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Chapter 556: A Godsend

Chapter 556: A Godsend
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The Wyvern was a small dragon that only had two clawed feet. They also had feathered wings and a barbed tail.

They were descendants of dragons and griffins, and could attack their enemies with their sharp and poisonous claws. The ones in Thousand Needles were also worshipped by the Centaurs, so they could have also obtained some magical powers like Fireball or Self-Destruct.

There was a young Wyvern that seemed to want to prove itself. It quietly broke formation and dove downwards, then flapped its wings as the air in front of it began to sizzle. A dark red fireball shot out from its mouth towards the location of several Tauren.

It was likely because of the Centaurs, but the Thousand Needles’ Tauren also hated the Wyverns.

Fireballs looked ferocious, but they were in fact useless. A few javelins were thrown at the fireball, completely dissipating the young Wyverns’ attack.

The young Wyvern was furious. It took a deep breath in and charged towards the Tauren.

Lu Li smiled from his hiding place; everything was going as he had expected.

There were always a few ignorant dragons who wanted to challenge these seemingly vulnerable Tauren.

Yes, airborne units did have an edge of ground units. However, the stupid dragon didn’t consider the fact that if these Tauren were such easy targets, why were the Centaurs still fighting them?

The Grimtotem Shaman who had been sitting on the floor cross-legged raised his hand. A shadowy object appeared and entered into a nearby Tauren Warrior’s javelin.

The warrior then nodded before throwing quickly throwing the javelin.


There was a shrill sound as the javelin flew through the dragon’s neck at an extraordinary speed, then vanished on the horizon.

The young dragon tossed about in the air and cried out pitifully before crashing into the ground.

It first hit the rocky cliffs before tumbling onto the ground. Its strong regeneration prevented it from instantly dying, but this ability that the creature was usually quite proud of was now the reason for its suffering.

It hadn’t fallen too far from Lu Li.

If he was in any other situation, he wouldn’t miss the opportunity to kill this Boss-like creature. The EXP alone would be great, let alone the equipment that it would drop.

Lu Li suppressed his urge to profit and quietly watched as the young wyvern writhed about before finally going quiet.

The Shaman blessing not only increased the javelin’s strength, speed and penetration, but also applied a vicious curse and a virulent poison. The dragon, who had the ability to spray poison, had been killed by poison.

The time between it leaving the pack and making its final whine was not more than a single moment.

The small group of 78 Wyverns had only just realized what happened. Their child, perhaps their only child, had just died right under their noses.

Using anger to describe the emotion of these dragons was an understatement.

A resounding wail high in the sky sounded as the Wyverns lined up in battle formations. Their eyes were a resentful blood-red as they dove towards the earth.

They were on the verge of engaging in battle!

In all honesty, Lu Li didn’t think that the little dragon would be killed so easily. He wasn’t sympathetic to these distant relatives of the cruel dragons, but he was worried that if the battle became too intense, he might also be affected. Regardless of whether it was Grimtotem or a Wyvern, neither of them would mind taking him out in the middle of the fight.

However, he was already here and he had to take some risks for rewards. As such, there was no reason to leave.

As both sides started to fight, the battle-hardened Wyverns fought far better than the baby dragon. They were able to gracefully avoid the javelins that soared through the air.

The Grimtotem warriors began to take casualties.

As the Shaman became angry, a huge Chain Lightning lit up across the sky. Almost the entire sky was covered with this supernatural energy. Of course, this wasn’t the work of one Shaman, but the collaboration of four Shamans.

The dragons started dropping like flies, with many of them losing at least half their HP.

However, even with their crippled wings, they would still continue fighting. Evidently, they were still quite strong.

Lu Li quietly turned into the Blood Raven and started slowly flying up the cliff. He had to be careful to avoid the flying skills and javelins. The dragons could afford to tank some of these, but if he was hit by one, he was definitely done for.

Fortunately, the fighting was so fierce for both sides that no one paid attention to the small raven.

Compared to the huge size of the dragons, Lu Li was no different from an ant.

This so-called cliff was actually more like a large stone wall. There were cliffs all around it, so there was no other way to get up onto it.

When Lu Li reached the top of this stone wall, he still hadn’t left the vicinity of the battle.

Occasionally, a fireball would hit the cliff and some of the splash damage would hit him for over 300 HP. There were four statues on this wall and there was a crude altar in the middle. The altar was bloodstained with decaying meat and was giving off the strong, metallic smell of blood.

Lu Li endured the nauseating stench and went straight to the altar where the Treasure Chest was.

The altar had a very sensitive warning device in order to stop someone from intruding. If triggered, the Grimtotem guards would quickly arrive. This window wasn’t enough to open a Silver Chest.

However, he didn’t need to worry now.

There were 78 angry dragons causing a tremendous amount of trouble for the Grimtotem Shaman, giving Lu Li an opportunity for the steal.

He stepped on a skeleton as he found the bloodstained Silver Chest.


After channeling for 1 minute, he was becoming anxious.

Fortunately, there was no one guarding the chest. Otherwise, he definitely wouldn’t be able to open it before some Grimtotem showed up.

The Shaman who was fighting seemed to realize something and suddenly turned his head. He quickly turned around and saw Lu Li through the layers of obstacles in his field of field of view. Lu Li couldn’t help but feel a shiver.

Dammit, that was probably a Big Boss!

Dragon brothers, please endure! Lu Li didn’t want to die here; there was no one here to save him. Losing 10% EXP would take him a long time to make back.

After hesitating for a moment, the black-robed Shaman assigned a seemingly young Tauren Warrior to dealt with Lu Li.

This was the main caster of the Chain Lightning and the leader of this Grimtotem Tribe. Of course, some aggro was gained from trying to steal from them, but it was nothing compared to the grudge they had against the Wyverns.

A level 40 Elite Tauren Warrior was deemed enough.

The Warriors in the tribe would sneakily only give the young ones old blood, as only fresh blood would allow them to fully grow up.