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Chapter 588: Don’t Underestimate Stupid Ideas

Chapter 588: Don’t Underestimate Stupid Ideas
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Fire Nova Totem, Healing Totem and Earthgrab Totem – these were the three totems that Antu’sul knew how to use.

The Earthgrab totem snared everyone, the Fire Nova Totem dealt a high amount of AoE damage, while the Healing totem, as its name suggested, healed the Boss and his minions.

The advantage of totems compared to regular skills was that they would remain in effect until they timed out. However, they barely had any health and could be easily taken out.

Besides dealing damage, Lu Li paid attention to the totems.

He could one-shot the Earthgrab Totem and the Healing Totem. The Fire Nova Totem was the only one that was a bit little troublesome – it had 300 points of health and decent armor. Lu Li needed two or three hits to destroy it.

It was easier for Hunters to do this job compared to Thieves, as they were the fastest with their arrows. Unfortunately, Remnant Dream’s game sense and reaction time didn’t qualify for this.

At around 30% health, Lu Li and his team ran into another wave of the lizards. This time, the wave was much larger, and they were wiped a second time.

"Nope, this tested our luck too much." Azure Sea Breeze was depressed.

This was the first Boss they had fought that required luck to defeat.

Other major guilds were stuck at the same spot.

Lu Li soon received a message from Water Fairy; she was also enquiring about how to deal with these lizards.

How would Lu Li know the solution to these monsters? He had entered the game after about a year of its release. At that point in time, Silver grade items had already depreciated by a lot in price. Although they didn’t have any Dark Gold or Gold equips, the teams were much stronger than they currently were.

Any team member would be able to tank the damage of two monsters without using their damage reduction.

Before he had entered this dungeon, he had already read some guides, but he still felt like he had underestimated these monsters.

The third wipe came even quicker and it was still the same issue.

At the same time, countless teams were struggling at the second boss. Lu Li and his team had wiped three times and they all felt quite down. However, no one would claim that they were exploring a new dungeon without dying three to fifty times.


This was a term that appeared more and more often into the lives of players. When people hired others in the world channel, they had to first announce their dungeon exploration system. A guild that didn’t explore a dungeon had no hope at all.

However, only those who had actually explored a dungeon would understand how hard the task was.

The amount of time that people could focus was limited, especially after repeated failures. Their rate of exploration would gradually become worse and worse.

"Everyone, take a break. I"ll have a think about what to do with these monsters."

Lu Li had thought about dragging the boss into the cave, but the space was too small to fit all of them.

Or perhaps, he could drag the Boss somewhere else, but it wasn’t as though no one had tried this. If he was dragged too far away from the cave, Antu’sul would take his spoon back to the pot to stir his human flesh soup.

At last, Lu Li thought up a very stupid idea. He decided to let the healers and the players who couldn’t tank the monsters hide in the cave.

March Rain, Remnant Dream, Hachi Chan and Sesame Rice Ball – these four stood at the entrance of the cave, while the others stood outside. In order to prevent themselves from being rushed by multiple lizards, Lu Li asked everyone to position themselves apart from each other.

"Don’t worry about it when you’re hitting the monsters. As soon as the monsters appear, make sure to stand at the position that you were assigned to. This time, Flower…never mind. Moonlight, you’re in charge of observing the movement of the monsters." In a situation like this where a strong game sense and reaction was required, Lu Li trusted Moonlight more since he was a professional competitor.

Moonlight had to deal damage while paying attention to the monsters that could appear on top of the hill at any given moment. Lu Li had to deal damage while ensuring that he took out the totem as quickly as possible. Two strong damage dealers lost half of their damage output because of this.

March Rain was stuck at the entrance of the cave. Her vision was affected and it wasn’t as convenient for her to heal.

This was a virtual reality game, after all. It wasn’t possible for a player to have their back facing another while healing them. The direction, hand movement and vision were all important.

This kind of positioning seemed like a failure right from the start, but the lizards had already been aggravated and they could only fight, regardless of the outcome.

"Monsters!" Moonlight wasn’t the type to talk much, and it was the same when he was making calls.

Six lizards kicked up a cloud of dust as they charged down the mountain.

With this formation, they didn’t need instructions from Lu Li. Everyone paid attention to the number of monsters that ran into them.

Although there was a wide gap between each player’s position, there was no way that the lizards would miss them completely. They changed their direction depending on the positioning of the players, so there would always be someone who would be caught.

Someone tried to dodge at the very last moment.

The results weren’t great – the lizard changed directions slightly and ran into the Boss, instantly dying while the Boss recovered a large amount of health. A monster that didn’t run into a player was like a big, moving healing potion for Antu’sul.

"Flower, shield and damage reduction," Lu Li reminded after estimating that two or three lizards were coming in Lonesome Flower’s way.

Lonesome Flower used his shield and damage reduction skills as he was asked. He was a proud man, but he wasn’t someone who would turn down the suggestion of a professional player. If Lu Li asked him to use his damage reduction, then he would use it. He could even save energy since he didn’t have to think about it.

This time, six monsters charged down from the mountain. Two of them ran onto Lonesome Flower. Wandering caught one, Lu Li caught one, and Azure Sea Breeze caught two. Sakura Memories and Moonlight were lucky – they didn’t run into any.

"Seems alright so far. We’ll slightly adjust our positions so that it’s easier for March Rain to heal and wait for the next wave of monsters." This stupid idea had its benefits – it was much more reliable than depending on luck.

As long as eight monsters didn’t rush out at the same time, they would have a chance to take out Antu’sul.

Lu Li never relied on luck.

There was no guarantee for the number of monsters in each wave. Sometimes it would be four, sometimes six, and the maximum was eight. In Zul’Farrk, eight was the number of death. Even Lu Li and his team wiped when eight monsters came out. Unless your team consisted entirely of main tanks, it was a guaranteed wipe.

Eight monsters finally appeared after the boss reached half-health. There were four on each side as they ferociously charged down.