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Chapter 587: Antu’sul

Chapter 587: Antu’sul
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Just after he spoke, Zul’Farrk’s second boss, Antu’sul, rushed out with a spoon in his hand and a spring onion in the other.

A giant spoon landed on top of Azure Sea Breeze’s head.

Poor Azure Sea Breeze was caught by surprise by Antu-sul’s choice of weapon; it was the first time he had seen anyone carry a spoon out to battle.

He couldn’t imagine what it was like for Boss to fight with a spring onion in their hands.

"I’m going to start assigning the order of skill interruption. Once I call, make sure you interrupt the skills accordingly." This Boss had many skills and even Lu Li himself could not guarantee when it was going to use them, so he was prepared to fight a long battle.

Interruption skills were very useful. A lot of Bosses were immune to stuns, but they weren’t immune to spell interruptions.

"More monsters are rushing down." As she healed, March Rain also paid attention to Lu Li’s instructions and looked at the hills on both sides. She warned everyone as soon as she saw more Sul’lithuz babies rush down.

"Eight monsters. Wandering, go to the left. Make sure you run into at least three of them, and don’t forget your damage reduction. Moonlight, you take one – number four on the right. Breeze, you’ll have to take two of them. I’ll take one along with Flower. Make sure to use your shield. Start moving." This was another urgent moment, and Lu Li assigned everyone’s tasks accordingly.

Eight monsters didn’t mean that they would increase by two each time. If that was the case, no one would be able to pass this dungeon.

How many monsters appeared depended entirely on luck. There was no way that only one or two monsters would run down, but lucky teams had a record low of four.

This made the dungeon very easy; it was as if the System was on their side.

Lu Li’s call was a little late. Everyone was about to move, but an Earthgrab Totem had already been placed in between them.

This totem was usually quite useless, but in this case, it had an incredible effect.

No one could move.

Lu Li quickly took out his bow and shot an arrow at the totem.

The totem only had ten points of health, so one arrow was enough to finish it.

Even so, Lu Li knew that this was the end. With the totem already in effect, everyone could only pray for luck.

This luck also heavily relied on everyone’s reaction time. Lu Li could switch weapons within a second to take out the totem and get away with Gale Steps, while also blocking one monster as he had instructed himself.

Unfortunately, not everyone was as fast as he was. The first one to die was Sesame Rice Ball. Azure Sea Breeze should have been in front of him to block the monster.

After Azure Sea Breeze had been snared, two of the lizards ran into Sesame Rice Ball, killing him instantly. They didn’t slow down at all after this and continued running around.

Remnant Dream died.

Lonesome Flower died.

Even Wandering died because he ran into an extra lizard.

At this point, six of their members had died, so Lu Li had to announce a reset. Everyone came from the graveyard to collect their bodies and they sat around to regenerate their health with bread.

"What a crafty boss – he snared us together so his minions could run into us." It wasn’t an honorable death, and everyone felt a little cheated by the System.

"My instructions came a bit too late and so did my attack. Next time, I won’t be blocking the monsters; I’ll just focus on the totems." Lu Li scanned across his team members and still wasn’t too sure about everyone.

Either the totem had to be taken down first, or everyone had to position themselves beforehand. If everyone was in good position, nobody would have to move and the totem wouldn’t be of any use.

Blocking the monsters wasn’t a big issue; anyone could block a single monster. In the very worst case, they could just use their damage reduction skills.

Now that everyone had recovered, they were ready again for a second attempt. This time, Azure Sea Breeze didn’t need anyone’s reminder to block the monsters that were rolling down the hill.

This time there were only four, so he easily dealt with them.

Lu Li studied their surrounding geography and noticed that no matter how the monsters rushed down, there were always one or two that passed a set position. He assigned a range class to be responsible for that position.

"Lonesome Flower, move a little to the left, around two yards. Yup, a little more forward. That’s right – stand there and don’t move. If you see a monster rushing towards you, just use your shield."

It wasn’t convenient for him to assign the melee classes to block the monsters.

"Alright, get ready. Everyone start moving. Wandering, move to the left a little. Breeze, step back one step and get ready for the monster coming on your left. Remnant Dream, make your pet stay there. Alright, everyone, get ready." As soon as a few black dots appeared at the top of the hill, Lu Li began to assign everyone to their positions.

This was very challenging – the monsters were far from them and the geography was complex. It was hard to tell where they were coming from.

As soon as the monsters charged, an Earthgrab Totem was immediately placed down. It tried to snare its targets so that these lizards could devour them.

This time, although things went much better, Lonesome Flower died. He hadn’t forgotten his shield – two monsters ran into him at the same time, while another ran past him and into Wandering.

"Don’t panic. Hachi Chan, resurrect up Lonesome Flower. We’ll keep going." Lu Li didn’t mention anything about resetting this time.

They only lost one team member and still had two more revives left. It was too early for them to surrender.

After Hachi Chan resurrected Lonesome Flower, everyone continued to deal damage. It didn’t take long for the Boss to drop to half-health.

Every now and then, monsters would run down. Most of the time, they came in groups six. There was one group of eight, but since everyone was prepared, no one died.

While the other teams were being tortured by this Boss, it was a miracle for Lu Li’s team to be able to achieve this.

As the commander, Lu Li was the key to their success.

"Sul’lithuz’s children will protect their master. You all have to die!" Antu’sul shouted as he casted a heal on himself.

The new wave of monsters that were about to die instantly recovered more than half of their health.

"Memories, why didn’t you interrupt?" Lu Li’s voice was a little strict.

"Sorry, it was too fast for me to react." Sakura Memories didn’t expect this healing skill to be so strong – not only was it a group heal, but the casting time was also in the bat of an eye.

"Be more careful next time. Keep going and increase your damage output." Lu Li was sometimes very strict, but he wasn’t the type of leader who would get angry over something minor for an entire day.