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Chapter 571: The Center Of The Secret Area

Chapter 571: The Center Of The Secret Area
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Its sharp claws grabbed Lu Li’s shoulder and pulled down.

Lu Li lost a large chunk of HP, but he refused to admit defeat. He stabbed his dagger deep into the Abyss Undead Bug’s eye and twisted it. This attack wasn’t enough to blind the target, but it did hit its weak point.

The Abyss Undead Bug let out a cry as it took double damage and lost a significant amount of HP.

Neither man nor beast had the advantage at this point.

The Undead Bug wasn’t easy to fight. It had a lot of combat experience and wasn’t like the monsters that took turns with the player to attack.

After taking a heavy hit from Lu Li, it fell back and kept some distance between them to prepare itself.

Lu Li already knew that it was going to use its poison, but he didn’t rush forwards. Instead, when he saw the attack coming, he quickly drank an Advanced Antidote.

The attack dealt more than 400 damage, but the deadly poison did not trigger.

In fact, his rebirth had completely changed things for him. The knowledge alone allowed him to perform much better than he did in his previous life.

In his last life, he had died to this monster at least a dozen times, but now, he wouldn’t make the same mistake.

Although Lu Li’s HP and Attack wasn’t as much as the Abyss Undead Bug’s, he had more skills, more potions and more intelligence.

After a little over a minute, the Undead Bug exploded into pool of blood.

Lu Li had already rolled away before this happened, so the poisonous explosion didn’t hurt him.

A lot of players were very wary while they were fighting the Abyss Undead Bug and knew when it was dead because they would receive the EXP.

However, the Undead Bug relied on this and would often kill the player after it had died.

The Undead Bugs were harder to kill and only gave a little more EXP than the lava monster. There was almost no difference in terms of EXP bar growth.

However, the Undead Bug’s drops were free for him to pick up.

When Lu Li fought what he suspected was a Boss, he reasoned that it must have dropped some good items. Unfortunately, they had all fallen into the lava and he had no way of getting to them.

Lu Li bent over to pick up what was left of the Abyss Undead Bug.

He picked up an Undead Bug Carapace, which was a Rare Material that was good for making leather armor. Even if a Mold didn’t specifically ask for it, it could still be added.

Adding the Undead Bug Carapace would provide some damage reduction properties.

This kind of Rare Material wasn’t necessarily needed for any equipment, but adding it would yield some unexpected benefits. Some players thought that this was an exotic kind of material because they were not necessarily dropped by a Boss, but by a specific type of monster.

The Undead Bug had dropped nothing other than the Undead Bug Carapace.

After Lu Li had killed a dozen Undead Bugs and acquired five Undead Bug Carapaces, he decided to leave. He didn’t have much time and was bound to be kicked out when he logged off. When he came back online, he might not still be here.

Moreover, there was a display over the secret area that said 1/2, which probably meant that Lu Li only had one more chance to explore afterwards.

He planned to explore as much as he could at this time, but next time, he could be more prepared. The Undead Bug Carapace was good, but five of them was only enough for Lu Li to use.

In general, the exit point would be in the center of the secret area.

Lu Li worked out where he needed to go based on what he had explored so far and headed there.

He wanted to find out what the most powerful presence was in the area. As such, his movements were bold and unrestrained; he didn’t even stop when he saw monsters.

His high movement speed afforded him the luxury of being able to do this.

As long as it was not more than 10 levels ahead of him and it wasn’t a Boss, Lu Li was confident that he could take it out quickly.

Lu Li encountered more than one monster during his travel. There was a one-footed ostrich creature that had an amazing jumping ability, but it was very silly. It jumped over Lu Li and landed face first into the dirt before taking a long time to pull its head out.

The lava monster was the most common thing here and each of them was a Strengthening Stone in Lu Li’s eyes. It would be a waste not to take them.

There was also a massive worm that could shoot silk. It almost captured Lu Li, but he managed to use his Shoes’ Direct Thrust to get far away from the attack.

After crossing several of these strange areas, Lu Li arrived at his destination an hour before the day’s playtime finished.

At least, this was where he thought the center of the secret area was.

There was a big tree here. This was the first time that Lu Li had seen a big tree like this in the secret area. It was also probably because of the tree, but visibility was much better here.

The tree was so big that Lu Li couldn’t really find the words to describe it.

If he had to compare it with something, he could only think of the world’s biggest tree – Teldrassil. One could only imagine what it would have looked like when it was alive.

Yes, this tree was already dead.

From afar, the silence of this tree could be felt. Although the leaves had lost all their moisture, they stubbornly refused to fall. Like the demons who had died in this abyss, this tree hadn’t rotted.

Lu Li was now even more convinced that this was a destroyed small world.

He escaped into the shadows and stayed near them cautiously, inching forwards to see what else was left around this tree.

Lu Li felt like the difficulty of this secret area probably wasn’t as high as he had initially thought. After all, the world had been destroyed, so the strong creatures that hadn’t died would have slowly lost their strength as there were no resources.

Although Dawn was a game made for playability, any designer would hardly refuse the temptation of creating an entire world.

A world could be called a world because it had its own rules.

After getting closer, Lu Li found that there was actually a creature under the tree.

Burning Legion!

It actually was the Burning Legion!

Lu Li almost peed himself. He immediately wanted to slap himself in the face. How was the Burning Legion not difficult? Was he a Titan God?

The Burning Legion was one of Dawn’s major villains in the lore. Sargeras was originally the most powerful warrior of the Titans, but he lost himself in the conquest. He became convinced that everything he had done was wrong and set out the fix it. He also wanted to destroy the order that was established by the Titan God.

As such, he released these mighty creatures in captivity, all of whom groveled under his feet.

That was the Burning Legion, Azeroth’s most deadly enemy. Characters like Tyrande and Medivh racked their brains and were barely able to defend themselves from what was considered the root of all evil.

The Doomguard and Hellhounds were the Burning Legion’s strongest units and they were loyal to an even more powerful Demon.

Lu Li was currently only level 38; he was in no way close to being able to fight the Burning Legion.