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Chapter 575: No Place to Go

Chapter 575: No Place to Go
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A topic that would seem plain and boring in the eyes of many became an interesting discussion between Lu Li and Water Fairy.

After they settled the details of the dungeon, they moved onto how they should play against different classes. They shared their tactics with each other, tactics that they usually wouldn’t share with other people. Falling Star was almost about to fall asleep.

"Take me to your sister," Water Fairy said as she stood up, ignoring Lu Li’s reluctance.

Some people were used to commanding others around them. If they wanted something done, it would be done; they didn’t easily take no for an answer. Water Fairy had come to visit the patient, so her trip wouldn’t be complete if she didn’t see the little girl.

Lu Li could find ways to deal with other people, but it wasn’t so easy to turn down Water Fairy.

He slowly began to discover that once someone became your debt owner, unimportant matters were no longer unmovable.

"It should be alright for Lu Xin to just see one person. Lu Xin also really liked Water Fairy anyway," he thought to himself.

Lu Xin finally saw her first visitor after the few hundreds of people who had visited the guest room beforehand.

Lu Li had seen his sister every day over the past few days. The little girl wasn’t as fragile as she was before, and the nurses would often walk her around the ward as this helped with her recovery.

The medical world had developed greatly over the past few centuries in terms of healing injuries.

Usually, after three days, the patient wouldn’t be threatened anymore by infections, and their injuries would fully heal after one month. Lu Li was just being overly anxious by keeping his sister in the isolation ward for a week. This had nothing to do with the hospital’s choice.

If it wasn’t for the fact that there weren’t any patients who urgently needed the isolation ward, the siblings would have been kicked out long ago.

Lu Xin didn’t have much sleep – she was lying on the bed with her head sticking out of the blanket. The boredom on her face was quite obvious. As soon as she heard someone enter, her eyes immediately looked over.

"Water Fairy..." The little girl immediately recognized who had come.

Everyone enjoyed looking at beautiful things; this had nothing to do with gender. Lu Li was slightly jealous that his sister easily recognized Water Fairy, considering that she wasn’t too good at recognizing faces.

"Xin Xin, are you alright?" Water Fairy walked over, bent down and gently held Lu Xin’s hand which was sticking out of the blanket.

It was very easy for girls to get along – sometimes, it would only take a single meeting for them to bond like sisters.

If Lu Li was the one who was lying in the hospital bed today, there was no way he would receive this kind of treatment.

"I’m already much better, but my brother is still making me lie down here," Lu Xin complained.

"You’ll be able to get up after a few days. You should rest up." Water Fairy didn’t have much experience with children; her actions were solely based off what she felt from the bottom of her heart. A fragile little girl would always cause people to feel sympathetic towards her.

They talked for about half an hour and until Lu Li finally managed to kick the two guests out.

Water Fairy and Falling Star were busybodies and left as soon as they came out of the ward. Lu Li didn’t leave the hospital, so he didn’t invite them for a meal either. They said their goodbyes at the carpark.

"Little girl, you’re misbehaving, aren’t you?" Lu Li came back as soon as he sent the guests away.

They weren’t in the isolation ward anymore, so there was no need for strict protections. Outside of the time that Lu Xin needed for rest and sleep, Lu Li would sit on the couch of the ward to accompany her.

"Why did Water Fairy come?" Lu Xin pulled up her blanket and only left her eyes out to gaze around.

"She’s here to visit you," Lu Li answered as he sliced an apple, spinning his knife as if he was holding the Shard of the Defiler in his hands.

"Why? I don’t know her that well, bro…" Lu Xin lowered her voice, but there was actually only the two of them in the ward.

"What?" Lu Li gave her a strange glance, but he still moved his ears closer.

"Everyone is saying that you two are together. The forums called you guys… a couple," Lu Xin whispered as she suddenly became a little emotional. "If you two are together, can I still live with you guys?"

Time spent in the hospital was quite boring. There was nothing for her to do and Lu Li didn’t allow her to play games, so she spent a great deal of time overthinking.

She had already begun to imagine the moment when Lu Li had his own family and she became unimportant. She would wander alone in the streets, cold and hungry, with shoes that showed her toes.

"What are you even thinking about?" Lu Li said as he knocked his sister’s head gently. He could tell that she was letting her imagination run wild.

"Water Fairy is so pretty. It would be so nice if I can grow up to look like her." The admiration was clear in Lu Xin’s eyes.

"It doesn’t matter if she’s pretty or not. You don’t have to become like her."

Lu Li rubbed his sister’s soft hair. Because of the surgery, the doctors had trimmed the little girl’s long hair, so she looked even more pitiful.

"She’s so pretty. Don’t you like her at all?" Lu Li didn’t believe in this.

"It doesn’t matter if I like her or not. She doesn’t belong in our world, and your brother is only playing games to earn money. I haven’t thought about anything else," Lu Li explained.

"And you say you haven’t thought about it…If you haven’t thought about it, then how would you know you two don’t suit each other?" Lu Xin pouted and yawned.

"Just one more week and I’ll let you play games." Lu Li didn’t want his sister to sleep all day long either; the doctors advised against this. It wasn’t good to have too much rest.

"I want to go home." There was only one more week, but she didn’t feel any happiness.

"Home? Which home?" Lu Li didn’t think that his sister would make such a request. Where was their home? Could the house that the lady landlords owned count as their home?

"I don’t know either," Lu Xin said as she rubbed her cheeks against her brother’s palms.

They already given their old home away and had never gone back since. The house of the lady landlords didn’t seem like it belonged to the two of them either. Now that they thought about it, they actually didn’t have a home.

"Don’t worry." Lu Li felt sympathetic towards the helplessness of the little girl and promised, "I’ll earn enough money soon, so we can buy a big house. We’ll plant flowers in our backyard and I’ll buy you a little dog and a cat..."

"I like hamsters too," Lu Xin’s eyes were glistening.

"Sure, we’ll have a couple of them. If we only buy one, it won’t have any company." Lu Li wasn’t too sure if hamsters could be kept with cats, but if this was his sister’s request, he wouldn’t say no.

Water Fairy was pretty indeed; Lu Li had to admit this too. He wasn’t stupid and he didn’t have different taste to most people either.

However, he just didn’t feel like her beauty had anything to do with him. He was just another average human, a brother who wanted the best for his sister and a man who wanted to develop his own club.