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Chapter 593: Zul Bug

Chapter 593: Zul Bug
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The Xin Xin Mercenary Group had just defeated Antu’Sul – a stumbling block that had stopped other guild players for days.

This news quickly spread through the channels, but it wasn’t because Square Root 3 released the information publicly. Nor was it because there was a rat in Ruling Sword. It was because of the changes on the level rankings.

Lu Li was rapidly increasing in level, but this was just an accepted occurrence.

However, he wasn’t simply fighting monsters, as the players knew that fighting regular monsters didn’t increase your EXP that quickly.

Currently, most average players were struggling at around level 35. Only a small proportion of high-end players were at level 36, 37 and 38. Lu Li was the sole player that had reached level 39.

No one could say that Lu Li had just gotten lucky. Even if he was lucky at first, the other players should have caught up to him by now.

There were many players trying to contact Lu Li and buy his strategy.

He was willing to cooperate with Drizzle Court, so why not them? There were many people who had lots of money, and there were also many people who were richer than Water Fairy.

There was one thing they had forgotten – Water Fairy was also a beautiful woman.

However, did anyone really like such a heavy-handed female tycoon? Everyone had their reservations, as there were many other well-known female players who were willing to add Lu Li as a friend.

Even so, Lu Li hadn’t responded to a single one of them. He took his teammates across the ancient ruins to clean up an endless sea of goblin monsters.

The monsters had also increased in difficulty. They had reached level 38, which meant that the next Boss, Witch Doctor Zum’rah, would be at least level 40.

The monsters they were previously fighting were level 36, and the Boss was level 38.

The levels of the monsters in Zul’Farrak were the same at Elite and Nightmare Difficulty; it was the Defence, HP and Attack that differed. For the Bosses, the difference was reflected in HP and skills.

After bypassing a few openings, they came across a semi-collapsed courtyard.

The starry sky did little to illuminate the dim place, but if you saw countless graves in an area, it would look eerie even under a bright light.

"Is the Boss over there?" Azure Sea Breeze asked as he pointed at the only building. He seemed to have recovered from the loss of the weapon.

"Where else would it be? You should eat more walnuts," Wandering immediately fired at him as he hit him on the back of the head.

Just because Azure Sea Breeze looked like he enjoyed messing around didn’t mean that anyone could touch his head. It was only when Wandering touched his head that he wouldn’t react, as he had grown used to it in childhood.

"Breezy, attack. Go step on the mounds of dirt," Lu Li instructed.

"Humph, you really like ordering people around." Although he was unhappy about it, Azure Sea Breeze still did it. These so-called mounds of dirt were the graves, and there were some skeletons exposed in some of them.

He didn’t directly step onto them, but stomped on them with one foot.

A gray being popped out of the tomb. Its body seemed insensitive, and it was a typical representation of a Troll Zombie. There was light where its eyes were, its body was stiff and it seemed to be quite strong…

In gaming terms, this Zul’Farrak Zombie had high damage with slow attack speed and movement speed.

Even though Azure Sea Breeze was quite strong, he was still taken aback. He glanced angrily at Lu Li before bracing himself and attacking.

Zul’Farrak Zombies were a little bit stronger than the average elite monster. As long as any of their attacks hit, there would also be some additional voodoo damage.

This voodoo damage was called Red Voodoo damage. It could be stacked onto a player after damage from an attack was taken. The higher the stacks, the greater the damage dealt. Fortunately, there were only one or two zombies in each tomb. The zombies would only waste some of their time and didn’t pose a significant threat to Lu Li.

"There are so many graves. Do we have to clear them all?" Wandering hated this kind of boring work.

"We can pull a few more at a time. The EXP is quite good; it’s much better than farming elsewhere. Just be careful not to pull too many." Lu Li actually thought this was quite good.

"Broken pottery." Azure Sea Breeze picked up an item that was dropped and was disappointed.

This kind of useless item would sell for a few coppers at a general store. At this level, picking up this kind of stuff was just waste of space.

"Get rid of it," Lu Li nodded and confirmed that it was useless.

"How do we pull more?" Azure Sea Breeze had just heard what Lu Li said and noticed that the EXP gained was ridiculously high. It was almost three or four times the Elite Trolls.

"Do you want to farm a bug?" Lu Li asked.

"A Bug?" Everyone’s eyes flashed as they thought, "Of course."

"Quickly, tell us. I’ve been trying to find a bug that’ll make me rich. I’ve looked for so long, but haven’t found one," Azure Sea Breeze pleaded as he dropped his shield and hugged Lu Li’s thigh.

Lu Li was disgusted by this and tossed him aside.

"What benefit can we gain?" Wandering was more rational. There wasn’t a single game that didn’t have bugs – even Dawn had many bugs. However, most of these bugs were rather pointless. Moreover, Dawn had a strong self-checking system which meant that bugs were quickly patched after some use.

However, gains that a player received through a Bug were not investigated. This was clearly stated in the Game Security laws.

Bugs were the fault of the company and so was leaked information about them. In the era of a universal game, these were the crazy laws in place.

"We can farm the monsters indefinitely," Lu Li said as he recalled the details of the bug.

This so-called strategy was actually a meaningless article compiled by the players. Lu Li remembered reading it for fun, but it was somewhat vague in his memory now.

The bug was found and then exploited by the players.

The game company quickly discovered this and put in a patch, so the bug became history.

However, Lu Li never thought that he would experience rebirth.

After thinking about it for a while, he tried to replicate the circumstance that created the bug. He directed his team to move past the catacombs and squeezed into a crack in the building near the Boss.

The crack was narrow, but long enough for everyone to squeeze into.

"Do I go in too?" Azure Sea Breeze asked as he pointed at himself.

"You all go in. Only I need to stay out here," Lu Li said and let them in before going into Stealth. He slowly crept towards the Boss that was in the building.

He was a little worried because his level was lower than the Boss’s.

Being at a lower level than the Boss meant that he was more easily discoverable. This was critical because Lu Li had to open the Witch’s chest without the Boss noticing.

Lu Li saw the Treasure Chest with a glance.