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Chapter 576: Bloodfang Worgens

Chapter 576: Bloodfang Worgens
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December came, but the weather was nowhere near being cold, especially in the South. Lu Li had barely seen snow in his life, which probably had something to do with Global Warming.

Lu Li wasn’t too concerned about these issues. He added another bed in his sister’s ward so he could play games on it.

They had spent their lives together with the support of each other and felt safe in each other’s’ presence.

"These are Advanced Healing Potions, these are Antidotes, bonus Agility potions, bonus Constitution potions and bonus Intelligence potions. I’ve prepared everything that I can possibly think of for you," Square Root 3 said as he traded a bunch of items to Lu Li. He was like a reliable concierge.

Compared to his previous guild, his position in Ruling Sword was higher.

Lu Li didn’t know how to be a proper guild master, so Square Root 3 took over the responsibilities. He moved from an elder straight to the guild master.

Unfortunately, he didn’t get to enjoy his time relaxing as a guild master. He had more tiring details to look after than before.

"Thanks for the hard work," Lu Li said as he patted Square Root 3’s shoulder’s in a sorry manner before he continued, "About me giving away the First Clear this time..."

"Don’t worry about it. Hehe, we all get it," Square Root 3 laughed as he cracked a smile across his face.

"Don’t joke around – I’m using the profit of the guild to return my own personal debt. This isn’t a right thing for me to do." Lu Li shook his head with a bitter laugh and insisted to apologize.

It wasn’t right for him to pretend nothing had happened.

What if Square Root 3 felt like Lu Li was giving away the First Clear of the guild so he could please a girl?

They had agreed to work hard together, to form the biggest guild and club in the game, to change everyone’s living standards.

If the guild master was unhappy, the others wouldn’t be happy either. It wasn’t like everyone was going to betray him, but this could be a seed that grew into something horrible in the future.

"It’s really nothing; it’s only one First Clear of a dungeon. We’ve already have quite a lot of these." Before Ruling Sword was formed by Lu Li, he had already scored countless First Clears, but these were all attributed to the guild.

In terms of First Clears in Dawn, Ruling Sword was definitely the first place in the game.

"It’s not right to mix personal issues with the guild." Lu Li had to admit this – he might be the boss of the guild with superior authority, but it wasn’t right for him to abuse his power.

"It’s not as big as you think, I feel like it’s better to give our First Clear to Drizzle Court," Square Root 3 said with a smile.

"…" Lu Li didn’t understand what he meant.

"Think about it." Square Root 3 held onto Lu Li’s shoulders and explained, "Look at all these big guilds. Some of them have already spent two days to try and complete this dungeon. Which one of them are capable of saying that they’ll give the First Clear to Drizzle Court."

The first boss was an easy kill, but most people were stuck on the second.

There were plenty of people in the major guilds, so they weren’t afraid to waste time. The elite teams could take turns to explore the dungeon, but they had already spent two days doing this and none of them had any hope of completing it. Apparently, even Sorrowless had entered the dungeon, but came out empty-handed.

"Uhm, the First Clear won’t even be ours. Don’t you think this will impact our reputation?" Lu Li asked.

"Somewhat, but barely," Square Root 3 assured. "I’ll tell you something – ever since we’ve formed an alliance with Drizzle Court, our guild entry applications have increased by at least thirty percent every day."

"Why? Is Drizzle Court really that impactful?" Lu Li was confused.

It was just an alliance, and there were plenty guilds in the game who had formed one. However, in desperate situations, the alliance was always only a weak bond that could easily be broken.

"Drizzle Court is filled with girls. Not only do they have a lot of them, but all of them are of the best quality. Don’t look down on something like this – it’s the most popular thing in the game," Square Root 3 explained as his eyes lit up. Lu Li almost thought that he was the type of guy who was willing to do anything to get a girl.

"Alright, enough chit chat," Lu Li said as he punched him. "I’ve got somethings to do; I have to go first."

"So early today?" Square Root 3 was confused – some of the players from Xin Xin Mercenary Group weren’t even online yet. There was probably still some time until Remnant Dream and Hachi Chan logged on.

"The dungeon run is at ten; I’ve got some private issues to resolve." Lu Li didn’t wait for Square Root 3 to ask any further; he said goodbye and left.

He used the remaining Priestess’ Blessing on his shoulder to teleport to Moonlight Forest.

As the home of the Demigod Cenarius, this place was showered eternally by the moonlight. It was as beautiful as it always had been, and was so quiet that some would think they were walking in their dreams.

Lu Li felt like if he just laid on the grass for a nap, he would be able to enter the legendary world of Emerald Dreams.

Because of the Priestess’ Blessing, Lu Li only needed to express his request for him to be brought to Remulos. Although Lu Li knew where Remulos was, it was impolite for him to run around and intrude into someone else’s territory.

"Good to see you again." Remulos wasn’t sleeping this time.

"I’m glad to see you, son of Cenarius. I’ve come to upgrade my ring," Lu Li said as he bent down to express his most sincere gratitude to this great existence who had helped him. He was about to see the results of his hard work.

"Don’t be in such a rush, young one. You have a long way to go." A faint smile appeared on Remulos’ strange face.

"Sorry, I’ve lost my composure, but I’m guessing Malfurion behaved similarly," Lu Li said.

"Haha, that’s… I guess you’re right." Remulos found that he couldn’t disagree.

He wasn’t there when Malfurion had upgraded his ring, but it was possible that the ArchDruid himself would have been very excited to finally harvest what he had sown.

"Follow me, child," Remulos beckoned as he brought Lu LI towards the entrance of the temple.

The temple of Remulos was simple; there were only a few strangely designed totems inside. At the center of the temple was a giant tree with a similar face to Remulos; it could even smile at Lu Li.

Remulos brought Lu Li towards the big tree, which suddenly began to cast spells.

A ruin appeared in front of them.

"This place belongs to the Bloodfang Worgens; you may have heard of them before. We’re going to trade with them."

Remulos walked in front as he led Lu Li towards the ruin that lay ahead of them.