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Chapter 658: The Battle at Darkness Palace

Chapter 658: The Battle at Darkness Palace

Translator: Nomyummi Editor: GravityTales
Darkness Palace was a place that was filled with countless legends according to the game’s lore. The magnanimity of the palace made the characters look tiny. When you looked up at the ceiling, it looked as distant as the sky.

But to these experienced players, none of this amazed them anymore. Only Tang Rou and Steamed Bun had never been here before. After entering the palace, they looked around everywhere, enjoying the fresh scenery. Ye Xiu and Loulan Slash had contacted each other previously. When they arrived at the palace, they saw Loulan Slash and his group waiting. Loulan Slash immediately invited them to join his team and then directly gave him the position of group leader.

When he saw the equipment worn by the three of them, Loulan Slash felt pity!

“God. I’m feeling sick looking at the equipment on you guys.” Loulan Slash said.

“Then give us some equipment. I don’t mind.” Ye Xiu replied.

“I didn’t bring any with me. I’ll give it to you, when we’re done.” Loulan Slash said.

“Ha ha, then we probably won’t need it.” Ye Xiu laughed.

“Hm? What do you mean?” Loulan Slash didn’t understand.

Ye Xiu didn’t explain and switched topics: “Where are Conquering Cloud’s people?”

“They’re currently inspecting their troops and making arrangements inside. They already saw, so they’re probably on their guard!” Loulan Slash said.

“You haven’t seen any other guilds?” Ye Xiu asked.


“Throw some people along the sides of the road to keep a lookout for them. If they discover anything, we’ll be able to prepare a plan in advance.” Ye Xiu said.

“Relax. I’ve already arranged for it.” Loulan Slash wasn’t so green, he needed Ye Xiu to teach him something as simple as this.

“Let’s go in.” Ye Xiu nodded his head and their group set off. Their group was in high-spirits because everyone knew Lord Grim’s name. Even though they couldn’t personally confirm it, most players firmly believed Lord Grim was Ye Qiu. It didn’t matter whether you were a fan of Ye Qiu or not. The weight that the name Ye Qiu held was obvious. Being able to play with a God in the game would always be an amazing experience.

“Is he God Ye Qiu? Is he God Ye Qiu?” Quite a few people were asking around in the group chat. Even though Lord Grim had the Heavenly Justice tag next to his name, he rarely interacted with the other guild members.

“That’s me, that’s me. Everyone, listen to my directions!” Ye Xiu typed.

“Oh oh oh.” All sorts of emojis were typed into chat, making Loulan Slash feel jealous and envious. This sort of respect wasn’t something he could get by throwing money.

“God, I’ll be heading over there.” Loulan Slash called out. He was planning on leading another group.

“Mm, go ahead.” Ye Xiu replied.

Loulan Slash left the group and was preparing to join the other group, but his character couldn’t teleport over. He walked with Lord Grim and the others, guiding them.

It wasn’t very bright in Darkness Palace. After passing through a few rooms, they finally reached a spacious hall. Several hundred players were already inside, but it didn’t feel crowded. Apart from several stone steles and dusky rays of light, it didn’t feel like they were indoors.

“Those are Conquering Cloud’s people.” Loulan Slash pointed out to Ye Xiu.

“I see them.” Ye Xiu replied. He examined his opponent’s members and then said in the group chat: “Come. I’m going to do some rearranging.”

Each group had ten teams. Ye Xiu rearranged it by class. Each team composition had a clear style. The teams were sorted into distinct melee, long-ranged, healers, AoE, control, trap teams to make it easier to lead.

“Our people are over there. When should we start?” Loulan Slash asked Ye Xiu. He wasn’t in Ye Xiu’s group anymore, so he didn’t know that he was rearranging his troops.

“Whenever you want.” Ye Xiu said, while rearranging everyone.

“Ah! They’ve started!” Loulan Slash suddenly shouted. Ye Xiu turned around. Sure enough, Conquering Cloud had started attacking. All sorts of skills suddenly burst out.

“Have some people go up.” Ye Xiu said.

“Attack people or attack the boss?” Loulan Slash asked.

“It doesn’t matter. Right, where’s the boss?” Ye Xiu asked. He hadn’t seen the boss. Night Streak had the same model as the characters. The boss wasn’t some giant monster, so he wasn’t easy to find with so many people here.

Loulan Slash, who was about to go to battle, stumbled. He couldn’t help but turn around and look at Lord Grim. A normal person asking this question would be normal, but God should know everything. They had arrived at the scene, but he couldn’t find the boss. It made Loulan Slash panic a little.

Before he could answer, he heard Ye Xiu say: “Whatever. That’s your problem.”

Loulan Slash absent-mindedly ran to one side and met up with his group. Conquering Cloud’s people fought the boss, while keeping their guard against Heavenly Justice. It was obvious what Heavenly Justice’s intentions were. For Conquering Cloud, having the opportunity to snatch a Level 70 boss wasn’t easy. They didn’t want to lose this chance.

“Go up!” Loulan Slash roared.

