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Chapter 656: At All Costs

Chapter 656: At All Costs

Translator: Nomyummi Editor: GravityTales
Swoksaar being the first to fall in the finals was an unexpected outcome. Yu Wenzhou was both Team Blue Rain’s greatest strength and greatest weakness. Everyone knew this. Team Blue Rain was no exception. Thus, Team Blue Rain never neglected their protection towards Swoksaar.

Yet in the finals, Swoksaar was actually the first to fall. Even though Team Samsara had sacrificed one of their team members, it was an extremely good trade for them.

The fans of Team Blue Rain were very worried over this death. On the field, Team Blue Rain was clearly in a bit of a fluster. The reserve players on both teams were automatically switched in. Even though it was still a five versus five situation, Team Samsara seized the opportunity to launch a wave of attacks. But Team Blue Rain was still the number one team during the regular season and a team that had reached the finals. Even though Yu Wenzhou’s early departure heavily affected them, his loss wouldn’t cause them to completely collapse.

Team Blue Rain’s five players stood firm, and another closely-fought contest between them and Team Samsara unfolded. Although Yu Wenzhou was no longer on the field and unable to lead the team or set up formations, his tactics and knowledge imperceptibly seeped into the team after playing for so long together. Despite him not being there, Team Blue Rain was still a team that coordinated well with each other. This was what a pro team should be like.

Countless fans continued to watch in worry. The health of the characters on both sides continued to fall. Even with healers, they couldn’t keep their teammates at full health. This was PvP, not PvE. The battle was constantly changing. Healing had to closely follow the pace of the battle. Every skill and drop of mana had to be utilized efficiently. In this kind of high-level fight, no one had any opportunities to be wasteful. A single overheal could be a deciding factor in a match.

There were sometimes brilliant plays and sometimes mistakes in the shotcalling by both teams. As the fight went back and forth, everyone’s health and mana fell. The match was nearing the endgame, which required perfect play. Both sides were fully focused. Apart from Huang Shaotian chattering away in the all chat, the tensions were at their peak.

Had Huang Shaotian’s trash talking affected this match?

Although the other players in Team Samsara weren’t as quiet as Zhou Zekai, they still took after their ace player. Thus, their team was generally quiet and rarely talked in all chat. When facing Huang Shaotian’s completely illogical and brainless trash talk, Team Samsara wouldn’t bother inviting trouble onto themselves. But Huang Shaotian would still be constantly chattering in all chat even though no one ever replied back. No one knew what Team Samsara’s players were feeling right know. From the way the match was going, it didn’t seem like they made too many mistakes. Or perhaps these mistakes were a result of his trash talking? If Huang Shaotian wasn’t talking trash non-stop, would their play have been more perfect?

The effects of trash talking was difficult to test.

Headwind, Double Stab, Rising Dragon, Falling Phoenix, Sword Strike Rends the Sky!

Huang Shaotian didn’t lose his distinctive characteristic as an opportunist. He suddenly found an opening amidst the wave of attacks. Before anyone else could interrupt him, he chained a series of attacks onto Team Samsara’s Blade Master, Du Ming. Against his own class, Huang Shaotian seemed to be even more merciless. After completing this combo, he finished it with an Immortal Guides the Way. By the time Du Ming’s Blade Master flew backwards, he had already died.

Before Huang Shaotian could feel happy about his kill, he quickly turned around…….

Bang bang bang bang bang bang…..

To Huang Shaotian, the majority of a Sharpshooter’s attacks could be described with a single word. “Bang!”

Repeated gun sounds along with punching and kicking could be heard. The same time Huang Shaotian killed an opponent, Zhou Zekai also killed one.

“F*ck! 1v1 me!!” Huang Shaotian shouted in all chat. Troubling Rain rushed towards Cloud Piercer with a Triple Slash. But Zhou Zekai wasn’t done yet! He continued to shoot. If no one stopped him, he would kill off a second player soon.

With Troubling Rain closing in, Zhou Zekai didn’t dare ignore him. He temporarily switched targets. He retreated, while pointing his gun at Troubling Rain, running while attacking.

“F*ck, stand still! Stop running!!” Huang Shaotian shouted. It looked as if Zhou Zekai was a coward, but anyone who played Glory knew that even though Sharpshooters had close combat skills, it was better to keep a distance away and take advantage of their long-ranged skills. If you didn’t have the ability to close in on your opponent, you would be kited to death.

