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Chapter 570: Abyss Undead Bug

Chapter 570: Abyss Undead Bug
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This made Lu Li very cautious as he plunged another double-headed spear into the ground.

The two tentacles weren’t far apart and they had wrapped around him at the same time.

This was a strange, but inevitable battle.

Lu Li was a player trying to cash in on the rich EXP, and these monsters were being instructed by the system to hunt players. It was kill or be killed.

This was a game, but it was ultimately a test of survival. Lu Li was attacking with all his might, desperately trying to survive, while the tentacle monster was more like a hungry best, reluctant to give up on its food.

However, this food was far too difficult to eat. The tentacles pulled at Lu Li for a few minutes before giving up.

Lu Li didn’t want to give himself up to be eaten, but that was okay. There was no grass in this environment, but this monster could probably catch a Double-Headed Hellhound elsewhere to eat.

The two tentacles released one after the other and retreated into the shadows.

The now-experienced Lu Li immediately stabbed the tentacles into the ground with his spear and kept them in place.

The ground was very hard, so Lu Li had to use all of his strength to stab with the Double-Headed spear.

Fortunately, this was a game and the spear had a certain attack and penetration ability. The monster did not have the strength to pull itself free.

When he had pinned down one of the tentacles, the other tentacle actually came back. It appeared as though it was trying to save the pinned tentacle. Lu Li was now convinced that these two tentacles belonged to the same monster.

Some of these monsters could only have one tentacle, but others could have two or maybe even three or four…

Lu Li shivered at the thought of more tentacles wrapping around him, but with only two, he was still able to deal with it. After all, one had already been pinned.

This time, it took longer for him to deal with the tentacles, but they gave higher EXP – almost 8%.

Lu Li silently took a moment to compare the cost-effectiveness of killing a single tentacle monster.

He hoped that these monsters with additional tentacles wouldn’t appear too often, no matter how many of them they had.

In fact, these two-tentacle monsters were much rarer. He would usually face one after 3 – 5 encounters of single-tentacle monsters. He hadn’t seen a three-tentacle monster yet, but that was a good thing – he definitely wasn’t looking forward to it.

After four hours, Lu Li rose to level 38.

On the level rankings, Lonesome Flower was at second place, following Lu Li with his level 6 Blizzard. His levelling was generally quite quick, and if he didn’t spend so much time with his sister March Rain, he probably would have long since surpassed Lu Li.

Of course, that didn’t account for the fact that Lu Li had now entered this secret area.

As the number 1 player levelled up again, the players immediately began to discuss this on the World Channel.

Had Lu Li killed another Boss? He just levelled up yesterday and he had levelled up again today. Why did it feel like they had such a hard time levelling up compared to him?

There was also Hachi Chan and Laugh into the Heavens.

The others were curious and envious, but they must have been insanely worried.

Laugh Into the Heavens was okay with this, but he felt slightly guilty. The great guru had given himself up for the sake of completing the task, and now, who knew what he was up to?

Hachi Chan was about to cry. Although Lu Li bullied her, he was still her partner and friend.

Now, they couldn’t even contact him, as the System coldly told them that the player was not within map range. This kind of situation was rare, and had only occurred during the competition at the start of the game.

Both of them knew that Lu Li had been chased away by the gorillas.

In Hachi Chan’s mind, the gorillas had captured Lu Li and put him in a box. The gorillas could even whistle.

She had even asked people who were with Lu Li in reality. Their landlady Huan Huan went to look and saw that Lu Li still had his helmet on, which meant that he was lost somewhere in the game.

However, after seeing that Lu Li had levelled up, she let out a sigh of relief.

After rising to level 38, the number of monsters dramatically decreased. They knew that the fat piece of meat on the shore was a trap; not a single tentacle attacked him for a dozen minutes.

As such, he marked the place on the map and decided to look elsewhere.

Based on where he had explored, this abandoned world was quite big. There were rivers, mountains and what looked like the remains of a forest, but the most breath-taking thing was the huge skeletons.

One of the bodies were so big that Lu Li thought it was a mountain.

The body had not yet decayed and still maintained most of its shape. It was a Double-Headed Abyss Demon. It looked quite frightening and Lu Li could still see its anger, unwillingness and desperation on its face.

He had no idea if he was looking at Sargeras himself.

The stronger the creature, the better-preserved it was. Lu Li also saw a bunch of smaller, incomplete skeletons scattered around.

There was still flesh and blood residue on some of these, and when Lu Li approached, a shadow hurled towards him.

The silhouette made a great leap and landed above Lu Li’s head.

Lu Li watched his assailant calmly.

This was a small beast that had strong hind limbs. Its forelimbs had knife-like, bony claws and it also had a very long tail with a barbed tip.

Abyss Undead Bug!

Lu Li recognized this monster at first glance because he had personally seen it before.

Although this was called an Undead Bug, it was more appropriate to call it a beast, based on its body type. It was said that these creatures had come from the void and were able to travel around this chaotic universe.

They liked staying in the bodies of powerful creatures.

Lu Li used his dagger to block the Abyss Undead Bug’s claws which made a clashing sound.

It was a level 40 elite monster that had 4300 HP. Its attacks did 300-400 damage to Lu Li, while his ordinary attacks only did 100 damage to it. Although it had high damage, it had rather low HP.

Such a monster gave Lu Li no reason to run away.

He poured a bottle of Antidote into his mouth and prepared himself to fight.

Many players who died in battle with this Undead Bug died because of its Corpse Poison. This was a very powerful one-time poisoning effect that was the Abyss Undead Bug’s most powerful weapon.