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Chapter 675: Let“s Cooperate!

Chapter 675: Let's Cooperate!

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Speaking of which, Ye Xiu was more used to calling these guilds by their team’s name. For White Stream to notice such details, he could be considered quite meticulous. However, he was noticing things, he shouldn’t be noticing, and noticing things, he shouldn’t be noticing. It was only after he thought about these things for awhile did he suddenly realize the other side’s intentions.

“Cooperate…..” White Stream quickly calculated. He knew that this method would work against the big guilds, but there was one issue. Would such an alliance be stable enough for something as important as a wild boss?

“This was the equipment and the materials that dropped from the boss just now. If you joined us, we’ll distribute these evenly between the four of us, instead of three.” Loulan Slash said, while writing out a list of items and sent it to the other party. The list sent to him was naturally the rewards dropped by the wild boss. Right when the list was sent to him, Loulan Slash dumped out all of the drops onto the floor.


White Stream had the urge to rush forward at this moment. Why did everyone want wild bosses? Because of its drops. Now someone just threw them onto the ground. He really wanted to come forward and take them, but he wasn’t brazen enough to do so. These items were dropped by the player, not the boss, so the system wouldn’t protect them.

In the end, he didn’t take any action and could only swallow down his saliva. If they dared to throw these items at his feet, it meant that they felt safe to do so. Let alone God Ye Qiu standing there, in that instant, White Stream felt countless cold gazes shoot towards him. Of course, this was only figurative because he himself was outside of the game. However, this feeling told him: don’t make any rash movements; we’re prepared!

Afterwards, White Stream saw those three characters crouch around the pile of items, which even the powerful guilds would envy, and start distributing the items among themselves. The three chatted with each other with smiles and took the items they needed.

Yes, White Stream wasn’t seeing things. They were distributing the items among themselves. Wild bosses were so rare and difficult to kill. How could there be just a few items? Forest Guardian Vich had dropped a total of 19 items, 2 of which were Orange equipment and the rest materials.

In the eyes of the players, Orange equipment dropped from a wild boss was considered the best equipment that they could obtain. In Glory, only Silver equipment created by pro teams could surpass Orange equipment. However, not even pros necessarily had all Silver equipment. Those who didn’t have Silver equipment would have to rely on Orange equipment dropped by wild bosses. There were no Purple equipment in the pro scene. In the pro scene, Purple equipment was poor enough to make players angry, even if the majority of players in the game didn’t even have Purple equipment.

Even though Orange equipment was widely used in the pro scene, Silver equipment were still better. Orange equipment was simply temporary placeholders. The pro scene had only recently started developing. After another eight of ten years, there might not be any Orange equipment at all.

All that being said, the value of an Orange equipment dropped from a wild boss wasn’t any lower than a wild boss material because Orange equipment could be used as research materials for equipment development. With the equipment editor, they could figure out how this equipment had those stats. After obtaining this information, was it possible to elevate the stats to another stage? If the stats of this level of Orange equipment were to be upgraded, wouldn’t a Silver equipment be born? Even though this sort of Silver equipment couldn’t be compared to a custom-made Silver equipment, for Clubs without a lot of resources, this was a common method used to improve their strength.

This kind of research wasn't easy as there were times when the equipment couldn't be restored during the research. Due to this, there was a need to have multiple of the same equipment to compensate for these mistakes.

Of the two pieces of equipment that had dropped just now, Yue Ziqin took one of them away, probably for research. Ye Xiu took the other, after seeing that Loulan Slash wasn’t interested in it. For Ye Xiu and his team, this piece of equipment could help them improve their strength. Next, the materials were distributed after a brief discussion. White Stream watched them from the sidelines. He felt that none of them had lost out. Nineteen items. Even after being distributed amongst three people, each would still get receive quite a number of items. White Stream agreed with the way they distributed the drops.

Afterwards, the three characters stood up again and gazed at him.

White Stream knew the three of them intentionally distributed the items in front of him, showing him that they would distribute the items fair and square.

“If we divide these items between four…..” Ye Xiu spoke, marking the start of a new conversation.

“If we divide them by four, the items would be easier to distribute.” Yue Ziqin said.

“I agree. How about you take out that Violet Fragment and Oak Vine, God Ye Qiu takes out the World Tree Fragment, and I take out a Red Berry and a Sober Stone. These five should be enough for White Stream.” Loulan Slash suggested.

