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Chapter 580: The Boss’ HP

Chapter 580: The Boss’ HP
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If you couldn’t come up with the real materials, it seemed that the Chief Lord wouldn’t believe in you.

Lu Li hadn’t found the materials in an hour and a half, nor did he have the Alchemy level required to make this Moonlight Grass Potion.

Yes, the Moonlight Grass Potion would fix the Worgen’s problems.

After giving them a Moonlight Grass Potion, these crazed Worgens could overcome their inner evil and transform themselves once again into humans, while still retaining the strength of the Worgen Transformation.

They would be free to use that ability with the wisdom that came with being a human.

In fact, this was the start of the Worgen race quest which could be completed by a player of any race, as long as they were from the Alliance. Once they fully completed this quest line, they could transform into a Worgen.

The strength increase wasn’t that great, as balance still needed to be maintained, but many players fancied the idea of such a transformation.

In a year’s time, this quest could easily be acquired and completed. It had the same name as what Lu Li’s had right now – the Worgen’s Curse – but it didn’t have the three-level-drop punishment and its rewards were not nearly as lucrative.

In a year’s time, this quest wouldn’t be as good anymore.

At least for now, no one’s Alchemy level was high enough. Lu Li estimated that Sesame Rice Ball was probably one of the leading Alchemists, but it would be a long time before he could make the Moonlight Grass Potion.

Moreover, this assumed that he would somehow be able to get his hands on a formula.

He needed the material, the formula and appropriate Alchemy level.

Of course, the three month deadline was a joke. How could someone that had experienced rebirth take so long? Lu Li felt like he could do it in two weeks at the very most. He was going to give Sesame Rice Ball some gold coins from the guild so that he could increase his Alchemy level.

During this time, he would organize some players to find this formula. That would make this extremely punishing quest much easier.

With the support of a large guild, many things became a lot simpler.

The penalty for failing this quest was losing three levels, so the reward wouldn’t be too bad. Dawn’s reward system wasn’t too unfair, so hopefully, the reward would be something like a three-level increase.

Lu Li had never heard of anyone completing this quest in his previous life. Azure Sea Breeze was the previous owner of the Supreme Ring, but he didn’t make any contact with Remulos and didn’t come into contact with Worgens either.

After bidding farewell to the Bloodfang Worgen, Keeper of the Grove Remulos sent Lu Li back to the Moonlight Forest.

"You really need to thank Krug for saving you this time with the ring upgrade. He’s actually a very stingy person," Remulos joked.

"He really is a very generous elder," said Lu Li, who didn’t think that the Bloodfang Worgen was stingy at all.

It was likely that Krug had done many stingy things because of a lack of resources. Perhaps he was meaner to old friends like Remulos, but he definitely hadn’t been stingy when dealing with Lu Li.

Lu Li knew what he had received.

"If you really think this way, he would be very pleased," Remulos nodded before seriously saying ,"I remember telling you this before, but this is a killing ring. You need to take the blood of 40 Bosses before this ring can be upgraded again."

"Yes, I remember."

Lu Li was a little anxious. He did have 40 Boss kills, but they just weren’t strong enough. There weren’t any Burning Legion Bosses on his record.

"If it weren’t for Krug’s generosity, and using a regular sacrificial altar to upgrade the ring," Remulos remarked as he looked over at Lu Li, "You might even be regretting getting the upgrade right now."

"I understand." Lu Li knew that everyone upgrade opportunity was invaluable.

However, he was a pragmatic man who didn’t pin his hopes on something unachievable. A single bird in the hand was better than a thousand birds in the forest. Of course, it would have been best to have collected the blood of Sargeras, Kil’jaeden and Archimonde, but this was unrealistic.

"I’m glad that you know. It’s bad when young people get impatient," Remulos warned.

As a Keeper, the best part about Remulos was that he was a good teacher. When the Moonlight Forest became the Druid holy land, many Druid NPCs and players would come and listen to his teachings.

"So, what should I do next?’ Lu Li asked cautiously.

Rising to the Supreme Four Ring meant that there was a great mountain before him if he wanted to upgrade it to the Supreme Five Ring. What grade was after Epic?


Normally, there was a grade before Epic called Half-Epic. If it weren’t for Krug, Lu Li’s Supreme Four Ring could have just been a Half-Epic.

Legendary was the most advanced grade of equipment. Among them were mythical names such as Frostmourne, Warglaive of Azzinoth, Zhar’doom – Greatstaff of the Devourer, Gorehowl, Ashkandi – Greatsword of the Brotherhood…

Each of these weapons had an extraordinary history which resulted in a heroic legend.

As for Demi-Divine and Divine, these items would not necessarily be stronger than Legendary equipment. However, most of them had come from the hands of demigods or ancient gods that had invested countless time and energy into them.

Lu Li’s Supreme Ring came from Cenarius, one of the most powerful demigods in Dawn’s history, and the Druid responsible for establishing the Druid doctrine.

As such, the Supreme Ring had a good chance of at least becoming Demi-Divine.

As for Divine items, they generally didn’t belong to players. At the very least, Lu Li thought that it was impossible for a player to acquire Divine equipment.

Regardless, thinking about those things right now was pointless as they were too far away. The key was just to continue upgrading the Supreme Ring. Lu Li didn’t want everyone to already have Epic gear before he could make the upgrade.

"To upgrade the ring…" the Keeper of the Grove Remulos thought for a moment before saying, "You might want to go and find Malfurion."

"Didn’t he go into the Emerald Dream?" Lu Li’s heart sank.

"He’ll come back soon enough," Remulos said as he squinted his eyes.

"I’m not a Druid," Lu Li said helplessly.

Although this ring granted him some of the conveniences that came with being a Druid, he ultimately didn’t have a real connection with Druids.

"As long as you keep killing Burning Legion Bosses and taking their blood, the ring will slowly become stronger, even without a proper ceremony. I’ve written down how to fuse the Boss’ blood with the ring; make sure you kill lots of Burning Legion Bosses from now on," Remulos instructed as he scribbled some words on a leaf.

Lu Li always felt like this guy was trying to make him kill Burning Legion units.

However, his deep understanding of history allowed him to appreciate the hatred of these Azeroth Tribes towards the Burning Legion.

He didn’t doubt that the blood of a Burning Legion Boss could increase the power of his ring. In fact, most upgradeable equipment required upgrade experience which, in general, came from killing monsters.

It was just that the target Remulos had set him was a little high. He needed the blood of a Boss, and a Burning Legion Boss at that.