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Chapter 525 – Can’t Hold the Boss

Chapter 525 - Can’t Hold the Boss

“You guys can’t hold the boss? F*ck, who has the boss’s aggro? Can you get the last hit in??” After receiving the report, the guild leaders hastily asked in surprise.

Simply speaking, the monster belonged to whomever the monster had aggro on. The items dropped would be protected by the system for that player. Within 30 seconds, no one else besides that player would be able to pick up the items.

It all sounds very simple, but calculating aggro is actually quite complicated. Normally, the last hit counts for a lot. It’s worth several times a normal hit. This is easy to understand. After all, the last hit is the hit which takes away the other side’s life. The other side would obviously have enmity towards the killer.

Apart from this, the first hit is also significant. The amount of aggro for the first hit depends on the situation. There is a difference in aggro between the first hit by a player taking the initiative to attack the monster and the first hit by player counterattacking a monster’s attack.

In short, the general rules are very simple, but the details aren’t simple at all.

Especially against a boss. Bosses have names, background stories, and personalities. These types of details make how the aggro is calculated for each boss different. For example, if you take the last hit, some bosses would have five times the aggro for it, but other bosses might have ten or twenty times the aggro for it.

Some bosses have increased aggro after falling to a red blood state. Some bosses are very sensitive to the first hit…...

Thus, understanding the rules behind a boss’s aggro was very important part of stealing a boss. Usually, the last hit never disappointed, which was why all of the guild leaders asked their subordinates about it. When two teams accumulated similar amounts of aggro, the last hit would often be the deciding factor.

However, the reply made them even more flabbergasted: “No, it’s not that we can’t steal the boss.”

“Then what is it?”

“We can’t hold the boss off!”

“What? Whose scheme is this?”

“This isn’t a scheme. None of us can hold on!”

“What type of stupid joke is this? You guys……..” At this moment, the guild leader suddenly stopped. He realized why this had happened. And at the same time, the discussion group exploded into a commotion. Clearly, the “can’t hold on” wasn’t pointing towards any one guild, but every single guild there.

They actually couldn’t hold the boss.


The guild leaders originally found it hard to believe. They were about to call it nonsense, but while typing their response halfway through, the suddenly realized what had happened!


It was because the ones killing the boss were new!

These players might be relatively high leveled compared to the mainstream, but they were still normal players. Usually, the core elites hunted the wild bosses. These elites were from the Heavenly Domain with many years of Glory and had a good understanding of the normal servers.

They could clear dungeons and kill bosses.

But these normal players? This was their first time doing it.

The Aquamarine Knight had only been killed three times so far in the tenth server and had been killed by the guild elites every time. How could these normal guild members have experience in killing these types of bosses?

When trying to kill a boss for the first time, even if your team read a guide beforehand, wiping out several times wouldn’t be strange at all.

The reason the Club guilds could bring their normal guild members to level higher than the norm wasn’t because these guild members were crazy levelers. More importantly, the Club guilds had experts and veterans watching over them. What did this entail? When an expert or veteran led a party into a dungeon, there would be fewer losses.

As for five noobs, whenever a new dungeon came out, the noobs would die many times before clearing it. In Glory, dying would result in a loss of experience. Dying would reduce your leveling speed, no? As a result, there would obviously be a level difference between Club guild players and non-guild players.

And now, these normal players who had experts and veterans helping finally encountered a difficulty. Against the Aquamarine Knight, an existence far stronger than a dungeon boss, these normal players had no way to hold on.

In the beginning, the guilds all had a lot of players. The chaos made it difficult for them to see the struggling players near the boss. Afterwards, half of the people went to chase after Guild Happy’s people. When information came about Guild Happy grouping together and the guild leaders became worried if something had happened on that side, the ones left facing the boss were already defeated.

The Aquamarine Knight and his cavalry had already summoned their war horses. They took formation and launched an assault. Their iron hooves lifted the yellow sand into the air, creating a huge cloud of dust in the Western Desert. The cavalry and the yellow sand crashed into the players and enveloped them.

