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Chapter 574: A Meeting in Real Life

Chapter 574: A Meeting in Real Life
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"So you look the same as your character in the game."

Water Fairy checked out Lu Li, but she wasn’t disappointed.

From her first impression, Lu Li was someone who didn’t stand out. He was the type of person that you could find in an office or on a construction site.

In simple terms, he wasn’t the type to stick out like a sore thumb.

"That isn’t important." Lu Li wasn’t interested in adjusting his face in the game; he would much rather spend that amount of time to kill a few more monsters.

Dawn didn’t provide players with the option to change their original features, but gave players some other choices to adjust their appearance.

For example, players could place a scar on their face. Most Night Elves had face tattoos, and could also change their hair color. There were races in the game that would totally change a player’s appearance, for example, Orcs and the Undead.

"This is Falling Star, our guild master. She insisted on coming along," Water Fairy said, gesturing at the pretty girl who stood beside her.

"Welcome," Lu Li nodded his head, feeling a little strange to have these words come out of his mouth. He then changed his tone and said, "Thanks for coming by to visit my sister. She’s quite weak at the moment and is still resting. If you guys don’t mind, there’s a guest room available over here…"

Lu Li gestured with his fingers and Water Fairy immediately understood what he was trying to imply.

The two girls followed behind Lu Li and entered the guest room provided for him by the hospital.

It was rare for hospitals to organize these kind of things, but Lu Li was willing to pay. There were also too many visitors, which could possibly cause an impact on other patients. This was why the doctors gave them special considerations and provided them with a guest room.

"This is actually a pretty good place." Water Fairy was pleasantly surprised.

This was the best hospital with the best wards, but there were also other better treatment methods. Good examples included family doctors and services provided for special groups of people.

"It’s all thanks to you," Lu Li said as he brought the two girls into the guest room.

Square Root 3 and a few others were casually chatting away in the room. They were a little dumbfounded when they saw Water Fairy and Falling Star. Even Square Root 3 had never seen Water Fairy in real life, not to mention that she had half of her face covered up.

As soon as they heard that it was Water Fairy, they all widened their eyes.

Unfortunately, Water Fairy wasn’t interested in removing her scarf; she just sat there in silence.

In real life, Water Fairy wasn’t as friendly as she was in the game, and it seemed like she was more stubborn and cold. She didn’t simply interact with anyone, but this was also closer to the first impression that she gave Lu Li.

It wasn’t until the two of them started working together that Lu Li had changed his opinion of her.

"Nice to meet you." Square Root 3 shook hands gently with Falling Star, but he was smart and didn’t bother Water Fairy.

Water Fairy only nodded her head and the atmosphere became slightly awkward.

"You’re still as good as ever, but unfortunately, our guild only takes girls. Otherwise, we would have invited you already," Falling Star said, breaking the awkward silence. She was too familiar with this situation; it was almost always like this whenever they went out.

"Luckily, I didn’t go ahead and recommend myself. Otherwise, it would’ve made things real awkward," Square Root 3 laughed.

Everyone understood the joke and laughed too. Only Lu Li and Water Fairy remained. One honestly didn’t find the joke funny at all, while the other probably wanted to maintain her image.

The few guild members that Square Root 3 brought in laughed to save his face, but their glances landed on Water Fairy every now and then.

People were always interested in mysteries.

Although people would be amazed by her beauty if Water Fairy took off her scarf, they wouldn’t be as curious.

"I’m going to take them out. You guys talk." Square Root 3 was very capable in social situations and was aware that he wasn’t welcomed here.

He still didn’t believe that Water Fairy was the type to visit a patient in real life.

Rumors often went around, and different people would be interested in her. These people included rich tycoons or powerful men, but it seemed like nothing ended well.

Square Root 3 had some connections in that section of the world and understood that these weren’t simply rumors.

Falling Star tried to ask him to stay back, but she wasn’t too persistent about it.

Square Root 3 brought the others with him and left. Now, there were only three people left in the room. Water Fairy let out a long sigh and removed her scarf.

As expected, she was beautiful – God had really spent a lot of time on her.

However, Lu Li wasn’t too surprised. The expression remained on his face and his eyes only briefly scanned across Water Fairy’s face, not even pausing.

He preferred the Water Fairy in the game over the one in real life.

In the game, they synchronized well. They had completed quests together, escaped from assassinations together and had also assassinated others together as well. However, the situation was different in real life – they were almost strangers.

"We’re here mainly to visit your sister." Falling Star looked at the two of them; the silence was giving her a slight headache.

"The doctor said she’ll be able to leave the hospital after some time." Lu Li still didn’t mention a single word about taking them to visit Lu Xin.

Falling Star was quite curious as to what Lu Li’s sister looked like, but she wasn’t someone who would cross that line. If Lu Li wasn’t interested in taking them to see his sister, then she wouldn’t bother him with it either.

"What do you plan to do with the first kill for Zul’Farrk?" Water Fairy asked.

Her voice was nice – it wasn’t sexy, but it wasn’t coarse either. It was special, and it sounded better than her voice in the game. After all, no matter how advanced technology was, it couldn’t fully replicate real life.

Lu Li thought about the question for a moment then said, "We’ll do our own thing, but we can share the guide. After I’ve fully constructed the guide, you guys take the First Clear. Then, we’ll complete the dungeon."

This meant that even if Lu Li could get the First Clear, he was going to give it up in the very last moment and share the complete guide with Drizzle Court.

"Sure." Water Fairy had no complaints to this.

She was a proud person and it was already embarrassing enough for her to ask Lu Li in order for Drizzle Court to get a First Clear. She couldn’t ask for anything more.

"The player levels for the team have to be 35 or above. You need one Priest that can cure disease and control the Undead, one Shaman…" Lu Li began explaining the class structure of the team.

"We don’t have Bloodlust. The drop rate is too low," Water Fairy pouted. She felt like there was a big difference between her and Lu Li. and this caused her to feel a little down.

"You guys can at least dispel disease status, right?" Lu Li asked.

"Probably?" Water Fairy turned to Falling Star, then after Falling Star nodded her head, she confirmed, "Our Shaman knows how to dispel disease status and dispel magic effects."

"That’s better. Is there a Mage who has learnt Arcane Explosion?" Lu Li wasn’t going to change his own team, but he wasn’t too sure about the strength of Drizzle Court. He hoped that they had the very best team composition.

Arcane Explosion was a group-damaging spell that could be casted while the Mage moved. It was suitable for clearing smaller groups of monsters with high movement speed and a low amount of health.

"A Mage who can cast Arcane Explosion, yup." Water Fairy remembered Deadly Green Orange. As a professional competitor, Deadly Green Orange had more skills than the average player.

Arcane Explosion wasn’t a rare skill, but most Mages wouldn’t spend too much time looking for it. Blizzard did way more damage compared to it.

"The others don’t matter as much, but the stronger they are, the easier it will be. Make sure you pay extra attention to interrupting spells..."

A meeting that would have caused an uproar in the gaming world became a discussion on how to complete the Zul’Farrk dungeon. Interestingly enough, neither of them felt anything weird about the situation.