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Chapter 482 – Armor-piercing Cannon

Chapter 482 – Armor-piercing Cannon

“Hurry up and run!” Ye Xiu shouted as he dashed along the rooftop.

“What about the others?” Deception was still a bit hesitant.

“They’ve all been killed by me.” Ye Xiu said.

“What??!!” Deception turned pale.

“As if that’s possible.” Ye Xiu sighed.

“......” Deception was speechless. He looked around and saw reinforcements pouring in. There was no way he could keep fighting, so he hastily followed after Lord Grim.

Golden Fragrance was dead. She didn’t choose to revive though. Her ghost stayed floating in the air. Seeing the two leave just like that, she wanted revenge.

As a core member of one of the top guilds, Golden Fragrance had experienced many things before, but today’s situation was still a first. They had talked for a bit, but it was while fighting. The two quickly killed her, threw her corpse to the side, and then ran. What were her teammates doing? Why hadn’t she seen any of them from beginning to end? What was going on?
Golden Fragrance didn’t choose to revive because in the Heavenly Domain, Level 70 Clerics had a revive skill. Revived characters would revive with low health and mana, but the character wouldn’t be in a critically ill state. By reviving at the same spot, she wouldn’t have to waste time running back here. More importantly, she wouldn’t lose ⅓ of her experience. However, the only thing she could prevent was losing experience. The money and equipment that had been lost couldn’t be returned. This was because the money and equipment were still there. It was just that they were on the ground.

Golden Fragrance gritted her teeth. An option on-screen appeared, asking whether or not she would like to be revived.

After accepting it, the color returned to her world of gray. Golden Fragrance stood up. On the ground nearby was a small money bag that had dropped when she died. The amount of money was a percentage of her total wealth. Golden Fragrance picked up the coins and saw her nine teammates standing in a circle, staring at her and not saying a word. As for the two who had run off, none of them had gone to chase after them. They were all waiting for Golden Fragrance’s orders.

“What are you staring at?! Chase them down!” Golden Fragrance shouted.

The team immediately rushed out. Golden Fragrance followed after, while checking her inventory in grief. She had been so sad that she had even forgotten to do this. Seeing the money on the ground around her, Golden Fragrance felt like it was a good sign. She even thought she hadn’t dropped any equipment, but when she checked her inventory to look, her weapon slot was empty. Her world turned dark.

“MY WEAPON!!” Golden Fragrance cried.

The nine teammates jumped up in fright. They turned around to look at her.

“Where’s my weapon? Did it drop? How come I didn’t see it!!!” Lord Grim had been too quick. He had picked it up so quickly that Golden Fragrance hadn’t even seen it drop.

The nine others were silent. All of them knew how precious Golden Fragrance’s weapon was.

Orange weapon, Armor-piercing Cannon. Level 70, 715 Attack Power, +55 Strength. It also had an additional effect. When attacking, there was a 5% chance to ignore armor for six seconds.

This ignore armor effect was targeted. The armor would only break at a certain spot. For example, if your attack triggered the ignore armor effect on the body equipment. The body equipment would be ignored. The stats from the ignored equipment would be wiped clean as if it didn’t exist. The durability would also decrease by 300% the normal rate during these six seconds.

In Glory, when an equipment’s durability reached zero, it couldn't be fixed, so if an equipment broke due to loss of durability, it would always be painful for the player. If they weren’t careful, the equipment would be destroyed once the durability hit zero. There was no equipment in Glory that could directly reduce durability. Usually, the effects would make the durability drop 10% or 20% faster. This Armor-piercing Cannon was one of those type of equipments. Even though it only had a percentage chance to proc, a 300% increase effect was far greater than normal weapons.

However, rapidly decreasing durability might be annoying for the enemy, but in a real battle, the ignore armor effect was much more useful. Erasing the stats provided by a piece of equipment would greatly weaken the target’s defense.

In short, the Armor-piercing Cannon not only had Orange level stats, its effects were useful whether it was in PvE or PvP. It was an extremely valuable weapon. Just hearing that it had dropped made the others feel hurt.

“Hurry up and chase them! Get it back for me!!!” Golden Fragrance shouted in anger. The nine others immediately began chasing. Golden Fragrance had already entered a berserk state. In the guild chat, she yelled out, calling for friends. It was originally a guild related battle, but now, it had become a personal battle.

Chen Yehui saw this, but he didn’t block it. In fact, he was actually delighted.

This was one very important reason why Golden Fragrance was able to become a core member in the guild.

Club guilds may operate like a business, but the absolute majority of the guild members didn’t have a professional, business-like attitude. They had gathered under the guild because of their love for the team and to support their favorite athletes.

