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Chapter 578: The Curse of Worgens

Chapter 578: The Curse of Worgens
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"Alright, young man. Do you want to listen to a story?" Krug asked as they continued walking.

"My Lord, I think your past is more than just mere stories," Lu Li nodded his head. "I would love to hear about your legendary experiences."

Everyone loved being complimented and praised; this was a very important skill to have in a social setting. Compliments should be straight to the point and not overly done to the point that they feel fake or even sarcastic. With the advantage from his past life, as well as his natural-born talent in flattering people, Lu Li was a genius at knowing how to please these in-game NPCs.

"The Burning Legion caused a catastrophe…" Krug began talking about the origins of the Worgens.

In order to protect their homeland, they borrowed the powers of the ancient demi-god Goldrinn. They were able to shapeshift into feral-worgens and fought valiantly in battles.

However, these Druids eventually lost their minds to the violent nature of the wolves.

The power of Goldrinn became a curse and it began spreading to other Druids. More and more Druids were afflicted with the curse and were given an unquenchable thirst to kill.

It wasn’t Goldrinn’s fault that the curse started.

Goldrinn was an Ancient renowned for his ferocity in the battle during the Burning Legion invasion. The wolf god slaughtered hundreds of demons during the invasion and was one of the few demi-gods that survived.

Although it was because of his powers that the Curse of the Druids began, it was never his intention from the beginning.

He had no idea how or why the curse started, but there was nothing he could do about it.

The Druid NPCs in Dawn were divided into factions based on their respective shapeshifting forms. For example, the Deer form allowed them to transform into a white deer which was granted to them during the Battle of Ancients by the spirit of the demi-god Malorne. The Bear form was granted by the twin bear gods Ursol and Ursoc, while the Bird form was granted by Aviana the falcon goddess, who was revered by all winged creatures in Dawn.

Lu Li’s shapeshifting form was granted by Medivh, which made it slightly different from that of Druids.

The Worgen form had granted by Goldrinn during the invasion. These Worgens were the same as the ones standing before Lu Li today.

They still believed and abided in the fundamental spiritual nature of life.

"Do you now know what I want you to do?" Krug stared into Lu Li’s eyes, searching for any signs of fear or doubt.

The Bloodfang Lord was doubtful about Lu Li’s capabilities, but deep down, there was a small seed of hope.

The Worgens could always use more help and that was exactly what Lu Li was offering.

This was the last pack of Worgen Druids.

However, instead of finding fear and doubt in Lu Li’s eyes, he saw a strange and unfamiliar expression on Lu Li’s face.

Lu Li was finally granted the quest by the system – Curse of the Worgens.

This quest was…

Too easy!

Lu Li felt a sense of relief when he was granted the quest and knew that it would be very easy to complete.

Although it was simple, he decided not to complete it immediately.

If he told Krug about the solution to his problems, the quest rewards would be greatly reduced.

This was similar to how doctors treated their patients.

If a doctor simply prescribed a drug to cure their patient’s cold, then all he could charge them for would be the medicine. However, if the doctor put in more effort to treat the patient and ask him to visit multiple times, he would be able to charge more money.

Lu Li reminded himself that he was playing a game and supressed his emotions, then sternly said, "My Lord, I will do my best.

"Thank you, young man. I believe that you’ll bring great fortune to my clan," Krug nodded.

System: You have accepted a quest from Krug Bloodfang – "Curse of the Worgens." Time limit: 3 months. If you fail to complete the quest within 3 months, your level will be decreased by 3.

Taking away 3 levels would waste a lot of time for Lu Li.

Since there was a limit of 3 months, he could wait a few days before starting. Because of his rebirth, this quest was quite straightforward for Lu Li. However, there were a few things that he needed to prepare beforehand, and some of them were quite troublesome to obtain.

They quickly arrived at the ancient altar.

According to Krug, this altar was based on the altar that stood during the Battle of the Ancients. They had depended on the moonlight, as well as the altar, to prevent them from being controlled by the violent nature of their Worgen side.

"It’s thanks to my good friend Remulos that the altar remains in a good condition," the leader of the Worgens said with gratitude.

It was quite depressing to hear about the struggles and hardships that the Worgens had endured over the past years. The cause of this curse was because of their effort and willingness to defend Azeroth, yet they had been forgotten and discarded like trash.

Lu Li was tempted to reveal his solution to lift the curse, but decided against it for his own personal gain.

Lu Li placed down the materials that he had brought and the Bloodfang Altar was completely lit up by the silver moonlight.

"You can now take out what you want to upgrade," Krug said as he held out his hands towards Lu Li.

"This is the ring that I wanted to upgrade." Lu Li showed him the ring because he couldn’t take it off his finger.

Krug lightly tapped on the ring with his claws, thinking that it would come off Lu Li’s fingers, but it did not budge at all.

Krug was embarrassed.

"Uh… I think the ring is already soulbound to you. If you take it off forcefully, it might cause irreversible damage," Krug explained.

Lu Li turned around and looked at Remulos.

He remembered that when he had first met Remulos, he was able to easily take off the ring.

However, Remulos ignored Lu Li and remained transfixed on a plant that was growing near the altar. Lu Li knew that he was ignoring him on purpose.

"What should we do then?" Lu Li asked. He wasn’t sure why Remulos didn’t want to take off his ring for him, but he couldn’t expose the fact that he was the son of a demi-god Cenarius.

"Since you’ve accepted my request, I’ll allow you to sit on the altar," Krug decided.

Was there a benefit of being on the altar when performing the ritual?

Lu Li saw Remulos fluster and had a good feeling about this.