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Chapter 591: Falling In Shame

Chapter 591: Falling In Shame
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After many hours and being wiped many times, they finally managed to defeat the Boss.

They were physically tired and mentally exhausted. Everyone disregarded the dirty floor and sat down, taking some time to rest.

It was a common thing for players to just sit down in video games; some players even opted to lie down.

Azure Sea Breeze threw down his bloodstained shield and laid down on top of it.

There was only one girl who hadn’t cried out or made any sound. She was looking intently at Lu Li.

Lu Li nodded at her before she ran over to the Boss.

Being young was probably really nice.

He wasn’t that old, but Lu Li had experienced so much. Even getting to level 39 wasn’t that exciting for him.

He had once again created a two-level lead – Lu Li was the only player who was level 39. There were a dozen players who were level 37 and hundreds of level 36 players, but they were all far behind him.

Of course, the introduction of the scarab shells would soon change the rankings, but it would take more than money to surpass Lu Li’s position.

In addition to the EXP, there were two lucky players who received Skill Points. One of them was March Rain and the other was Sesame Rice Ball. This shy guy had been a part of the Xin Xin Mercenary Group for quite some time now and had steadily grown stronger. His performance in PVE was striking.

When he was thinking about Sesame Rice Ball, Lu Li suddenly remembered something that he had forgotten to mention.

"Rice Ball, I need your help for something."

"Me?" Sesame Rice Ball asked without confidence. He never felt like he was able to help Lu Li anything. To him, Lu Li was almost omnipotent.

"Yes, how close are you from getting your Alchemist Skill to Advanced?" Lu Li asked.

"Still quite a way. The recipes that I have now aren’t that easy and the materials required are expensive." Sesame Rice Ball was a bit ashamed when he was asked about his Alchemy Skills.

In fact, his Alchemy Skill wasn’t actually that low; it was higher than most professional Trade Skill players.

However, while Seventh Heaven had countless materials for him to splurge on, Ruling Sword limited him to only making useful things like the Intermediate Underwater Breathing Potion, the Advance Antidote and so on.

This was the big difference between a major guild and an emerging guild.

Seventh Heaven had its own Gold Collection Unit which farmed gold and cooperated with merchants to purchase items from the market at low prices. They even occasionally played around with the market prices.

Ruling Sword’s guild warehouse was often just a shabby pile of materials that were immediately redeemed with guild points.

Sesame Rice Ball was one of the top players of the guild, but he did not receive any preferential treatment.

His current level was somewhere before Advanced, which was partially the reason why it was difficult for him to increase it. However, he had to admit that Ruling Sword’s lack of resources was also limiting him.

"When we’re done, find Brother Three and ask him for materials. Don’t be afraid of wasting the materials; just get to Advanced as quickly as you can. I need you to help me with a quest."

Lu Li didn’t know the consequences of his actions, but when the new Worgen race came out three months later, Sesame Rice Ball would be the first player to successfully become a Worgen Warlock.

From then one, the Alliance would have a new race. With the exception of Shamans and Paladins, players could become part of the Worgen race by completing a quest.

Sesame Rice Ball didn’t know that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, but the phrase ‘first’ always came with opportunity and great rewards. He promised without hesitation, "Rest assured Boss, as long as there are sufficient materials, I can get to Advanced level in three days."

"I believe you. If you need anything, just ask Brother Three," Lu Li encouraged him as he patted him on the shoulder.

Remnant Dream had already returned from looting the body.

"What did it drop?" Her good sister Hachi Chan asked as she gave her a look.

"A sword, a book…" Remnant Dream only had two things in her hand. She looked confused – the Boss shouldn’t have only dropped two items.

"Is it a Skill Book? What profession is it for?" Hachi Chan wasn’t interested in the sword.

"It’s not a Skill Book," Remnant Dream looked at her friend before licking her lips and smiling, "It’s a ‘Human Cookbook’."

She then showed everyone this weird recipe book.

Human Cookbook:

1. Find one or eight people

2. Attack the people

3. Continue attacking the people

4. Throw the people into a fire

5. Eat the people

This terrified Hachi Chan. She decided that she would sleep alone for the rest of her life, even when it was cold.

"Okay, that’s a good item too. Players who have the Cooking Trade Skill can take this to an Ogre NPC to receive a quest that rewards them with Silver Grade Kitchenware. They have pretty good properties." Lu Li was quite well informed and immediately knew what this item was.

The game could perfectly simulate the human senses, so those who knew how to cook would top that Trade Skill.

But what was the point of this? Players didn’t even feel full after eating.

The ingredients available in the game were so comprehensive that real life couldn’t even compare.

"Who wants this book?" Lu Li asked.

Everyone looked at each other, disgusted by its name and its weirdness. In the end, Lu Li took the item. He couldn’t help himself if no one else wanted it.

"A sword, Gold Grade," Remnant Dream announced as she waved it around in her hand. She was a Hunter, so she could equip a single-handed weapon.

"Let me have a look."

Lu Li look it and was a little puzzled. Why did this Boss only drop two items? The other guilds shouldn’t have defeated this Boss yet, so it was a First Clear, and they had fought it on Nightmare Difficulty too.

There was also no way Remnant Dream would steal something, as that could easily be discovered. The System kept tabs on all of this.

Sang’Thraze the Deflector (Gold): Damage 32-48, Strength +20, Agility +12, Critical Chance +7%. Special Effect 1: Chance of a slash attack causing damage over time and reducing the target’s armor by 10%. Special Effect 2: Instant Cast, Movement speed increased by 20% for 10 seconds. First attack will deal 50% more. Equipment Requirement: level 35. Durability 46/46.

This was also a good item – the moment Lu Li read the description, he immediately wanted it.

Although the attributes and special effects weren’t that spectacular, all of them were useful to him. None of them would be wasted.

Even so, Lu Li wasn’t satisfied with this First Clear on Nightmare Difficulty. There should have been three to five items.

Where was the rare material, the skill book?

Something wasn’t right. Sang’Thraze the Deflector sounded a little familiar…

Sang’Thraze the Deflector!

Jang’Thraze the Protector!