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Chapter 523 – True Goal

Chapter 523 - True Goal

Lord Grim returned to the tenth server. In a competitor’s perspective, only Blue River came to pry around. After Blue River finished his prying, he was caught in a dilemma. The other side said he was there to steal the Topaz Knight, but he said it in such a straightforward fashion. Was it true or false? If it was true, would he want all the equipment? If it’s false…… then what on earth is he planning to do?

Blue Rain felt very stupid, why did he even ask this?

In reality, he had just blurted out what was on his mind. He hadn’t thought the other side would directly answer him. As a result, he was now wondering whether Lord Grim was telling the truth or not.

Putting these conflicts as competitors aside, the main subject would be Guild Happy’s welcome back party. The guild leader went to the Heavenly Domain! After understanding the concept of the Heavenly Domain, the players of Happy Guild all felt proud. However, after feeling proud for a period of time, they slowly came to realise something. Frankly speaking, it was only the guild leader’s personal glory, in terms of themselves, what benefits did they have?

None, absolutely none.

Apart from having no benefits, there were even disadvantages. After Lord Grim entered the Heavenly Domain, he had only returned once. After not returning for a long time, many of the records in the tenth server were taken by other guilds. Guild Happy completely lost their imposing manner from before and now looked as if it would gradually fall to becoming just an average guild.

The people’s will had begun to waver, but not much yet. This was because in comparison to a normal guild, Happy was still quite incredible. However, compared to the surging rise of those Club guilds, they couldn’t help but feel jealous. Those who had joined Happy admired Lord Grim’s fame and power. They had thrown themselves under this expert hoping to bask in his light. Their current situation and the situation they imagined were very different though.

Suddenly, their guild leader returned. Quite a few immediately surrounded him in excitement. Last time Lord Grim returned, he swept through several records and raised their guild’s fame to greater heights. What would he do this time? Happy’s players hoped to participate.

“Guild leader, you came back!”

“Guild leader, what are you planning to do this time?”

“Guild leader! Are you going to challenge the records?”

Ye Xiu laughed heartily towards their excitement. He didn’t hide his intention and said, “I’ve come back to do great things!”

Why else other than to create a stir did the players of Guild Happy join the guild? The players who found joy in their own way wouldn’t rely on someone else’s power to do things. As a result, when the guild members heard that they would be doing great things, many of them enthusiastically asked to join. “Guild leader, what great things? We’ll do it with you!!!”

“To steal a boss!” Ye Xiu replied.

“Wow!” Everyone was in admiration.

Their guild leader was indeed extraordinary. Boss stealing was a phrase specifically for stealing wild bosses. Normally, a guild wouldn’t gather together for a random elite or rare boss. However, wild bosses would appear on TV every time they were killed. Until now, regardless of which wild boss was taken down, it was almost always the big guilds that made their names onto TV. Now, Guild Happy could finally fight for a chance to come into the limelight.

“I’ll go, I’ll go!!!” None of them bothered to ask which boss they would be stealing. All of them signed up excitedly.

“Everyone will go, everyone will go.” Ye Xiu replied, which made the whole guild bubble up in excitement. Many players with lower levels were worried that they wouldn’t be able to participate in such an important task, but it turned out that everyone could go. It was as if they had received an amazing prize.

“Which boss are we going to steal?” Only now did someone ask, eager to fight.

“Topaz Knight, a Level 50 boss. Do you know of it?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Uh, not really…...” Many of the people replied. The majority of them had only heard of wild bosses from online databases. These bosses were all monopolized by the Club guilds.

“Those who don’t know about it, go search it up and do a bit of research. Those who know about it, go to the Western Wilderness to level up! Spread out. Message me immediately if you discover anything!” Ye Xiu spoke.

“Understood!” Many people replied with passion. The guild leader had yet to stay for five minutes, but he was already working hard.. This type of leading were very refreshing.

Players of Happy Guild set off towards the Western Wilderness. Even the players who needed to know about the boss online also moved out. They were only doing some reading, so they could multitask.

At the same time, every guild leader from the Club guilds received a message.

“What? He plans on stealing the Topaz Knight?”

Cold Night, Plantago Seed, Lonely Drink, Backlight Bomb, Hazy Mist…… they received this information only slightly later than Blue River. Moreover, the information came too easily. It came straight from Happy’s guild chat. Only a blind spy would miss it.

None of the guilds was willing to challenge Lord Grim alone. Thus, Cold Night contacted Plantago Seed, Plantago Seed contacted Lonely Drink, Lonely Drink contacted Backlight Bomb, and so on until another tenth server guild leader discussion group sprouted up again. The discussion was once again the same old issue: what to do with Lord Grim.