Zhou Zekai’s actions were very normal. Huang Shaotian’s taunting was being deliberately provocative, but then again, talking back to Huang Shaotian was just inviting trouble without reason anyways.

The ace players on both teams clashed. Everyone hoped for more sparks to fly. But despite Huang Shaotian constantly cursing at Zhou Zekai, Troubling Rain didn’t complete his Triple Slash and turned around. His target wasn’t Cloud Piercer.

Huang Shaotian had switched targets, but his trash talking was still towards Zhou Zekai. It was very obvious too. Most people would have been confused and disoriented by the switch-up. They might even think Huang Shaotian had messed up and gotten the wrong person.

But pro players wouldn’t be so easily affected. When Troubling Rain closed in on Fang Minghua, Fang Minghua didn’t panic. He had Laughing Song retreat calmly to the protection of his other teammates.

Team Blue Rain seemed to have all gotten the same order. All of them pounced in one direction. It seemed like they were determined to kill Laughing Song once and for all.

Zhou Zekai!

The person to stand out again was Zhou Zekai!

The wide-coverage that long-ranged classes possessed was fully utilized by Zhou Zekai. Cloud Piercer shot with his two guns to delay the movements of the other three Team Blue Rain players.

In the end, it turned into a situation, where Team Samsara had Troubling Rain surrounded.

Both teams had a 1v3 situation on side and a 3v1 situation on the other side. But for Team Blue rain, their 3v1 put them on a disadvantage. Even if they switched targets to Cloud Piercer, he was still far away! By the time the three of them arrived, Troubling Rain might already be dead by then.

Huang Shaotian was without a doubt a top God, but fighting 1v3 was a stretch. It was the endgame too. None of them had much health left. Even running away in a 1v3 situation might be difficult for him.

“F*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck!!!!”

When he typed out a bunch of curse words, a yellow light on his computer lit up, giving Huang Shaotian a warning. Huang Shaotian’s “f*ck” wasn’t an appropriate words to use. If he just used it once or twice, everyone would turn a blind eye to it, but they had to give a warning for a bunch of them in a row.

“Sword sword sword sword sword sword sword sword!!!!”

Huang Shaotian immediately switched words. He didn’t dare go against the rules and continue swearing. If he got enough warnings, he would be kicked out from the match. As for whether his “sword” meant “look at my sword” or “dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty” (TLN: the word for dirty and sword sound the same in Chinese) No one knew. After all, using the word “sword” alone wasn’t commonly done.

Huang Shaotian made his decision. His hand speed erupted. Troubling Rain didn’t try and retreat. He swung his sword to fight the three enemies. The match was at the end game. Without much health left, retreating would be worse, so Huang Shaotian was planning on doing his utmost to deal as much damage as possible before he died.

Blood splattered everywhere!

Some of the blood flew out from the other three characters, but there were some that flew out from him. Huang Shaotian tried to make a trade.

Not a one for one, but a one for three!

He didn’t think he could kill the three enemy players or even kill him along with himself. Instead, he wanted to lower their health enough for the others to be able to finish them off.

“The rest is up to you guys!!!”

Huang Shaotian’s final words weren’t trash talk. Troubling Rain fell, but his three opponents had lost a lot of health in exchange. It was very possible that Team Blue Rain would be able to abandon all else and directly wipe them out in one go. Afterwards, it would turn into a 3v1.

The match would end soon. Team Samsara didn’t cower. The three players faced the attacks of the remaining Team Blue Rain players.

In the end, Team Samsara’s three players fell, but they were able to bring down Team Blue Rain’s Paladin with them.

Without giving them any pause, Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer arrived. It was a 2v1, but the remaining Team Samsara player was Zhou Zekai. Apart from healing, there was nothing Zhou Zekai couldn’t do.

Everyone knew the match would conclude soon. Even though Zhou Zekai was skilled, he would still be going up against two enemies. Cloud Piercer may be in a better condition than his two opponent characters, but he still didn’t have much health or mana left at this point.


A single bang resounded throughout the field.

Brilliant Edge fell. After Cloud Piercer stood up, he only had a sliver of health remaining, but he still seemed as calm as ever.

When the camera pointed at Zhou Zekai, his calmness couldn’t be seen. From the camera, only his nervousness could be seen. Even so, the thrill after winning couldn’t be hidden. The audience exploded with cheers. This was Team Samsara’s home stadium. Their victory was a victory in the finals.

In the first round, Team Samsara won over Team Blue Rain: 7.5 to 2.