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Chapter 589: Stay Dead If Your Bloodlust Is On Cooldown

Chapter 589: Stay Dead If Your Bloodlust Is On Cooldown
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Lu Li looked past the dark brown rocks and saw a few mobs hidden by the smoke and dust.

If they continued to stampede in the same direction they might…

Lu Li’s felt a shiver run along the back of his spine. He appeared to have become the target of these monsters. He counted three… no, four monsters that were charging towards him.

Two monsters were already hard enough for him to handle; having to deal with three meant certain death, even with all his defenses.

Four monsters… God, have you no mercy?

These monsters were charging towards Lu Li at an incredible speed, almost as if they were rolling down the mountain rather than running towards him. Lu Li wouldn’t have enough time to call for backup.

He took in a deep breath and used his past experience to estimate the time it would take for these monsters to reach him. He knew that the monsters would reach him at slightly different times due to their distance and positioning.

However, although the difference in timing was minimal, it was a crucial factor in determining his chances of survival.

The first one collided with him and immediately took away 60% of his HP, even with his defenses activated. Lu Li immediately used Pamella’s Gift and restored 20% of his HP. The second monster made contact, leaving with a sliver of health.

If there were more monsters on Lu Li’s side, his teammates would have it easier.

As the third monster approached, he activated Gale Steps!

The invincibility effect prevented Lu Li from taking damage and the monster was stunned due to the effects of the collision.

If Lu Li remained in Stealth mode, he would have an additional two seconds of invincibility.

However, he had to stop the monster in order to prevent it from healing the Boss.

As such, he reappeared from Stealth and allowed the last monster to collide into him.

Hachi Chan was prepared to resurrect Lu Li and continue with the Boss fight, but to everyone’s surprise, Lu Li managed to stay alive without taking any damage.

"You survived?" Wandering asked incredulously as he pulled the aggro of the monsters that had almost taken the life of Lu Li.

"I’m obviously still alive; what are you waiting for? Heal me back to full HP!" Lu Li yelled because he was on a sliver of HP and could be killed by gentle breeze. "Take this opportunity to finish off the Boss; I don’t want to deal with those monsters again."

Lu Li managed to survive four of the charging monsters, a feat that even Azure Sea Breeze cannot achieve!

The timing between each impact was too short for the healers to heal him, especially because each hit took away 60% of his HP.

Fortunately, Lu Li had many tricks up his sleeve.

Activating Gale Steps at the exact timing prevented him from taking any damage due to the invincibility. His legendary ring also allowed him to avoid taking damage once every 6 hours.

Additionally, Pamella’s gift provided him with an additional 20% HP to tank another hit.

He had almost died!

Lu Li may have appeared calm, as if he knew what he was doing, but in reality, he had no idea whether he could survive the second hit or not.

Having survived this stage without any members dying, the Xin Xin Mercenary still had two resurrect skills that they were able to use for the Boss fight. This brought hope and motivation for the members as they became determined the finish off the Boss.

The most important factor in a successful First Clear was not the difficulty of the dungeon, but the morale of the team members.

"The next totem is probably a fire nova totem. Moonlight I need you to kill that for me." Lu Li’s was very concentrated. Not only did he have to look out for what totem Antu’sul summoned, but he also had to interrupt his healing skill, as well as shout out commands to lead the team.

Multitasking was a skill that was required of a player in Dawn. Additionally, Lu Li was still topping the DPS chart, which made Lonesome Flower quite frustrated.

Lonesome Flower was a prideful person and had been a genius since he was little. He’d always been the idol that his little sister looked up to. Although he had a rough start to the game, he was still able to become one of the top Mages with his hard work and determination.

Despite not participating in PVP, Lu Li was sure that he would make an impact.

With the protection from his teammates, Lonesome Flower was like a human cannon. He was able to dish out crazy amounts of damage that no player could survive.

However, even though his specialty was dealing damage, he still remained below Lu Li on the DPS charts. Not only was Lu Li dealing the most damage, but he was also contributing in other areas of the Boss fight which made a huge impact on their overall success.

His bitterness made him distracted, causing him to forget to turn on his defensive skills when the monsters rolled down from the hills for the second time.

Lonesome Flower was killed!

Antu’sul was still on 41% HP, which was a very awkward number.

"Hachi Chan, revive him." Lu Li did not scold him at all but was calm and collected. Lonesome Flower was ashamed and decided to rid himself of all the distracting thoughts in his head.

Lu Li knew not to scold the older brother in front of his younger sister.

When Antu’sul dropped to 28%, he began using Earth Shock, which caused all players in a 40 yard radius to be silenced.

This silence only applied to Mage classes because the other classes could still DPS without their skills.

At this very moment, Moonlight reminded everyone that the monsters on the hill had respawned. Lu Li felt extremely frustrated and cursed at the boss.

It was no wonder why so many guilds were stuck on this boss.

In his past life, this boss was a piece of cake, as long as all of the players piled on their DPS. Antu’sul’s skills were relatively easy to deal with and he would usually be killed before he could summon the monsters that would charge at the players.

The most annoying skill was probably Earth Shock.

"Everybody stay calm – there's only six monsters this time. Azure Sea Breeze can tank the majority of them. Prepare to activate your defenses!" Lu Li had no time to coordinate their positioning and could only command them to use their damage reduction skills.

This time, they suffered more casualties. Sakura Memories was hit by two monsters, while Moonlight was hit by three. Both died instantly. Azure Sea Breeze was low on HP after tanking the last monster, and the Boss was still aggroed onto him. However, as the Main Tank, he was able to survive through all of this.

The two second silence from Earth Shock had passed and March Rain could finally heal.

"Sakura, what’s the cooldown on your Bloodlust?" Lu Li asked.

"Seven more minutes," Sakura Memories replied.

"Ok, sorry, but you’ll have to stay dead for now." Lu Li shapeshifted into Cat Form and battle-resurrected Moonlight.

"Why do you have to be so straightforward and abandon me like this!" Sakura Memories cried.

"Hehe." Lu Li rolled his eyes and continued to damage the boss along with others. As the Boss’ HP continued to drop, they could almost taste the sweet, sweet victory.