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Chapter 557: Killing the Boss’ Son

Chapter 557: Killing the Boss’ Son
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In this urgent situation, Lu Li didn’t know that a small Tauren was coming to him up an elevator.

The most important thing right now was opening the Treasure Chest.

As long as he could open the chest, it would mitigate the cost of dying. That level 50 Shaman had struck fear into Lu Li’s heart; he no longer felt like he could escape.

As time slowly went by, a minute felt more like a year.

Lu Li had to thank the Wyvern that decided to attack the little Tauren in the elevator.

Thanks to the construction-quality of the lift, it wasn’t destroyed by the dragon, but its speed was seriously affected.

When Lu Li heard the sound of the Treasure Chest opening, he also finally saw the calf coming up with an axe.

At first, he was scared, but then he realized that this Tauren wasn’t that tall. He suddenly came up with an idea.

Dawn had an interesting mechanic where everyone was the same size – no one was abnormally short or tall. Similarly, there were no small Taurens – only young Taurens.

Their youth meant they were weaker and lacked combat experience.

Lu Li quickly fished out the items from the chest. He didn’t have time to look at them before turning to the Tauren Warrior.

The bloodstained calf Warrior climbed out of the lift, just in time to see a masked thief stealing some Grimtotem items.

The Grimtotem’s inherent predisposition led him to regard anything other than Tauren as an enemy. A burning anger flared up within him in an instant.

He dropped his weapon, raised his head and pounded his chest as hard as he could.

Perhaps this was something he had seen Orcs do, but it was the best way he could think of to express his feelings.

Delusional was the only word Lu Li could use to describe this Tauren. He ran up behind it and casted a Cheap Shot with Premeditation to stun it.

The Tauren left with its arms stiffly in the air, completely embarrassed.

After the attack, Lu Li knew that the Tauren was weaker than he thought. A level 40 Elite monster would have 12,000 HP but this one only had 6000 HP.

Upon looking at the tattered elevator, Lu Li thanked the Wyvern again.

A level 36 Lu Li couldn’t stun a level 40 Tauren for 100% of the duration. Cheap Shot’s stun only lasted for two and a half seconds, so Lu Li wasn’t able to deal sufficient damage to it.

However, the ultimate result was no surprise.

A level 40 elite monster, even the stronger ones, were usually no match for Lu Li, let alone one that was already on half HP.

When the Tauren recovered, Lu Li hit it with a Shadowstrike.

As his target was completely stationary, he had no problems in achieving a high Skill Completion and managed to stun it for another full second.

The moment the young Tauren recovered again, it immediately punched Lu Li.


This amount of damage astonished both of them. Lu Li almost thought that he had an amazing amount of defense.

After a moment of the young Tauren scratching its head, it finally realized that it had dropped its axe to pound its chest. He quickly ran back to grab it before turning to face Lu Li again.

Lu Li felt a bit of regret for not getting rid of the Tauren’s weapon before.

Then again, when a Tauren died, it would drop its weapons. Those weapons weren’t the player’s loot and couldn’t be picked up, let alone thrown off the cliff.

The calf attacked with its giant axe and hit Lu Li for 300-400 damage.

This was more like a level 40 elite. This calf wasn’t like those wild elites either – it was from a tribe, which meant that it had been training all its life and probably even had a battle instructor.

Lu Li dealt a bit over 120 damage to the Tauren with his normal attacks. His ultimate skills and other skills with high completion could deal 200 to 300 damage, but the most important thing was that Lu Li could take potions and apply poisons. Moreover, he also had equipment that gave him a range of special effects like Armor Pierce.

The young Tauren was being completely crushed!

"Young lamb, give me your weapon and I’ll spare your life," Lu Li sneered at the Tauren with a cold smile.

Threatening monsters like he just did was uncommon, but not impossible. In fact, for an intelligent monster in a pitiful situation, it could work.

However, this just made the calf even angrier.

Warriors of the Grimtotem tribe had no concept of surrendering their weapons. Instead, it just became angrier at Lu Li and actually went Berserk.

Lu Li had to temporarily retreat and activate Pamela’s special effect to heal himself and provide some protection.

During this intense fight, Lu Li saw the elevator creaking.

He was suddenly shocked as he turned to see five or six scarred Wyverns flying away. The Grimtotem Tauren seemed to have repelled the Wyverns.

Lu Li had to pick up the pace. He used up all his skills as quickly as he could.

The calf roared as his HP emptied. Lu Li picked up the weapon that was dropped, but he didn’t have time to channel his crow form. He just rushed to the edge and jumped off.

Right about the moment he jumped, the elevator had come back up.

A few Tauren rushed out of the elevator and arrived at the body of the calf to see the chest that had been opened on the altar.

"No!" the Old Shaman cried in despair.

This was his son, his only son, who he thought could easily defeat this thief. He did not expect that this would cost him his life.

This was an intelligent Boss, a mighty Shaman in the Thousand Needles.

If nothing had happened, his son would have sooner or later become a powerful Boss too.

But now, it was all meaningless. The Shaman seemed to remember his son’s final roar. Perhaps it was calling out to him, or perhaps it was just his imagination.

The old Shaman looked around the scene and quickly found bloodstained footprints among the wreckage.

His rich battle experience enabled him to determine that these footsteps led to the edge of the cliff. He quickly rushed over, only to see a white flash of light.

Space magic?

In fact, Lu Li didn’t have any space magic. He had counted how long it took for the elevator to come up and decided that there was no time to perform the 30 second channel to transform into the crow. Moreover, transforming into the crow wouldn’t guarantee his escape anyway.

As such, he decided to jump off the cliff.

Fortunately, the Shaman Priest didn’t see him as he used Child of the Forest just before he hit the ground. While in the gold leopard form, his fall damage was greatly reduced.

Even so, he had lost over half of his HP.

He then pushed his dying body and started channeling to return to town. This required time, but the Shaman would take a while before finding him.

With the advantage of having experienced Rebirth, Lu Li managed to successfully open the chest with the use of some incredibly quick decisions.