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Chapter 579: Equipment Spoken About In Legends

Chapter 579: Equipment Spoken About In Legends
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Lu Li stepped onto the Altar as per Krug’s request.

The air above the altar felt a lot thicker. Some of it was drifting away, but Lu Li knew that it was energy condensing around him.

Compared to the Twilight Altar and the Altar of Tides that he had used to upgrade the ring previously, this altar was of a much higher quality. The guardians of the altar were also much stronger – five Scythe Claw Druids.

Krug may not have been as powerful as Remulos, but he had been involved in the battle against the Burning Legion. His four subordinates must have also defeated thousands of Undead to have survived.

To still be alive was clear proof of their strength.

The ring became hot and Lu Li seemed to see countless magical elves singing softly around him. No matter what the result was on this altar, Lu Li had to admit that what he could receive as a Thief would never be as much as if he was a Mage.

If he was a Mage or Warlock, such an altar blessing could permanently improve his magical power.

System: Obtained the blessing of Bloodfang Worgen. An EXP and Glory reward has been acquired. Resistance to magic increased by 1%. Resistance to natural magic increased by 5% permanently.

If a Thief could only increase their magic resistance, then surely a magic profession could directly increase their magic damage.

The 1% resistance increase didn’t seem like much now, but when his base resistances got higher, its true effect would be revealed. This was a long-term investment that was actually very powerful.

The 5% resistance to natural magic was targeted against Druids and Shamans. Most skills from these two professions involved natural magic.

This altar had been repaired by the Scythe Claw Druids, so naturally, their attributes would be a big part of it.

However, that wasn’t all – he also received an EXP increase. Lu Li had stood on the altar for 5 minutes and his EXP had gone from level 38 at 7% to 87%. He had received exactly 80% EXP.

To gain 80% EXP while at level 38 probably required five days of farming. Even with the guild’s Mages, it would take at least three days.

In a short five minutes, he had saved himself 5 days of hard work.

Lu Li finally understood why Keeper of the Grove Remulos didn’t take the ring from him.

Without the ring, how could he possibly have received these blessings?

Lu Li only needed two more days of casual farming before he could reach level 39. While others were rushing to get to level 35, he was already considering reaching level 40.

Of course, that was just a minor matter. He was more concerned about other things.

Supreme Four Ring (Epic): Agility +50, Strength +30, Constitution +30, Critical Hit +30%, Vampirism +30%.

Special Effect 1: King of the Jungle’s Protection, Instant Cast. Summon a natural Shield that absorbs all damage in one attack for the caster. 6 hour cooldown.

Special Effect 2: King of the Jungle’s Blessing. Stealth +30%.

Special Effect 3: King of the Jungle Cenarius has granted you a special ability. You are able to learn three Druid Transformation skills and four skills within those transformations.

Equipment Requirement: None

Durability: None

When he saw that the name of the item had become purple, Lu Li’s breathing became a little faster.

After experiencing countless hardships to collect all the rare materials, he had finally seen the pay-off.

He was satisfied!

Lu Li was extremely happy with the current attributes of the Supreme Ring.

The original three attributes had all been increased by 20. Strength and Constitution both reached 30 while the Agility soared to 50. The increase of these three attributes alone would have significantly increased Lu Li’s strength.

There was also 30% Critical Hit and 30% Vampirism!

He really couldn’t be happier. His critical hits were basically capped out now – when he attacked an ordinary monster, every one in three hits would be a critical hit.

The Supreme Ring had a Vampirism attribute at one point, but it was lost at the Altar of Tides when he upgraded it.

However, with these five powerful Scythe Claw Druids, he didn’t lose a single attribute while also regaining the Vampirism attribute.

If he was fighting a monster that was at the same level as him, Lu Li could farm it without taking any consumables, as long as it didn’t have particularly high attack.

In fact, when most players were farming, a considerable part of their time was spent eating bread, fruit and other supplies to regenerate themselves.

Even most tycoons couldn’t afford to pay to take potions while farming.

For example, the Intermediate Health Potion could be used in battle, but it was still ridiculously expensive. Ordinary players were only willing to drink two bottles when fighting a Boss or in a life-saving situation.

Lu Li was most satisfied with the new effect, which was a legendary invincibility effect.

King of the Jungle’s Protection, Instant Cast. Summon a natural Shield that absorbs all damage in one attack for the caster. 6 hour cooldown.

Although it was only one attack, there was no upper limit to what it could absorb. Lu Li could even face an attack from Malfurion or Medivh and be guaranteed not to die.

After all, the game had to pay crucial attention to game balance.

From the moment of his rebirth, Lu Li had benefited from this ring. It was inseparable from Lu Li’s efforts and achievements. He had achieved countless First Clears, built a large guild and found many rare materials.

"Oh, I see you are satisfied." Krug was happy to see that Lu Li was happy.

The originally energy-filled altar was now dim. It seemed like it needed new materials, even only after a short period of use.

"I will remember my promise to complete the quest as soon as possible," Lu Li said.

"Thank you, young man. We’ve been here for endless years, so we don’t expect too much. However, if you receive a punishment for failing the quest, we will try our best to compensate you," Krug kindly said.

The Worgen’s Curse quest would decrease his levels by 3 if he failed. It was the most punishing quest he had ever received in his life.

Lu Li felt like he was indebted towards this Bloodfang Worgen, but Krug felt a similar sheepishness towards Lu Li. He felt like Lu Li didn’t have the strength to complete this quest, so he would destined lose his levels. That was why he allowed Lu Li to stand on the altar, and even volunteered to put more energy into the upgrade.