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Chapter 573: Enchanting

Chapter 573: Enchanting
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Water Fairy came over; this had already been decided a few days ago.

Lu Li never really understood why Water Fairy insisted on visiting a little girl that she barely knew. He could only interpret this as Water Fairy trying to secure the relationship between Drizzle Court and Ruling Sword.

Lu Li had tried to decline her request, claiming that his sister didn’t need any visitors.

However, Water Fairy had her own excuses – she lived in Jingling, she should visit a friend’s sister when she lived so close to them, especially when Lu Xin’s condition was quite serious…

Besides Water Fairy, the elites in the guild also decided to visit.

Even though Lu Li didn’t care too much if there were any visitors for Lu Xin, it was only natural for the guild elites to show their care towards their boss. They worked under him after all.

Those who were close to Lu Li had even more reasons to visit.

Hence, a crowd of visitors appeared on the day that Lu Xin was moved out of the isolation ward.

Others thought that someone of great importance was staying in the hospital, and the security personnel were on their best behavior.

Square Root 3 was the one who was in charge of this event. It wasn’t an easy task, but luckily for him, there were only two elite groups in the guild. If this was another big guild with dozens of hundred-man teams, the police would definitely have been alerted.

The second hundred-man team of Ruling Sword had already been formed. It most consisted of guild members who had good performance on average.

This time, they weren’t as strict with the terms and conditions. Those who couldn’t move into Jiangnan city because of study or work reasons were still given a chance, as long as they came to Jiangnan to sign their contract.

The guild also paid for their traveling expenses.

Lu Li and Square Root 3 didn’t really have a choice in this matter. At the start, they planned to have the first few elite groups as full-time workers. That way, they would be more efficient in the game and more secretive. Ruling Sword had developed too fast and it was important for them to set a stable foundation.

Unfortunately, in the process, they had found that this kind of procedure caused them to lose some good potential guild members.

Some people needed to wait until they graduated to join the elite group, or even quit their unwanted job. However, not everyone was patient enough to do this and they demanded for the elite group to accept them.

There were also some players who had successful careers in real life that didn’t clash with their gaming time. It was unrealistic for them to quit their job to play a game.

There was a Thief player with the ID Bai Renyou who was a young politician and was the only child in his political family. However, he also had good gaming skills and was one of the deciding factors that led to Lu Li and Square Root 3 changing their minds.

The second elite group mostly consisted of guild members who had good skills, but also could not live in Jiangnan city due to certain reasons.

The past two days of the weekend had been their peak travel time to sign their contract in Jiangnan city. As soon as they had heard that Lu Li’s sister was staying in the hospital, they were determined to show up for a visit.

Flowers and gifts quickly filled the guest room in the hospital.

Apparently, all the bouquets near the hospital had been totally sold out.

Of course, Lu Li didn’t let these people through the door to visit Lu Xin. Although she was in a much better condition, there was no way she would have enough energy to greet such a great number of people. Everyone entered in small groups, had a short chat, placed down their bouquets and left.

No one felt like they weren’t being treated fairly – they were well aware of how many people were still lining up downstairs.

Lu Li had begun allowing visitors since 9am in the morning and the process had extended for an entire two hours. Even he felt tired dealing with so many guild members.

This was also the time that Water Fairy chose to arrive.

Lu Li had spent some of his time imagining how Water Fairy would show up. Perhaps a limo with a row of body guards on each side would arrive, and a pack of suited guests would instantly fill the hospital.

However, after he saw her in real life, he realized that he was overthinking.

Rich people didn’t always put their luxurious life on display. Water Fairy wore some slightly lose sports clothes with a backpack. A white scarf was wrapped around her neck, and only her forehead and bright eyes remained unhidden.

There wasn’t a ridiculous group of body guards around her – only a young and pretty girl stood behind her.

While the young girl behind her was already very pretty, she still wasn’t as beautiful as Water Fairy herself.

It was very easy to tell which girl was Water Fairy.

Even with active wear and her forehead above the scarf, you could still tell that Water Fairy was an enchanting girl.

Someone like her was always the focus of all attention. Regardless of age and gender, those who were near the entrance of the hospital all turned around to look at her.

Lu Li had never received this kind of treatment – he was the type that was easily ignored and blended well within a crowd.

Water Fairy waved her hands as soon as she saw Lu Li came out.

She had stood there only for a little while, but four or five people had already walked over to ask for her number. All she did was give them a cold look and they backed off.

Lu Li didn’t really didn’t want to walk over. He felt like she had already seen him, so she could just walk over herself.

Perhaps it was because Water Fairy had a pair of eyes that could talk, but Lu Li subconsciously walked over to her. Suddenly, he also became the center of focus.

Everyone discovered that the mysterious and pretty girl was smiling at Lu Li.

The smile wasn’t too noticeable, since the majority of her face was covered by a scarf.

However, everyone was paying attention to her every move, so they could tell that she was smiling at the guy who had walked over towards her.

"Wait, isn’t that Lu Li?" The one speaking was one of the Ruling Sword guild members who had just visited Lu Xin.

Not all the players who visited Lu Xin left immediately. Some of them went around Jingling to look at the scenery, while others gathered around the entrance of the hospital to talk. They chatted about interesting events that happened in the game and bragged about their own adventures. Then, they saw an outstanding beauty appear, but none of them had the courage to approach her. All they could do was laugh in silence at those who attempted to talk to her but had no luck.

Then, they saw their boss.

There was no way they would be mistaken; it was Lu Li for sure.

They had only just seen Lu Li and talked to him for a while. Some of them had even talked to him alone, so there was no way they would recognize the wrong person.

"No way, our boss knows her?" It was normal for them to be surprised. Although Lu Li was amazing, that was only in the game. His accomplishments probably wern’t enough to make an impact in real life.