Lord Grim was going to steal the Topaz Knight!

Oh, you have spies right?

The discussion group started off with this line, making everyone stare at the screen in thought. Every time they fought against Lord Grim, there would always be a moment of silence.

“Isn’t this an issue?” The information came way too easily. It made everyone feel a bit puzzled. Plantago Seed raised the issue and then waited for everyone else to analyze it.

“I’ve never heard of anyone starting an operation in the guild chat.” Hazy Mist said.

“And there’s no way he doesn’t know we have spies in his guild, no?” Cold Night said.

“It must have been intentional!” Someone else agreed with this point.

“It was definitely intentional, but why?” Blue River asked.

“To make a declaration for the east and strike west? Cross the river Wei?”

“Perhaps he wants us to believe his goal is the Topaz Knight by sending a majority of his forces to the Western Wilderness, but his real goal might in fact be something else.”

“It’s certainly a possibility.”

“Then what is his true objective?”

“Wait one second. What if his objective really is the Topaz Knight and he’s making us believe it’s a misdirection in order to split our forces?” Someone else pointed out.

“Then why would he even say anything in the first place?” Another person said, “Our forces are split up in the first place. Who would spend the entire day watching a single boss?”

“True.” Cold Night expressed his agreement.

“So it’s a misdirection?” Plantago Seed said.

“His guild has already begun to move.” Hazy Mist said, “Everyone!”

“How?” Everyone was a bit dumbstruck. When they fought against a boss, they always send their elite and core teams. They rarely moved their entire guild. This was because they knew there would be competition for every boss. If every fight became a world war. Everyone’s strength would be greatly damaged, especially in a server that hadn’t stabilized yet. No one dared to act so rashly, which was why everyone restricted the strength used carefully. After all, these weren’t necessary items.

This was a normal server. The extremely rare items of the normal servers and the extremely rare items of the Heavenly Domain weren’t on the same level. The main reason was because there were ten normal servers, but only one Heavenly Domain.

But now, Happy wasn’t following the tacit agreement between the Clubs. He had dispatched his entire guild, making the Club guilds unsure what to do. If they dispatched their elite teams like usual, they would be wiped out simply due to the other side having superior numbers.

“F*ck, we should also send everyone out and completely turn over Happy!” Lonely Drink shouted.

“Wait a second.” A thought suddenly appeared in Cold Night’s head: “What if this is his real objective? Because he knows very well how we do things. What if he’s intentionally dispatching his guild to lure away our elites in order to do something else?”

“That’s extremely likely! If his real objective is at somewhere very far away, then by the time we receive the message, it’s too late to hurry back.” Plantago Seed agreed.

“You guys wait a moment. This is a wild boss. It doesn’t spawn at a specific time. If he uses the Topaz Knight as a distraction, what if the Topaz Knight spawns but his real objective doesn’t? Wouldn’t he have done everything for nothing?” Hazy Mist argued.

“No, no. He probably isn’t thinking like this. He’s gathering his forces at the Western Wilderness, so we have to send our forces to resist. If that’s the case, then as long as his true objective spawns earlier than the Topaz Knight, then his scheme will succeed. If the Topaz Knight really does spawn first, then he can just switch bosses and try again. It’s a 50/50 chance. No one knows which boss will spawn first, so he can’t completely grasp it no?” Cold Night was quite detailed.

“Which wild bosses can still spawn this week? Do you think we’ll be able to find anything by thinking about this?” Backlight Bomb suddenly spoke.

The top guilds had this sort of information. Soon afterwards, they looked at the map and looked for a leveling area far away from the Western Wilderness.

“Wait!” Plantago Seed suddenly said, “I just received a bit of information from my side. I don’t know if any of you have noticed.”

“What?” Someone immediately asked.

“If Lord Grim is misdirecting us, he must have his main force at his true objective, so I specially had my people pay attention to the movements of a few of these characters and my people have noticed something.” Plantago Seed discovered important information and told them of it.

“Are you saying your people have been paying attention to Soft Mist’s and Steamed Bun Invasion’s movements?” Cold Night immediately reacted.

“It seems like you’ve been doing the same.” Plantago Seed said.

“Where are they heading towards?” Cold Night asked.

“I don’t know right now, but they’re definitely not heading towards the Western Wilderness. I’ll have my people continue following them.” Plantago Seed said.

“Okay, you have to watch them carefully!!” Everyone cried excitedly as if they had discovered the new world.