“Wait a minute, why should I give away a Violet Fragment? I can also give a Sober Stone.” Yue Ziqin said.

“What? Are you saying that your Red Berry is the same value as my Oak Vine?” Loulan Slash asked.

“Does it matter whether the item given is of same value of not? It's fin, as long all four of us get similar values. Yue Ziqin replied.

“The items you’re giving up aren’t fair. Also, your remaining items on your side are worth more than what we have.” Loulan Slash said.

“Now we’re dividing by four, so a bit of a difference is fine.”

“Giving your Violet Fragment and Oak Vine to White Stream is the correct way!” Loulan Slash said.

“If I’m giving a Violet Fragment to White Stream, then you have to give a Water Fire Crystal.” Yue Ziqin said.

“Water Fire Crystal? You b*stard, are you doing this on purpose? Do you think I don't know the value of Water Fire Crystal?” Loulan Slash angrily refuted back.

“Alright, alright. Both of you, stop arguing. You guys already arguing like this for such a small matter. Why don't you guys argue again after the next boss?” Ye Xiu finally stepped in to resolve the situation.

Meanwhile, White Stream almost drooled out from listening at them.

This guy was shouting to give him this while the other was demanding to give him that. It caused him to almost take it as real. He even almost went to trade with them.

Violet Fragment, Oak Vine, World Tree Fragment, Red Berry, and Water Fire Crystal… White Stream craved for all of them! He strongly wished that these guys would give all of it to him. But then, when Ye Xiu stepped in, he realized that it was only a conjecture and not for real. D*mn, they weren’t actually giving all of those to him. He almost tricked himself.

Thinking about it again, it felt like they purposely fighting in front of him. It was the same as when they were laying out all of the items on the ground. Were they trying to entice him to join them? Even though he knew what they were trying to do, he was really looking forward to it!

How about… he try following these guys?

White Stream still wasn’t confident. Would these people distribute the dropped items fair and square and not manipulate them to their own advantage? If these people teamed up with each other, then his guild would easily kicked aside by them anytime.

Just as White Stream was still hesitating about it, Yue Ziqin suddenly received a message: “Oh! Another boss spawned.”

“Really? Where? Our side still hasn’t received any news.” Loulan Slash shouted out.

Yue Ziqin didn’t immediately reply, instead he asked White Stream, “Do you want to come with us?”

Another wild boss? White Stream’s side also hadn’t received any news. The Heavenly Domain was too large and wild bosses randomly spawned. If it was just their guild, it wouldn't be strange to miss a boss. Even with all the guilds working together, bosses sometimes wouldn’t be discovered by any of them.

If they didn’t have any information on a boss, it was possible that they wouldn't know if there was a wild boss fight even happening. Rather than a nonexistent chance, why not try working with them? He could also observe their attitudes towards him too.

“Okay! I’ll go too!” After thinking about it for a while, White Stream agreed to follow them.

Yue Ziqin announced that the newly spawned boss was the Swordsman Protector Kayou of Sighing Ravine.

“Another level 70 boss!” Loulan Slash was excited. Today, they had killed three level 70 wild bosses. Even though the number of items distributed reduced each time, it was still better compared to before, where they couldn’t even find one!

“Is there a need to be surprised about this?” White Stream looked down on them, when he saw that other guild leader was so excited just from hearing the name of the wild boss. He was showing off his superiority to the other guilds for having killed a wild boss before. Though he acted this way, he was actually quite excited too!

“Shall we go?” Loulan Slash didn't refute back. Speaking of which, he immediately felt embarrassed after that. The other guild leaders didn’t act like him when they heard the name of the wild boss and yet he acts like such a peasant, how unsightly! He was going to enter the League as a pro player next season, yet he was still acting like this. So embarrassing! He should learn more from God Ye Qiu’s calm demeanor.

“Let's go!” They called out to their troops and set out. Three guild leaders each leading two groups of players. It was very noisy. On the other hand, Ye Xiu’s team was more solemn. With only four people in their team, they wouldn’t even be able to be spotted if they were thrown in amongst the crowd of players. In addition, their equipment might be remarkable in normal teams but compared to these elite groups, theirs was too mundane. Let alone Orange equipment, they didn’t even have any equipment from a hundred player raid dungeons. How could they compare with the elites of these Club guilds?

Conquering Clouds and Radiant didn’t do well in the competition for wild bosses, but that was because they were up against strong opponents. However, for 100 player raid dungeons, their teams could still challenge those.