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Chapter 582: The Goblin’s Quest

Chapter 582: The Goblin’s Quest
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Drizzle Court, who had been quiet for a while, finally began to make their move. With Water Fairy personally leading them, the most elite players were chosen before they entered the Instance Dungeon, not long after Ruling Sword.

"Will Lu Li and the others be able to do it? The other guilds have been going at it for a few days now," Star Baby remarked in worry while she continued her healing.

"I hear that Glory Capital and Peerless City are about to defeat the second Boss." Deadly Green Orange didn’t want to spread information about other players, but there were some things worth doing a reality check on. She had always been optimistic about Ruling Sword.

Why didn’t she contact Peerless City? Their progress was going quite well and they were also an ally.

"Did I allow the two of you to talk?" Water Fairy’s cold glare successfully shut down the conversation between the two star players.

Water Fairy’s Goddess status was something that players would kill for at any time.

No matter what the guilds tried to do, it didn’t matter. Ruling Sword’s Instance Dungeon run could be difficult, or it could be smooth sailing.

The Public Instance Dungeons were independent spaces that couldn’t be interrupted.

Instead, some players unusually started killing Ruling Sword members. Square Root 3 soon determined their purpose – it was the make sure that Lu Li couldn’t complete the Instance Dungeon wholeheartedly.

This was simply an unreasonable situation.

Although he didn’t know which guild organized this, Square Root 3 quickly put together a taskforce to retaliate.

Even if the best of their guild had been sent away, a player’s mere level could provide some strength. Everyone wanted to be the protagonist of the story, so they were willing to sacrifice themselves.

Moreover, Ruling Sword was not some average guild that could be provoked without consequence.

Lu Li had acquired several First Clears, but what the players of the guild enjoyed more was PVP. They were the Shadow Cup champions and the Magic Cup runners up. Many players who hoped to develop their PVP skills joined Ruling Sword.

The fact that there was a big group of PVP players in Ruling Sword causing trouble all day was a headache for Square Root 3.

However, when these players were provoked, they were relentless.

As such, the game of hunting and being hunted began in full swing. Both sides were just relentlessly killing each other.

Square Root 3 quickly narrowed down the suspects to the Gangnam Royals, given their connections and capabilities. Moreover, their president, Heart of War, had already targeted Ruling Sword twice before.

He didn’t have direct evidence, but the PVP madmen found themselves unintentionally, or perhaps intentionally, mostly targeting Gangnam Royals players.

As for the actual elite players that needed to level, they were not affected, as there was the concept of a private land. In his previous life, Lu Li thought that this was abhorrent, but now that he was a guild leader, he had naturally included it as part of the conventional way of doing things.

Whoever had organized this whole thing was an idiot! All of them!

When they entered the Instance Dungeon, they came face-to-face with an NPC.

"Heroes, please help me, a poor little helpless goblin," the small goblin pleaded, trying to gain their sympathy. Unfortunately, he was a male goblin, so most players just didn’t care.

"Let go of me, or I’ll beat you to death." Azure Sea Breeze, who was walking in the front, was trying to shake off the goblin from his leg.

"Hero…" the goblin continued.

"Dammit, if you have something to say, then say it. Otherwise, I’ll actually kill you." Azure Sea Breeze couldn’t stand this NPC’s cooing; it was so ugly.

Gnomes had smaller heads than goblins, but their big eyes made them look cute. They often looked like small, old men.

"Alright," the goblin shrugged helplessly and began speaking, "One of my good brothers, Weegli, went with Sergeant Bly and his men to attack Zul’Farrak. They wanted to get the legendary Susaus. It was going well until they underestimated Sandfury Trolls. Now, they have been captured, and are awaiting execution!

"If you save them, they could help you blow a road leading into the Ukorz’s private Hall, where the last part of the treasured sword is kept. The ones who caught them were Nekrum Gutchewer and Shadowpriest Sezz’ziz. Kill them and clear their disgrace… then I will pay you your reward."

After giving his big speech, the Goblin NPC asked, "Heroes, are you willing to help me out with this small task?"

"Please, how can you possibly call this a small task? It sounds very dangerous." Azure Sea Breeze wasn’t so easily tricked; he was actually quite good at driving a bargain.

"Seventy silver coins. I can’t give you more," the goblin said, sounding extremely grieved.

"Old man, I make a few dozen gold coins every few minutes. What use do I have for 70 silver coins?" Azure Sea Breeze wanted to spit on the goblin’s face before saying to the others, "Let’s get out of here."

"Oh, my gold," Goblin Sariko clutched his chest before saying, "I’ll give you two explosive packages, no more. Otherwise, I’ll just find someone else."

"Alright." Lu Li had been standing there quietly, this was the first time he spoke.

This item was connected to the Instance Dungeon. Without Sariko’s explosive packages, the road to Ukorz’s private hall couldn’t be opened, which meant that they would have no way to fight Boss Ukorz. They would also lose the Treasure Chest that was inside Ukorz’s hall.

"In that case, I have a small request," Sariko said as he looked at Lu Li greedily.

He knew that this was the true master of the group.

"I can help, but it depends on your price," Lu Li nodded.

In fact, he didn’t really like quests that were given by goblins. They were naturally calculative and didn’t know what it meant to be generous.

"I hear that there is a Troll, by the name of Hydromancer Velratha, who owned a rare and beautiful jewel called the Abyss Crown. She used it to control the mighty Gahz’rilla. Yes, and Gahz’rilla’s scales are said to be full of energy. Do you know what I mean, friend?"

"I need it! Kill Velratha and take the Abyss Crown. Kill Gahz’rilla as well and bring some of the scales. If you bring these things back to me quickly, I will reward you."

Sariko waved his arms and his eyes were full of longing for wealth.

"I need to know you are sincere, my friend," Lu Li said, remaining unmoved.

Many of the quests could be bargained for in Dawn, especially on Nightmare Difficulty. As long as you had the ability to do so, you could even convince the NPC to help you fight.

"I have four pieces of equipment here. You can pick out one of them." Sariko’s heart was conflicted, but he knew the principle of an Emperor not starving his own soldiers. He had had no choice but to reveal the possessions he had.