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Chapter 554: Demon Transformation

Chapter 554: Demon Transformation
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The five players of Peerless City felt hopeless.

Besides Green Flag Wine, who was a plate armour Paladin, and Vegetarian Mosquito, who was a mail armour Hunter, the other three players were all cloth armour classes. Green Flag Wine wasn’t even a main tank, but an off-healer Paladin. Their current line-up was too squishy to compete with Ruling Sword.

Lu Li had identified this weakness from the very start of the match.

Although they had insane DPS and a healer that was extremely difficult to kill, they lacked players that could tank and receive damage for them. Once Deadly Golden Underwear was taken care of, their whole team fell apart completely.

Green Flag Wine had no choice but to stand guard at the choke point in case of a surprise attack from Ruling Sword.

Vegetarian Mosquito has a pet called Xiuma which had the ability to reveal Stealthed targets. However, since it was raining and wet everywhere, the black lion couldn’t be summoned.

Vegetarian Mosquito casted Flare, but it only revealed a small area.

"I bet Lu Li is right besides us as we speak," Vegetarian Mosquito said in a deep voice as he wiped away the rain on his face.

They could see Moonlight and the other players from Ruling Swords approaching them slowly. Lu Li was the only player missing from the enemy team.

"Be careful – if Lu Li appears, then everyone jump on him and send him out immediately," Green Flag Wine said.

"He wouldn’t reveal himself if he was alone, would he?" Half Cigarette asked nervously. Mages were the most vulnerable to Thieves, so he was terrified of the idea that a top-level Thief was lurking beside him. Even his idol, Sorrowless, had been completely outplayed by Lu Li.

"Stop talking so softly; we’re talking in our own voice chat." Green Flag Wine was annoyed that his teammates were being overly careful and scared.

They had to put up a fight, even if it was impossible to win. If an athlete feared losing before the race even started, then all the training and hard work they put in would be useless.

"I… I understand." After being scolded, Half a Cigarette randomly casted Arcane Missiles into a nearby bush, nearly hitting Lu Li.

Lu Li saw the Arcane Magic flash before him and thought that he was playing against an expert with ridiculous game sense.

He had come so close to being hit by the Arcane Missiles. If he didn’t stop to observe his opponents, he definitely would have been revealed. Fortunately, Lu Li knew that he was an ordinary Mage because of Fat Monkey’s past experience.

Lu Li backed off and decided to stay away from Half a Cigarette,

Moonlight and the others continued to approach Peerless City slowly. The players of Peerless City immediately casted all of their ranged skills as soon as they were in range.

Numerous damage and crowd-control skills landed in the bushes in front of them. However, Moonlight and the others stopped at a distance of 20 yards, then slowly ran away.

Why were they running away?

Twenty yards was the distance that most offensive and control skills could not reach.

Peerless City thought about chasing them, but changed their minds.

Running away without reason was definitely one of Lu Li’s cunning strategies.

Aided by the distraction from his teammates, Lu Li managed to make his way to where Peerless City was camping at. He was Stealthed nearby in an unexpected hiding spot, in case Half a Cigarette randomly casted Arcane Missiles again.

His target was Chanelle, but before that, he had to greet the Mage who rudely tried to interrupt his plans.


Accounting for Moonlight and other’s distance and movement speed, Lu Li sent out his signal to his teammates while casting Sap on Half a Cigarette.

There was yet another face off between the two powerhouse PVP guilds.

Peerless City’s morale was lower than ever with their backs against a wall.

Half a Cigarette tried casting his skills, but realised that he was unable to move. Although he was a bit new, he was no noob and immediately knew that he had been hit with Sap.

Lu Li!

The Mage’s worst nightmare finally appeared, and he was terrified. However, he had be training and preparing for this very moment and used his trinket to remove the Sap, then retaliated with Arcane Blast.

Although his decision was correct, the skill still missed.

Lu Li’s target had been Chanelle from the very start and he had no intention of attacking the substitute Mage.

Half a Cigarette realised that he had been Sapped and immediately informed his teammates on voice chat.

However, Lu Li was faster than the wind, and before Chanelle could react, she had already been hit with Ambush.

Backstab! Backhanded Backstab!

Lu Li’s Shoulders had a special effect – Backhanded Backstab +1. With this special effect, his skill was above the cap at level 6.

Out of all the ultimate skills, Backhanded Backstab dealt the most damage in the game.


More than 400 points of damage appeared above Chanelle’s head, and everyone in the audience was left speechless.

Chanelle calmly used her trinket which allowed her to transform into a Demon. This was similar to the Demonology Warlock ultimate skill and increased the damage of demonology skills, as well as defence for a short time.

Lu Li did not expect her to have a trinket like this.

How could Lu Li not know of this? Had Peerless City been hiding a trump card like this the whole time?

In reality, Chanelle had received this trinket the night before the tournament. This was the first time she had use it in a tournament setting.

The Warlock skill made her impossible to kill, at least for now.

Lu Li decisively changed his target onto the Mage that he had sapped before.

At the same time, he had to endure the massive amounts of damage that the Demon-form Chanelle was dealing to him. He immediately activated his defence effects, and March Rain made it in time to heal him.

The most vulnerable player on Peerless City was the Mage.

Professional Healer was a high-health Priest, Green Wine Flag was difficult to deal with and Vegetarian Mosquito was a Survival Hunter. The only squishy target left was the substitute Mage.

Lu Li was like the light that illuminated his team’s path. Whoever he attacked, would be piled onto by the rest of the players.

Fat Monkey reacted the same as Lu Li as soon as Chanelle transformed into a Demon. He immediately switched onto the Mage that he had lost to before, excited to get his revenge.

Half a Cigarette’s HP dropped extremely quickly under the focus of Ruling Sword.

Fat Monkey’s item level was the lowest in Ruling Sword, and Half a Cigarette’s was even lower than him. Even the healing from Professional Healer wasn’t enough to keep him alive for long.

Chanelle continued to attack Lu Li, but couldn’t even bring his HP down to half. With March Rain’s expert healing, there was no chance of anyone killing Lu Li at this point, especially with all the Gold and Dark Gold equips on him.

The second match-up sent Half a Cigarette out of the arena.

Peerless City had lost another player, and even though the rest of their team was formidable, it was too late for them to turn the game around.

The match between Peerless City and Ruling Swords had been stalled out for a long time. Ruling Sword ended up taking the victory and with this win, the champion of the Magic Cup was finally determined.