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Chapter 594: Indefinitely Farming Zombies

Chapter 594: Indefinitely Farming Zombies
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Make no mistake, there was nothing in there. There wasn’t some kind of special artifact.

Other than some bandages, there were some worthless, broken pieces of ceramic lying around. Of course, if they were lucky, they could acquire some Healer equipment.

Lu Li carefully moved into the vicinity of the Chest. Just before he bent down to open it, the Witch Doctor Zum’rah suddenly turned his head.

Lu Li didn’t want to activate his movement speed skills and run away, so instead, he chose to use Vanish. The Witch Doctor Zum'rah watched as the Thief that planned to steal his items disappeared. He let out an angry roar before returning to his original position.

"Lu Li are you okay?" Azure Sea Breeze was watching Lu Li from within the wall and smiling.

Several of the melee profession players couldn’t move at all. To give the ranged players space, they needed to go all the way in. The Plate-Armored players even needed to remove their armor. It was all very uncomfortable.

"Shut your mouth." Lu Li stayed completely still.

After the Witch Doctor Zum’rah returned to his original position, he began moving again.

Zum’rah wasn’t standing completely still either; he also had his work to do. The Sandfury Warriors that had died couldn’t just be left in the wilderness.

He first wrapped up the body with bandages before sprinkling it with some unknown powder. Then, he cast a skill onto the mummies and the newly created Zul’Farrak Zombie stood up beside him.

They would then be buried in a tomb, waiting for the call of the Witch Doctor in order to help him fight.

Lu Li knew that he was likely to be found because his level was lower than the Boss’, but he waited until Zum’rah let his guard down before getting closer.

Unlock the chest!

It was just a Steel Treasure Chest, so it wasn’t difficult for Lu Li.

The Chest opened with a light sound and Lu Li reached in, then put all the items into his bag. He didn’t care what they were and just grabbed them all before quickly retreating.

The Witch Doctor Zum’rah had just wrapped another body. He patted the zombie’s chest and seemed very satisfied with his craft.

He turned to start wrapping another corpse, but suddenly stopped when he saw that his Treasure Chest, which was full of his stitching tools, was now open and empty.

Who touched my Treasure Chest!

He was filled with anger and his eyes widened. He wanted to find that little thief, but he had no way of doing so.

Lu Li was already outside by now.

Zum’rah wouldn’t leave the building just to look for someone. There were too many bodies in there that needed his protection and processing.

Azure Sea Breeze and the others were stunned by the incredible scene that had just unfolded.

One by one, Lu Li stepped onto the graves just like Azure Sea Breeze did and summoned the zombies. However, what happened next was quite unusual.

Firstly, the Zul’Farrak Zombies that came out didn’t attack Lu Li, but went straight to the players who were stuck in the cracks.

However, the cracks in the wall were so small that they couldn’t get in; they were scratching the wall outside.

Secondly, when Azure Sea Breeze activated a tomb and a zombie jumped out, the grave would be shown as empty. To the players’ eyes, the tomb would just disappear.

However, this time, they didn’t.

"What are you looking at? Quickly attack it!" The way that Lu Li was stepping on the graves felt like he was playing a relaxed game of whack-a-mole.

There were just over a dozen zombies gathered right outside the crack.

Lonesome Flower and Sesame Rice Ball were now the main DPS players. Remnant Dream had a skill called Volley while Hachi Chan had a skill called Hurricane, so both of them could also deal decent damage. Everyone else was just useless.

They didn’t need defence, nor did they need healing. They just needed to dump their skills onto the monsters, so the farming was unusually efficient.

Both Mages and Warlocks also had a way to regenerate their mana, so Lonesome Flower and Sesame Rice ball didn’t need Lu Li to worry about that. As for Remnant Dream and Hachi Chan, he could ignore them as per usual.

As more and more monsters gathered outside the crack, Lu Li had to pause for a while.

He couldn’t attack them from the outside and had strictly avoided dealing any damage to any monster, which was why he had to be careful when opening the chest.

If he failed to open the chest, he would inevitably need to face Zum’rah, but if he hurt any of the monsters now, all of them would turn to attack him.

No one knew who had come up with this exploit, but there were always some weird players doing all sorts of strange things.

"Wow, the EXP is so good," Azure Sea Breeze took a deep breath and cried out.

These level 38 zombies didn’t provide an EXP bonus, but they were special elite monsters that gave 3-4 times the EXP of an average elite monster. If it weren’t for the fact they were a little harder to kill, this would really be an EXP paradise.

The items were dropping in the innermost area, but Lu Li didn’t dare to go and pick them up. He had no way of getting past the monsters anyway.

After half an hour, the first wave of Zul’Farrak Zombies had been farmed and their drops had been taken. When Lu Li went to step on more graves, he saw that his EXP had risen by 11%. Normally, it would take at least three hours to farm this amount, even with four powerful Mages helping him.

Remnant Dream, who was the lowest level player, had now risen to level 36.

She was always taking care of her pets and rarely had time to farm. Fortunately, Square Root 3 needed to keep up the strength of the entire Mercenary Group, so he sent someone to help her keep up in levels.

As a level 36 player killing level 38 monsters, she was benefitting the most out of everyone.

"Hey, stop pushing. Wandering, you old man!" Azure Sea Breeze was in pain, but was also filled with joy. "Lu Li, can I come outside to join you?"

"Stay there. There can only be one person outside," Lu Li said as he thoughtfully walked around the wall and watched his group of friends suffering inside.

"Why won’t you let me outside?" Azure Sea Breeze was chatty as usual.

"Do you know how to Unlock Chests?" Lu Li asked.

The Warrior was immediately dumbfounded. He could only wonder to himself as to why he chose to be a Warrior.