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Chapter 558: Darkmoon Card

Chapter 558: Darkmoon Card
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There was nothing in the world that didn’t require effort to obtain, and if you wanted more, you would have to take some risks. This was true, even for someone like Lu Li had experienced Rebirth.

However, it didn’t actually end up costing Lu Li anything to open this chest. He was walking a tightrope the whole time and could have easily died at any moment. What was worse was that if he died without achieving his goal, this truly wouldn’t have been worth it.

In reality, the main difference between experts and regular players was that experts rarely operated at a loss. Quite often, this happened only because of bad luck.

Now that he was safe in the city, Lu Li was free to see what he acquired after his narrow escape.

It definitely wasn’t the skill book that he wanted. Although he didn’t see what item he had looted, he could feel that it wasn’t a book.

Darkmoon Card: Void (Special): Instant Use. Has a 50% chance of Revive. Upon a successful Revive, HP and Mana regen increased by 20%, EXP increased by -5%-10%. Number of uses remaining: 5/5. Effective when item is placed in backpack. Equipment requirement: Level 10.

Lu Li looked over this small and light card again and again. He couldn’t believe that this was the legendary revive card.

The Darkmoon set of cards were very famous. They were a set of eight cards that could be combined into one card. Each of them had a different effect. The Revive card was one of the special ones, and could only be dropped by monsters that were level 40 or higher. Its main function was to revive, but the players were more concerned with the strange EXP gain.

-5% to 10% was quite an unusual range

The -5% was understandable. Although you could be successfully revived, you would still lose 5% EXP, which was still better than the usual 10%.

But what about the 10%?

That’s right, you could potentially be rewarded with 10% EXP, which was quite the substantial amount. It was even more EXP than you could gain by killing a Boss.

Of course, the actual value could be anywhere between -5% and 10%.

This was simply a Fate card that was abnormally strong for this world.

Lu Li hadn’t acquired a Revive Card in his previous life, but he had killed someone who had one. The memory was still fresh in his mind. After he killed that person, he suddenly jumped up again.


At the time he was so shocked that his heart started beating frantically, and he was about to run away.

Although he didn’t find the skill book he wanted, this was definitely worth far more. If he sold it…

Why did he always think about Water Fairy when he was considering selling something?

This item was very valuable – it could easily for somewhere between 100,000 to 200,000 dollars. Most players were willing to bet on this kind of thing.

Although Lu Li needed money, this amount wasn’t going to solve his problem. As such, after a moment of hesitation, he decided to keep this card for this own use.

10% was a long time of farming for him. He looked at his EXP bar and saw that he could reach level 37 in less than 10%.

The competition was getting quite fierce and it was getting difficult to hold rank 1 in levels.

His next goal wasn’t to unlock more chests, and there was basically no danger in this one. He just wanted to burn some time on it, so Lu Li gave himself a time limit – 3 hours. If he didn’t fin

anything in 3 hours, he would give up.

There was one part of the Thief profession that was often overlooked: Pick Pocket.

Dawn had made this skill really bad, at least from the perspective of the Thieves.

First of all, you couldn’t Pick Pocket other players or Bosses, which was already quite a restriction.

Moreover, you couldn’t Pick Pocket targets that were too high of a level. The greater the level difference, the higher the probability of failure. If your target was more than 3 levels higher, you simply couldn’t Pick Pocket them.

As such, Lu Li chose the level 35 monsters in Stranglethorn Vale. If he successfully used Cheap Shot, he could easily kill them, but the EXP gained was almost negligible.

Three hours was the maximum amount of time Lu Li was willing to spend – anymore and it wouldn’t be worth it.

The Stranglethorn Vale was probably the largest area of Azeroth, so naturally, it was filled with all sorts of monsters. The level of the monsters widely varied, from level 10, all the way until level 50.

It was also rich in herbs and mineral resources. The endless beasts that could be found in the forest convinced some players who invested in the Skinning Trade Skill to make this place their temporary home.

Lu Li had been here several times, but he didn’t really like it.

The first reason was because the confrontation between camps here was unlike Gray Valley. It was very chaotic and killings weren’t always justified.

The whole quality of life was quite low.

The second was the regular rainfall which created an unbearably humid environment.

Thieves generally didn’t like a climate like this. When Lu Li came out of the Teleportation Channel in Booty Bay, he ignored a businessman goblin’s enthusiastic attempt to sell him an umbrella.

That item was impressive, but useless. It probably couldn’t even resist a Voodoo Potion.

Lu Li’s goal was a group of trolls who specialized in espionage and assassinations – Troll Assassins and Troll Scouts. These were Trolls with the Thief Profession.

No one ever approached these monsters because they were just too hard to kill.

Lu Li slowly approached a troll who was crouched by a tree and saw the Pick Pocket prompt appear.

System: Pick Pocket succeeded, obtained Sinister Rogue Leggings.

The name sounded impressive, but it was just a common equip. No monster would produce Gold equipment.

Lu Li had actually managed to steal this monster’s pants as the green skin underneath was revealed to him. Fortunately, he couldn’t steal the underwear, otherwise, the monster would be walking about completely exposed.

Without any pants, the troll suddenly stood up.

Lu Li quickly reacted and stunned him with Cheap Shot before he could turn around. He then went through a rotation of his skills and quickly dealt with this level 35 monster.

It was almost no trouble at all.

The drop was even worse – it was a dozen of copper coins. If it weren’t for the habits that had been drilled into him in his previous life, he probably wouldn’t have even taken the time to bend over and pick it up.

After picking up the coins, he looked for his next target.

This was Lu Li’s simple and boring Pick Pocket Skill.

There was a decent chance of pick-pocketing a Skill Book from these Trolls. However, it was almost impossible for them to drop one.

In fact, when it was widely known that these skill books could be pick-pocketed from these trolls, this place would become a common destination for Thieves.

Regardless of how bad the attack was, it was still an area-of-effect attack.

Fighting in the rainforest was quite difficult, and Lu Li spent most of the time drenched. He could even feel his mind becoming numbed by his environment.

He hoped that something would happen so he wouldn’t need to deal with this boredom and loneliness, even if it was a group of mercenaries sent to kill him.