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Chapter 583: Scarabs

Chapter 583: Scarabs
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"That’s no good. You have to give all four of them to us," Lu Li said with bright eyes.

The four items included were Leather armors which were suitable for different professions. They were all Gold-grade equips, and even Lu Li didn’t dare to look down on them.

"That is impossible!" Sariko gasped and shrieked, "Greedy, stupid, arrogant…"

"Well, when I get the Abyss Crown, I’ll go to your goblin friends who are more generous. I think they will understand its worth," Lu Li said calmly.

His words dumbfounded the poor little goblin.

"You can’t do that – you would be betraying your friend." Sariko was angry just a moment ago, but now he was worried.

No one in Gadgetzan knew about the secret of the Abyss Crown right now, but once news of it spread, it would be too late.

"I don’t want to do that either, but Mr Sariko, you of all people should know about this quest," Lu Li said as he smiled mischievously. "Or do I need to remind you about your friends who had been captured by the Sandfury Trolls? Were they not encouraged by you to come in here?"

"No, no… you, you’re simply a demon!" Although Sariko denied him, his expression betrayed him.

"You need to promise me. None of us are good people; we can betray out friends if we have to. Not to mention, we aren’t even proper friends," Lu Li said as he bent down and patted him on the shoulder. "I remember that friends and transactions are the same for goblins, isn’t that right?"

"Woo…" Sariko started crying sadly.

"That’s a deal then. Quickly release the quest." Lu Li was quite satisfied that he had made this goblin cry. "When you get the Abyss Crown, you might be rich. It’s just four Gold Items. O, great Sariko, what would you like to buy from the gold that comes in the treasure…" Lu Li comforted.

"Treasure." This was the last straw the crushed the camel; Sariko signed the contract under Lu Li’s persuasion.

Lu Li and the others had now received the quest. They were to give Sariko the Abyss Crown and Gahz’rilla’s charged scales. They would then receive four pieces of Gold equipment as a reward, likely in addition to an appropriate amount of EXP and Prestige.

It wasn’t that Lu Li didn’t want this treasure for himself, but that it was useless to him.

There was no information about the Abyss Crown for the players. It was merely a quest item dropped by Boss Veratha. Even if they got it, it had no value to them, but the fact that they were able to trade it for four Gold equips made Lu Li very satisfied.

Sarika dejectedly left as he needed to prepare the explosive packages.

"Well, let’s get started with the Instance Dungeon," Lu Li reminded his friends who had been completely dumbfounded.

"Lu Li… you didn’t say anything at first, and now this…"

Lu Li had forced the NPC to give up so much. Azure Sea Breeze had initially tried to do something like this, but had only forced out two explosive packages. However, when Lu Li tried, he managed to get four gold equips.

"That’s assuming we clear the Instance Dungeon," Lu Li reminded.

"Alright then, let’s start." Azure Sea Breeze was excited by the four pieces of gold equipment. He waved his shield around and welcomed the first wave of monsters.

There was a Sandfury Witch Doctor, a Sandfury Shadowmage and three Sandfury Bloodthirsters. These five elite monsters formed the first line of defence for Zul’Farrak. If you looked at their composition, it was about the same as the players’.

This city that was under the sun was home to the Sandfury Trolls. They had always been known for their ruthless and dark magic.

The Sandfury Trolls were a capable tribe. They had survived years of sandstorms and other things that covered the place in sand all year round.

These small teams of monsters couldn’t be underestimated. When Nightmare Difficulty was compared to Elite Difficulty, not only was the strength of the monsters increased, but also their numbers and their ability to work together.

The Witch would apply debuffs and heal while the Mage would use its skills. Additionally, the three Sandfury Bloodthirsters were very powerful warriors.

Lu Li choose to attack the Witch Doctor as it was the most ridiculous monster – it healed, gave special buffs, and could even drop totems which could heal. The players didn’t have a Witch Doctor profession, but it could be seen as a combination of Priest and Shaman.

The key to fighting the Witch Doctor was in its totem.

This healing totem was most troublesome when it was placed at the front. You could spend a lot of time and energy dropping the elite monster to half-HP, but when this totem was dropped, it would be healed back to full in a few seconds.

As such, the moment the totem appeared, Lu Li needed to immediately destroy it. This was his primary role.

This way, the others could peacefully fight the monsters. After all, no matter how strong they were, they ultimately couldn’t stand against such a strong team.

"The first Boss is pretty easy to fight. Most players probably already know about it," Lu Li explained as he fought the monsters.

"It’s the scarabs, right?" Azure Sea Breeze had studied the other guilds’ strategies.

Right now, even the ordinary players were trying to find out the strategies for this Instance Dungeon, but the oldest strategy was to kill the scarabs.

There were at least a few hundred scarabs and just one attack could draw the entire crowd. This tested a team’s area-of-effect attacks. If there was a Mage that could perform a large area-of-effect attack, it would make the situation a lot easier to handle.

However, as long as there were two or more Mages or Warlocks attacking, there wouldn’t be a problem.

If the scarabs weren’t killed first, the Boss would give them special buffs. Those scarabs that were easily killed at first would now become very strong.

After receiving the buffs, those scarabs would be comparable to those Sandfury Bloodthirsters. With hundreds of them rushing over, even the strongest players couldn’t deal with them.

There were lots of teams that had died to the scarabs at the start.

Fortunately, this problem wasn’t difficult to solve. Once they had dealt with the scarabs, the first Boss was also quickly dealt with.

However, Lu Li was doing this at Nightmare Difficulty, so the rules of the Instance Dungeon couldn’t be interpreted the same. Theka the Martyr wasn’t so easy to kill here, otherwise, everyone would be doing it on Nightmare Difficulty.

As for Theka, the description of Zul’Farrak gave him a brief introduction.

A long time ago, Theka the Martyr was unfortunate enough to die in the battle between the Trolls, but due to his heroic sacrifice, Zul’farrak still stands. Even after his death, he still vigilantly guarded his beloved city. It is said that the warriors who killed him were cursed to become brainless Scarabs, forever running around the martyr.

In other words, Seka was an Undead, and had died a long time ago.

This kind of Boss didn’t have high intelligence, so the key still remained in the scarabs.