, but didn’t manage to land a main position with them during the Shadow Cup. He also didn’t like the rules within the guild and decided to join Peerless City. His price was around $1.8 million, which was similar to Mu Qiu.

"Don’t worry about killing Professional Healer; he’s too hard to kill," Lu Li said, turning down everyone’s suggestions.

"Then who do we kill first?" Fat Monkey was probably inspired by recent events; he had toned down a lot and didn’t stand his ground too firmly anymore.

"Chanelle – we’ll kill her first. We’ll kill Deadly Golden Underwear after her, but if he uses berserk skills, we’ll kill him first," Lu Li had already thought about his tactics for Peerless City.

Professional Healer was well known amongst Priests for the amount of health he had, which made him the hardest Priest to kill. Vegetarian Mosquito was a survival Hunter, so it wasn’t worth it to kill him first. Green Flag Wine had made a name for himself as the Tire Killer, so focusing him would be suicide.

Chanelle was a Warlock, and was equivalent to a Mage in that they were both strong, magic-damage-dealing classes. Her existence was a threat to everyone.

"Golden Underwear? We’re killing a Warrior?" Sakura Memories was surprised.

"Deadly Golden Underwear is a little different to your average Warrior. He’s Berserker solely focused on damage." It was Moonlight, the professional Warrior player, who made the explanations this round. "Even though I also care a lot about my damage, I’d never sacrifice my defense and health for it," he said as he pointed to himself.

Based on the investigation of "professionals", Deadly Golden Underwear had a strange ability. He could sacrifice half of his armor and health and receive a 100% attack buff.

In this state, almost every single attack of his would be a critical strike.

"If he was slightly weaker, he wouldn’t even be able to take three hits. I’ll use Intervene on March, and March, you have to make sure you use your damage reduction skills," Moonlight continued.

They weren’t going to be the champions this time, so nobody felt good about this match.

"Besides March, who will they focus first on our side?" Fat Monkey asked.

Everyone turned their heads towards him; this wasn’t something that needed an explanation.

"Why me?" Fat Monkey was unimpressed.

"Because your playstyle is the same as Deadly Golden Underwear – you’re both players who only focus on damage and don’t care about your own lives," Lu Li replied. Did Fat Monkey still not know why he was always the target.

"Why don’t you guys have a discussion on how to keep me alive?" Fat Monkey asked as he looked at his team members with glistening expectation in his eyes.

"Sorry, can’t do," the usually quiet March Rain joked.