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Chapter 563: Picking Up A Ship

Chapter 563: Picking Up A Ship
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Lu Li wasn’t sure if he could really fit the ship in his bag, so he could only make an attempt.

To his surprise, the looting process wasn’t difficult – the ship disappeared before his eyes. However, at the same time, he quickly sunk towards the bottom of the lake.

He checked his carry weight and found that he was overweight by 325%. His movement speed was decreased by 80% and he was taking 21 damage each second.

Lu Li quickly transformed into a seal and swam up to the shore. After he was on shore, he immediately drank a potion and returned to the city.

At the same time, he asked Square Root 3 to assign a Healer to Stormwind City. Fortunately, Hachi Chan happened to be around the place at the time, so she made herself useful.

Upon returning to Darnassus, he immediately teleported to Stormwind City.

When Lu Li left the portal, his movement speed was incredibly slow. It was as if he was walking in outer space. Although the system said that his movement speed was decreased by 80%, he felt like he only 5% movement speed.

Thieves had such a low amount of carry weight.

Hachi Chan rested her cheeks on her hand as she sat on the side of the road. After she saw Lu Li, she asked, "Gosh, did someone hit you?"

"Why are you asking this?" Lu Li checked his health bar; he was still in the safe zone. There was also a Healer beside him, so there was nothing for him to be afraid of.

"You can’t even walk. Did someone hit you?" Although she spoke nonsense, her face was very serious and she had a look of sympathy. Lu Li was about to choke.


"What?" Hachi Chan blinked her eyes, unsure of what Lu Li was asking.

"Heal me – can’t you see that I’m about to die?" He only had one-third of his health bar left. Lu Li finally gave up on the thought of this girl healing him without him asking. That was him being unrealistic.

"Oh dear." Hachi Chan finally noticed that Lu Li had been constantly dropping health. She quickly threw some skills at Lu Li and topped up his health bar. At the same time, she angrily said, "Who did this to you?! There aren’t any debuffs on you."

"I’m carrying something very heavy," Lu Li explained weakly.

"What is it? Show me." The little girl was very curious.

"Tell me how you leveled up first." Lu Li talked to her as he walked with difficulty to the ship repair store from his memories. The location was quite far, so he had to take Hachi Chan with him.

"I just did a few quests," Hachi Chan said lightly.

"A few quests made you reach level 36? Are you about to hit level 37?" Lu Li wanted to slap her, but he was afraid that if she got cranky, she would run away. Then, he would be in trouble.

It had taken him so much effort to reach level 37, but it was as if she had cheated.

"I wrote some guides for them. They all leveled up so fast afterwards; there’s nothing I can do about it." Hachi Chan’s daily routine involved quests, quests and even more quests. She could pick up quests even if she was just shopping around.

Perhaps the system thought she was too stupid and decided to show her some pity.

In her spare time, she wrote some guides about the quests that the members of the guild could follow. However, the rewards they received were never as good as hers, since she was the first one who had completed these quests.

There was a small dock in the harbor near the store that produced some smaller ships. The dock mainly supplied ships for nobles and players to set sail for entertainment purposes.

The dock didn’t sell ships yet; this was something that players had to wait for in a System update. After the future updates, private ships would become the new trend. When the time came, the gaming company would profit greatly from it.

An old sailor by the name Elvis greeted Lu Li.

Elvis wasn’t the owner of the dock, but had been a free sailor in his early days. Apparently, he had earned a gambling debt later on and hid in this dock. In the future, he would hand out a very famous trap quest.

His debt owners eventually tracked him down here and often sent people to threaten him.

He would use treasure as an excuse to borrow money from the players, which fooled countless people.

Lu Li was one of those players. He gave the old man 20 gold coins and didn’t receive anything in return. Some say that it was because they didn’t give enough gold coins for the old sailor to return his debt that he couldn’t reward the players with a treasure map.

What kind of players would spend ten thousand gold coins on an old gambler to return his debt?

"What’s wrong, little girl?" Although the sailor was in his old age, he was still quite healthy. With his white hair and friendly appearance, he was well-respected by the players.

But why were his eyes staring right at the little girl and ignoring Lu Li? He was the one who walked in front.

Lu Li was upset and counted the mixed emotions that ran through his head.

"Grandpa, we have a request…" Hachi Chan scratched her head and realized that she had no idea why they were here. She could only turn around to look at Lu Li for help.

Lu Li took a few steps back and brought out the broken ship from his bag.

If this was real life, there was no way he would be able to do this.

The massive item caught Hachi Chan by surprise. Elvis wasn’t disturbed at all as he came closer to carefully inspect the ship.

"Good stuff. Where’d you get it?" Surprisingly, Elvis didn’t think that this was a bad ship at all.

"A gift from someone." Lu Li obviously wasn’t going to tell the truth.

"You’re not very honest, but that’s alright. You’re fixing the ship, right?" Elvis wasn’t angry. If Lu Li didn’t know about the quest in the future, he would probably be impressed by Elvis’ manners.

"This ship is so broken." Hachi Chan was very curious about the goods that Lu Li was carrying. She didn’t expect it to be a broken ship and was quite disappointed.

"Haha, little girl, you don’t understand ships. Although this ship looks broken, the main structures aren’t damaged at all. These messy engravings have all been made by masters. Just a slight fix, and you’ll be able to set sail again with this ship." Elvis touched the broken ship gently and didn’t hide the envy in his tone.

Most sailors dreamed of having their own ships, even if it was a small ship like this one.

"Then we’ll leave it to you, grandpa." Hachi Chan’s admiration on her face placed Elvis in a good mood. He didn’t say anything else and began his work, testing, designing, picking the materials…

"Wait, how much does it cost to fix this ship?" Lu Li wasn’t so sure about the whole situation yet.

"Cost?" Elvis was stunned as he looked down on Lu Li. "For the sake of the little girl, I’ll just charge you for the material fees. That’s a total of 132 gold coins."

Only a little more than a hundred gold coins – this was much lower than Lu Li’s expectations. He immediately handed over the money.

It seemed like bringing Hachi Chan around was quite useful. At the very least, the NPCs didn’t set down traps for him. Although the System’s daughter was a little dumb and had no skill in terms of PVP or PVE, she was still a useful team member.