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Chapter 586: Lily Necklace

Chapter 586: Lily Necklace
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The first item was a rare material – Shriveled Troll Heart.

This was a fairly common rare material from Zul’Farrk, so it wasn’t worth a lot of money.

The second item was a Fortified Stone. Lu Li already had around 60 of these stored in his bag, and planned to use them in the next few days for his equipment.

These Fortified Stones were distributed based on a roll. Unfortunately, Lu Li only rolled 32, which made him the second last.

The third was a Silver equipment with decent attributes. This was given to Wandering.

"Alright, let’s head to the second boss. If there are other scarabs behind, make sure to quickly kill them. We’ll distribute the quest items evenly," Lu Li said as he walked in front to lead the team.

There was a narrow walkway that was blocked by sand which led to the second Boss.

The first people who had completed the dungeon had spent quite some time to find the position of the second Boss. Lu Li didn’t have any issues with this – he had entered this dungeon multiple times in his previous life.

A giant monster emerged from a pile of sand.

Sul’lithuz Sandcrawler!

Was this a sign of luck? Lu Li was surprised to encounter this monster. By his own standards, Sul’lithuz Sandcrawlers were a ‘good’ monster.

Monsters could be split into good and bad?

Of course, those that dropped good items were good and the rest were all bad.

Although Sul’lithuz Sandcrawler was only an Elite monster, it had a certain chance to drop the exquisite necklace "Lily". This was a level 35 Silver necklace with a special effect called ‘Lily’, hence its name.

Lily: Create a Lily. After consuming the Lily, recover 13% health and mana. Can be casted on other players to restore 10% health and mana. If female players cast this on another female player, the effect is increased by another 10%.

The gaming company sometimes created strange items and this was one of them.

Lu Li’s Dark Gold necklace only restored 20%-30% health and mana, and was the reward from an extremely difficult chain quest. This necklace was a Silver grade equip dropped by an Elite monster in a dungeon. Sul’lithuz Sandcraweler was a good monster indeed.

Unfortunately, the monster never dropped the necklace, not even with Remnant Dream’s hands. s

Sul’lithuz Sandcrawlers didn’t refresh often and most of them were located around the mountainous areas of the dungeon. There was an invisible barrier that blocked the players from entering the mountains, so they had to wait for these big lizards to come down themselves.

Lu Li wasn’t going to waste his time and slow down their progress for this necklace.

They eventually arrived at the location of the second Boss — Antu’sul.

Antu’sul was actually a zookeeper; he kept a bunch of Sul’lithuz lizards.

Sul’lithuz Sandcrawler was the mature version of all his little pets. They weren’t strong on their own, but were deadly when they came in a pack.

Antu’sul hoped that his lizards would grow to be big and vicious, so he treated them like his own family. Anyone (even Trolls) that tried to harm his children would face his merciless rage.

Antu’sul never left his enemies in one piece; he allowed his lizards to eat up their corpses.

He lived in a cave, and it was possible to see his big pot from afar. The pot was boiling and the smell of fresh meat wafted in the air.

Before you knew what was boiling in the pot, you would think that this was a delicious smell.

Lu Li frowned and decided not to say anything about what was in the pot, or else it would make the dungeon too difficult. Perhaps he could take these players inside later to let them experience it.

"I smell living human. Your lunch is here, children, eat them!" By the time they had approached, Antu’sul had already noticed Lu Li and the others.

This was the Boss that had halted the progress of many major guilds. No one dared to underestimate it, including Lu Li.

He had attempted this dungeon with a team of random players in his previous life and it was a tough experience for them. At that time, their average level was 38, more than half of the team members were level 40, and there was plenty information on the forum about this Boss.

Azure Sea Breeze help up his big shield and remained on guard, staring at the entrance of the cave and waiting for the Boss to come out.

"Behind the mountain," Lu Li reminded. He was facing in the wrong direction.

"Oh." Azure Sea Breeze turned around as he was instructed and saw six Sul’lithuz babies rush down from the top of the mountain. They were lizards with crocodile genes, but at that moment, they looked like wild horses.

This was one of the traps set down by the second Boss. Most players thought that the monsters would rush out from the cave, since everyone heard the Boss inside it.

The changing of formation revealed the true standard of a team. When an unexpected situation emerged, a good team would move around their main tank. As soon as the main tank moved, everyone would adjust their positions accordingly.

Lu Li had already trained his team members in this aspect, so everyone moved according to Azure Sea Breeze’s movements.

Of the six monsters that appeared, four of them jumped on to him and the other two bumped into Lu Li and Sakura Memories. Lu Li lost half his health from this, while thing were even worse for Sakura Memories, who barely survived.

These lizards weren’t actually babies – they were all level 38 and had a skill called Charge. This Charge was an upgraded version of the Warrior’s Charge.

Targets who were charged by them would receive damage based on their level. The lower their level, the more damage they took. This was why Lu Li had asked that all players on the team be above level 35.

Sakura Memories loved leveling up and was also a professional competitor right now. She had guild resources to back her up and was currently level 37. If it weren’t for all of this, she would have died in an instant.

These lizards were actually the biggest reason why most teams wiped at the second Boss.

They would rush down from the mountains every now and then, leaving destruction in their wake. The Antu’sul Guardians were also an issue; they were the grownup children of the Sul’lithuz and their attacks were even stronger.

"Hand over the monsters to Wandering. Breeze, get prepared for the boss," Lu Li instructed.