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Chapter 592: Sul’Thraze Whiplash

Chapter 592: Sul’Thraze Whiplash
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Lu Li facepalmed himself.

He recalled the text engraved on the top of the stone Instance Dungeon door.

This city under the sun was home to the Sandfury Trolls, who had long been known for their ruthless dark magic.

In Troll Legend, there was a powerful weapon called the Sul’Thraze Whiplash. When even the weakest person wielded this weapon, they could defeat the strongest enemy.

Countless people had ruined their lives in pursuit of this weapon.

A long time ago, it was said to have split into two halves and lost in the boundless sands of Zul’Farrak.

It was likely because he was a Druid in his past life that he didn’t pay too much attention to these complementing weapon – Sang’Thraze the Deflector and Jang’Thraze the Protector. Together, they made the Sul’Thraze Whiplash.

The name of this weapon was derived from real life.

A long time ago, there was a soviet fighter jet, the MiG 27, that was nicknamed the Whiplash. Sul’Thraze was the name of a US underwater surveillance system.

However, this Sul’Thraze Whiplash couldn’t be compared to the Archeus.

There was no touching story behind it, nor could it be upgraded, but that didn’t reduce its popularity. Lu Li remembered in his previous life the countless shouts that echoed around when he set foot on the yellow sands of Tanaris.

"Missing one player for the Desert Instance Dungeon, looking for someone who doesn’t want the God Sword…"

After recruiting their healers and tanks, they would enter and fight. All the items found would be rolled for among the players, except for the God Sword…

Those who already had the Deflector would only request the Protector. They would then become friends with someone who already had the Protector and fight together every week until they both had what they needed.

Many friendships were born on this basis of this system.

The shouts in Lu Li’s memories portrayed Zul’Farrak as a lively place like a market. There were many players who were level 60 and above here; they would travel all the way to farm both parts of the God Sword.

The reason for this was because Sul’Thraze was just too cool.

It could easily transition between states and was a very aggressive weapon.

At level 40, the Sul’Thraze’s attributes were still quite decent. They were much better than the un-upgraded Archeus.

As such, Zul’Farrak would suddenly become a holy land for Warriors and Paladins. This was especially the case for Paladins that were allowed to use two-handed swords, but were not permitted to dual-wield one-handed swords.

Sul’Thraze circumvented this rule. If you saw a Paladin with dual-wielded one-handed swords, they definitely had Sul’Thraze.

Sang’Thraze the Deflector and Jang’Thraze the Protector had a low chance of dropping. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have given the Warriors and Paladins so much strife. The former was dropped by Antu’sul, who they just killed, while the latter was dropped by Chief Ukorz Sandscalp.

"Wandering, Moonlight…" Lu Li paused, then looked at Azure Sea Breeze who was standing there with his arms crossed. "Alright Breeze, you roll for it too. Whoever gets the highest number gets it. You can’t blame me for being preferential."

If the item was truly overpowered, then Lu Li would have just given it to Moonlight.

Moonlight was a professional player who had also previously saved them, but Sul’Thraze wasn’t the most overpowered weapon. All that could be said was that it was the most sought after.

The three armor-profession players looked at each other. This sword couldn’t be that good, right? Was this really necessary?

Azure Sea Breeze scratched his face and pretended to elegantly say, "I am a defensive player; I don’t want this sword. But, I don’t believe that we didn’t get a Dark gold weapon."

The second half of that sentence was probably his main point. This guy’s expectations were too high and he was looking down on this gold weapon.

"I don’t mind not having it." Moonlight didn’t say much as usual.

He was carrying a level 30 dual-wield Gold Tomahawk that had 30% Armor Pierce and also gave his teammates 20% Attack. This made him a force in the arena and out in the field; it was much better than this single-handed gold sword.

"It’s such an ugly equip, but if no one wants it, then I’ll reluctantly take it. Actually, it doesn’t matter what I use because I’m already so good looking. I’m like you guys, who have to think about what you want to wear…" Wandering exclaimed as he shook the Silver weapon in his hand.

They really wanted to kill this guy!

Lu Li didn’t give the equipment to anyone. Instead, he explained its use and Sul’Thraze’s effect.

The three armor-plated players’ eyes lit up.

Moonlight’s first thought was that if he could switch back and forth, then his fighting tactics could become even more advanced. He could fight more aggressively, and those who weren’t familiar with the fighting style would be at a disadvantage.

Azure Sea Breeze was now drooling over it as well. With such a cool item, he could draw the attention of girls anywhere he went. But what if he attracted too much attention? How would he filter them out…

Wandering was angry. "Lu Li, you idiot – those two already said that they didn’t want it. Why didn’t you just give it to me? Only a perfect person like me deserves such a special weapon."

Moonlight: "Roll!"

Azure Sea Breeze: "I gotta roll too. I can use it, so why not roll for it?"

Wandering: "Oh Heavens above, this item is mine! Give it to me."

Lu Li smiled as he watched these guys squabble. They had gone to the tavern yesterday and after lots of drinking, had become sworn brothers. But here they were, fighting over the God Sword.

Azure Sea Breeze even attacked Wandering’s sense of clothing.

Lu Li couldn’t help but think of Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood. There was a saying, "When the AL drops, there are no brothers".

This was especially the case for a Wild Party leader. When players saw that sword, they were more likely to join him. Who cared about the number of players he had to kill to acquire it? Even some guild parties were like this; there were quite a few guilds that had disbanded because of this item.

This was just a part of the game.

No matter who got it, it didn’t have anything to do with Lu Li. Thieves could also dual-wield one-handed swords, but he couldn’t equip a two-handed sword.

Eventually, the three Armor-plated players Rolled to solve the problem.

They all seemed pretty confident, but the result was 6, 22 and the winning roll of 31, which came from Moonlight. This was easily one of the most unexciting rolls in history.

Lu Li, who was also incompetent when it came to Rolls, also decided to give it a roll.

He only got a 5 and was quickly berated by everyone.

Lu Li gave the item to Moonlight and continued the Instance Dungeon. At the same time, he relayed the strategy for fighting this Boss to Water Fairy. As for whether Drizzle Court could actually defeat the Boss with the strategy, that was their business.