Doing work for the guild was the same as supporting the team, which was why many players were happy to do it. Clubs relied on this in order to gather a large number of troops. While Clubs may have a strict system of organization, to the majority of guild members, the guild leader couldn’t just order them however he wanted. After all, the players were there to play the game. Supporting the team was secondary. In their eyes, the guild leader wasn’t that important. As a result, the tasks given by guilds were mostly voluntary. The guilds didn’t dare force orders onto the players that weren’t willing to do them.

As for Golden Fragrance, although some people might not like her, the majority liked to circle around her. This type of person could rely on her personal connections to bring out a lot of players. Club guilds needed these type of people. The people Golden Fragrance called for may be her private friends, but Chen Yehui didn’t mind.

This was because these private people would listen to her and Golden Fragrance listened to Chen Yehui. Once a player became a core member, he or she would no longer be a regular player. The player would have to have a professional attitude. The Clubs didn’t let them do whatever they wanted all day. Core members could be managed and ordered around more easily.

“What’s wrong Golden Fragrance?” Not only did Chen Yehui not stop her, he even tried to spur her on.

“My Armor-piercing Cannon dropped!” Golden Fragrance was furious.

“Ah?” This news made even Chen Yehui’s heart hurt. Even for top guilds, this type of Orange equipment wasn’t easy to get.

“They’re still here! Hurry up and get it back!” Chen Yehui used the opportunity to urge Golden Fragrance on. He wasn’t just saying it as an act. He truly wanted Golden Fragrance to get back the weapon. Core members were also the main force for dungeons and bosses. The Armor-piercing Cannon was very useful. Golden Fragrance wasn’t the only player in Excellent Dynasty who had one, but one fewer, meant one less powerful player.

“I know!” Golden Fragrance cried and sent an angry face. When others saw her crying in the guild chat, a whole bunch of players asked her what was wrong.

After Golden Fragrance got promoted to a core member, she automatically became big sis Golden Fragrance.

As soon as they heard her equipment had been stolen, quite a few of her supporters rallied up, telling her they would get revenge. Chen Yehui didn’t say anything. These people should be sent out by Golden Fragrance, not him.

“They escaped again? What’s going on!” Arisaema received the news. Lord Grim and Deception had appeared again, but had escaped.

‘I heard there were ten people in that team over there, but they still couldn’t stop them?” Arisaema asked Chen Yehui. He was starting to doubt whether or not Chen Yehui had let them go on purpose in order to avoid any further casualties. This wasn’t like the past, where there were only three people per team. No one questioned Lord Grim’s skill, but as a level 52 character, his DPS wouldn’t be high. Ten players should at least be able to stall for a good amount of time right? However, they failed once again and could only continue chasing.

No one had any confidence in chasing them down because Lord Grim hadn’t escaped without a trace just once.

“What do you mean?” Chen Yehui had lost an Orange weapon! How could he be pleased?!

“If even ten people couldn’t stop them, there’s no way we can kill them. Most teams are split into either three or five player teams. They have no chance, no?” Arisaema said.

“It’s not like anyone of us ever thought a single team could kill them, right? It’s simply to widen our area of control. Once we find our target, we will surround them in one go.” Chen Yehui said.

“Then we have to hurry and surround them!” Arisaema said.

“Yes, surround them. Who didn’t do it?” Chen Yehui said.

Arisaema was surprised. Could he have figured out that their Herb Garden’s movements were a bit slow?

The two were still fighting a word battle, when new information came. They had disappeared once again.

“F*ck!” Changing Spring shouted.

“What do you think? Armor-piercing Cannon. Are you satisfied?” Ye Xiu asked Chen Guo.

“Not bad, not bad.” Chen Guo nodded her head. The equipment was very good. It used to be Golden Fragrance’s, after all. The expression on her face was probably very good too. Who knew how long it would have taken her to get this weapon if she had stayed in Excellent Dynasty.

“You also want a hairband right, but I don’t think I saw Golden Fragrance with a hairband!” Ye Xiu said.

“Mm, I don’t want hers.” Chen Guo said with disgust.

Equipment on the body affected the character’s appearance more than a weapon, so she cared a lot about it. Chen Guo had chosen to wear a hairband to match her in-game appearance with her real life appearance. As for Golden Fragrance, she used a flower hair clip. Chen Guo didn’t like it at all, no matter how good the stats on it were.

“Who has a good hairband?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Ah, it’s fine. This weapon is more than good enough.” Chen Guo said. This was the truth. An Orange weapon was definitely much rarer than a Purple weapon. Finding one that could be used was extremely hard to come by. Many players were happy just to have an Orange weapon, let alone one that suited them.

“You should go level up.” Chen Guo reminded Ye Xiu.

“It’s no problem. It’s just a day.” Ye Xiu looked like he was a bit hesitant though. On the other hand, Deception was more enthusiastic: “Where do we go next??”