“Attack the people or the boss?” The group members asked.

“It doesn’t matter.” Loulan Slash thought about Ye Xiu’s previous words and gave an answer. In the end, he sweeped over the battlefield and then paused: “Right, where’s the boss?”

Loulan Slash understood now……. The battle was such a mess that the boss Night Streak couldn’t seen.

Loulan Slash also couldn’t find the boss, but his group had people paying attention and pointed it out to him. When he saw the boss, Loulan Slash considered how he should go about attacking. At this moment, Ye Xiu sent him another message: “They have quite a lot of people. I might need some more support.”

“Okay.” Loulan Slash replied. He recalculated how he should arrange everything, when he suddenly heard shouts from nearby. Ye Xiu had led his group forward.

Their target was obvious. They didn’t hesitate. Then again, Ye Xiu didn’t even know where the boss was located. He just directed his team to start attacking enemy players.

“Team one and two to the left. Team three and four to the right. Team five in the middle. Team six and seven stand four units from the back and attack. Team eight CC them. Team nine get ready to throw ice. Team ten, get ready to heal!!!”

This division of work had been arranged beforehand. Without anyone disturbing them, their execution went flawlessly. With just one wave of attacks, a huge hole appeared in Conquering Cloud’s troops. They clearly couldn’t hang on. They hadn’t thought Heavenly Justice would be so aggressive and directly charge at them. It didn’t even seem like they knew where the boss was.

“Hold your ground! Hold your ground! Stay in order! Stay in order!!” Conquering Cloud didn’t have any plans on attacking back. They were shouting orders according to the first thing that they thought of.

“Team nine! Ice!!!” Ye Xiu ordered. Team nine was comprised of Spellblades and Ghostblades. They had been ready to attack at any moment. When they heard the order, they immediately cast their spells. The Spellblade’s Ice Wave Formation and the Ghostblade’s Ice Boundary were different, but they both had a chance to inflict freezing. A huge section of Conquering Cloud’s troops had been frozen into blocks of ice.

“AoE team, don’t stop attacking!!” Team three charge! Make sure to interrupt their high-leveled skills!”

In a large-scale battle, Ye Xiu had no way of displaying his individual prowess. He could only lead the group. Even though he hadn’t formed any tacit understanding with this group, with Ye Xiu’s identity, no one would question his orders. They didn’t ask why and just carried it out. Each of the teams had their use in the battle. There would sometimes be AoE attacks or crowd control or focused attacks. The battle went smoothly.

If they were doing well, Conquering Cloud was naturally having a bad time. Their troops were in a complete mess, yet their leader was still telling everyone to hold their ground. In comparison to Ye Xiu’s quick and precise leading, Conquering Cloud’s troops were like scattered sand. Without any strategy or tactics, they suffered heavy losses with very little advantages to show for it. This was Conquering Cloud’s current state.

If Conquering Clouds continued on in this way, they would be forced out. It wasn’t that the leader was stupid, but rather he didn’t know what do in this situation. The enemy attacks blotted out the sky and covered the ground. It made him feel like if he did this, it wouldn’t be right, but if he did that, it wouldn’t be right either.

“Hold your ground. Hold your ground.” As he shouted these words, the leader was actively surveying the situation and thinking of a solution. However, his thinking couldn’t keep up with the constantly changing situation. As soon as he thought up of something, the battle suddenly shifted. It was as if a spy had ruined his plans. How could he dare to send out any orders?

Once Ye Xiu’s team spread chaos throughout Conquering Clouds, with the rear on fire, how could the ones on the frontlines attacking the boss be calm! Quite a few of them went to help in the PvP in panic, when Loulan Slash’s group suddenly charged forward. Conquering Clouds immediately resisted, thinking Loulan Slash’s group was planning on attacking them like Ye Xiu’s group, so they decided to strike first.

Even though the boss was their target, Loulan Slash obviously couldn’t ignore this attack. His leading couldn’t compare to Ye Xiu’s, but his group had a team of elites too!

Loulan Slash, Ocean Ahead, Little Bei, Night Tide, Thousand Falling Leaves.

These five were planning on entering the Pro Alliance next season. Whether it was their character or their skill, they far surpassed normal players. It could be said that unless a pro team was here, for a five-player team, Loulan Slash’s team were unrivaled in the game.

This point could directly be seen in this battle. These five were unstoppable. They had tacit understanding with one another and their coordination linked together naturally. They already had an aura of pros.

With such a team, Conquering Cloud’s troops were suppressed. Heavenly Justice’s other players weren’t just cheerleaders either. Both sides of Conquering Clouds had to retreat in defeat. They couldn’t control the boss Night Streak either. Attacked on all three sides, their troops fell layer after layer.

“Attack the boss!” Loulan Slash was still clear-headed. He hadn’t forgotten his goal. As he killed players, he directed several of his troops to begin attacking the boss. Conquering Cloud’s defeat had already been determined, but who knows if another guild might show up?

Just as he was thinking about this, he received a message: “Players from Seaside are heading over!”