The players had never seen this sort of scene before. Glory didn’t have any mounts. The Knight in the Knight class only symbolized a type of ideal. It didn’t indicate a soldier on a horse.

The Aquamarine Knight and his entourage were huge and menacing cavalry. Should they attack the horse or the person? If they attack the horse, which part of the horse should they attack to have the greatest effect? If they attack the person, what if their weapons aren’t long enough? While the players pondered over these questions, the cavalry knocked them onto the ground. The unlucky ones were even trampled on a few times. Those cut down by the knights on the horses took heavy damage. The ones charge down several times turned into corpses on the spot.

A few veterans led the teams, but they couldn’t control the situation. Helpless, they asked their guild leaders for help, while hastily transferring the ones in pursuit of Guild Happy over to their side.

When the troops in pursuit heard the call for help, they were also confused. They had a hard time understanding why the other troops were being cut down by the boss. But when they went back to see, all of them froze.

What is this? What are we supposed to do? How do we hit the ones on top of the horses? It doesn’t look like hitting the horses does anything. Ah, I fell! Ah, the horse stepped on me! Ah, where did that sword come from? Ah, I’m dead!

Corpses everywhere described the battlefield well.

How strong was a wild boss? Against cloth armored character, some skills could even one shot them. The Aquamarine Knight’s cavalry might not be as strong as the boss, but they were still comparable to elite monsters. Their strikes were enough to deal heavy damage to any player.

The discussion group had turned into chaos. Because they clearly knew about the Aquamarine Knight’s strength. When they took a closer look, the dispatched troops weren’t enough to deal with him. No matter how numerous the troops, without an effective strategy, the troops would only be cannon fodder in front of a wild boss. The boss could easily wipe them all out.

It was too late to ask for help. The rest of the guild had gone to Almarshan.

The guild leaders looked on with deathly pale expressions. They realized what Lord Grim had done. Lord Grim had lured away the elites with his elites and left everyone else to take care of this boss. Their sea of people wasn’t enough to defeat the boss though. What about Happy?

“If our people can’t do it, how can Happy do it?” Someone asked in puzzlement. Another person immediately answered back: “It’s different.”

“How is it different?”

“The commander is different……”

Everyone fell silent.

Commander……. It was truly different. Lord Grim was at the top in all of Glory. And their side? It would be too embarrassing to even make a comparison.

At the Western Desert, players from the thirteen guilds ran around the map in chaos. The Aquamarine Knight and his cavalry continued to chase and kill. Whoever they pursued, died. After all, the enemies had horses.

At this moment, Guild Happy had already gathered together and climbed up a sand dune. The troops were lined up neat and organized. They appeared from behind, welcoming the Club guild players running for their lives. These players saw the towering troops and were so frightened that they didn’t know which way to run. In an instant, the Aquamarine Knight and his cavalry wiped them clean.

The Aquamarine Knight’s aggro had already gone into disorder. It was now taking the initiative to attack instead of retaliating against enemy attacks. The Aquamarine Knight saw more targets in his line of sight and charged towards them without hesitation.

The yellow sand billowed under the cavalry's’ hooves. The cavalry moved like the wind towards Happy’s players. The sounds of horses running on the sand were only sound effects and didn’t do any damage.

“Mages!” Ye Xiu ordered in the guild chat. Because he was commanding the entire guild, he used the guild chat. When he yelled “Mages!”, all of the mages lifted their staffs into the air. The gems on their staffs glinted in the sun.

“Ice Wall!”

Ye Xiu gave an order. All of the mages immediately began casting the spell. Magic waves rippled and in an instant, nearly a hundred ice walls shot out of the ground like a mountain range, blocking the Aquamarine Knight’s and his cavalry’s assault.


An enormous sound reverberated into the air. The Aquamarine Knight and his cavalry didn’t waver in front of the ice walls and continued their charge.

Bang bang bang bang!

Ice walls shattered one after the other.

“Thieves, advance!” Ye Xiu gave another order. Twenty or thirty thieves hid within the cracks between the ice walls.