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Chapter 676: Dagger Team

Chapter 676: Dagger Team

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Ye Xiu’s group, as well as the players from the three allied guilds, returned to the nearest city and teleported as near as they could to the Sighing Ravine.

They were fairly spread out as they moved. After all, the situation still wasn’t very stable. If their movements caught the attention of the club guilds, they might get dragged into the war, so the three guilds tacitly kept a low profile while traveling.

Conquering Clouds wasn’t the only guild to notice Sword Master Kayou. Compared to Ye Xiu and the others, who had to travel through several locations to reach the boss, this guild grouped together quickly.

After clearing the surrounding area, they prepared to move the boss away. Yue Ziqin immediately received reports that his players were being shooed away. This other guild was Parade.

Team Parade had placed 16th this regular season. Along with Team Radiant and Team Conquering Clouds, who placed 15th and 17th in the regular season, these three teams were just as bad as each other. With similar placings, they were in a similar situation in the game. Usually, Parade lived the life of poaching a few wild bosses. Seeing how the big guilds were all fighting one another, why wouldn’t they take advantage of this opportunity and reap some rewards? They were also busy wandering around the world, looking for bosses.

No one knew exactly when this Sword Master Kayou had spawned. In any case, Parade had been the first to arrive. Sighing Ravine had complicated terrain, making it easy to hide a boss. After clearing away any surrounding players, Parade began moving the boss away to somewhere without any enemy eyes.

This kind of remote leveling area hadn’t become a battlefield for the ongoing world war. For this sort of chaotic killing without any real purpose, the fires of war would spread and then shrink because, when a player died, that player would have to revive elsewhere, so the battles would slowly concentrate near the cities and then towards the revival points.

Sighing Ravine was already a remote area away from the populated places. This area wasn’t crowded, but it wasn’t completely empty either, although it was more on the unfrequented side. Even more so at the time of night like now. Parade pulled the boss along and soon found a suitable location. Afterwards, they had a few scouts spread out and pay attention to any suspicious players nearing their location.

Truthfully, there was no such thing as an unsuspicious player! In this type of situation, if you were a player in the general vicinity, you were considered suspicious. It didn’t matter if you were in a guild or not. You would be closely watched by Parade.

However, since they weren’t clearing the area, Parade would only pay attention to them. They wouldn’t take the initiative to give them a warning. If they did that, wouldn’t that be the same as saying 300 silver taels were hidden here? That would just be telling the world that they were killing a wild boss at this location!

The scouts who spread around the map wouldn’t have Parade’s guild tag displayed next to their names.

Ye Xiu and the others were still quite far and their intel was poor. After Conquering Cloud’s players were cleared out of the area, they couldn’t stay there and give any updates. When the main troops arrived, they could only vaguely which direction Parade took off.

“We have to hurry!” Ye Xiu looked at the time. He was worried that by the time they found the boss, the boss would already be dead.

“Spread out to save some time!” The three guild leaders didn’t hesitate. They led their teams towards the general direction. Whenever a split road appeared, they would immediately split their troops. The three guilds had 6 groups for a total of 60 teams or 600 players, which spread out and searched the area.

Their initial direction was accurate, so with this many players searching, along with some experienced judgement, a team from Heavenly Justice discovered a few of Parade’s movements.

When Heavenly Justice made their discovery, Parade noticed them too. It didn’t matter if this team didn’t have a guild tag. If you’re a player, you’re suspicious! Seeing that this team was getting closer to the boss, Parade sent some people to stop them.

Heavenly Justice’s team was killed, but although they didn’t see the boss himself, being attacked was also an indicator. The team reported back and the three guilds all headed towards this location. After Parade wiped out this team, they didn’t immediately pull the boss elsewhere. After all, this team was simply killed because they were suspicious. They didn’t actually know that this team was searching for the boss.

Killing people for no reason wasn’t good, especially for a Club guild. As a result, the players sent to wipe out these suspicious players wouldn’t be someone well known in Parade or have a guild tag on their name. When was it a good time to use open accounts? Now, of course!

If these suspicious players were from a guild, then both sides were well aware of the reason. If these suspicious players were normal players, Parade couldn’t let these players speak badly about them.

Parade continued to fight the boss, while paying close attention to whether there would be any aftereffects from killing this team. Sure enough, many more players were starting towards their location. Parade immediately knew that they hadn’t killed random passersby, but players actively searching for the boss.

Then should they continue fighting or should they hide?

Parade’s guild leader was called Martial Awareness. After thinking about it, he decided to stay and fight. They could use the terrain to their advantage and form a defensive formation around the location. As long as they could stall for long enough, they would have enough time to kill the boss.

Martial Awareness quickly gave the order. He immediately commanded the sub-guild leader to lead a portion of their troops to set up a defensive wall, while he led the team in killing the boss.

They weren’t very familiar with killing this wild boss, but players from Club guilds still had good equipment and skills. From an overall perspective, they were still strong, unlike Heavenly Justice whose only top experts were Loulan Slash’s team, while everyone else was just average. Facing a wild boss, which required many players to defeat, Heavenly Justice couldn’t compare to any of the Club guilds in this sense.

Martial Awareness’s assistant led a group of players and started making arrangements. Their scouts had returned for more support.

Not long afterwards, the sounds of jumbled footsteps gradually echoed throughout Sighing Ravine. They started getting closer and closer. When this Parade sub-guild leader heard the sound getting louder and louder, his expression started to change. It seemed like there were a lot of people coming.

Of course, there were a lot!

The three allied guilds had a total of six hundred players. They outnumbered Parade by nearly 3 to 1, and the group led by Parade’s sub-guild leader by 6 to 1. But more important was the person leading this huge six hundred player army.

Ye Xiu!

Known as the Glory Encyclopedia and a God, how could he not be well versed in tactics? As their troops advanced, the ravine was still as quiet as ever. Even the allied guild leaders knew something was going on. How could Ye Xiu not realize that there must be some sort of trap in that entrance up ahead.

But who cares if there was an ambush?

Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim turned back and looked behind him. The players from the three allied guilds had nearly all gathered together. For the ravine to be so peaceful, Parade must be the only guild there. With such an overwhelming numbers advantage, any sort of ambush was worthless.

“Charge!” Ye Xiu didn’t even try and arrange any formations. He just said one word.

If they only relied on their sea of people to charge through, they would certainly be slowed by the terrain. But the ones leading the charge were daggers that would pierce through the enemy defense.

Lord Grim, Soft Mist, Steamed Bun Invasion.

Loulan Slash’s five-player team.

Yue Ziqin and White Stream couldn’t be considered as weak either. They were experts, who were responsible for leading their entire guild. A total of 18 players led the charge and made the first turn around the corner.

“ATTACK!!” Parade’s sub-guild leader wasn’t polite and gave the order as soon as he saw them.

The prepared attacks flew out, but the opposing seemed to be closing in on them faster than their skills could be released. In the blink of an eye, all sorts of skills fell, not just from Parade, but also from the allied sides.

The dagger pierced into the heart and continued through it.

Eighteen elites. The ten from Conquering Clouds and Radiant were somewhat weaker, but Ye Xiu, Tang Rou, Steamed Bun, and Loulan Slash’s team far surpassed the skill of a normal player. In an instant, they trampled through the enemy ranks.

Parade’s sub-guild leader could tell that the other side had a lot of people and was already uneasy, but how could he have known that they would immediately get rushed through in one go? He even went up himself to defend, but a brick landed on him, a spear launched him into the air, along with a bunch of other skills.


How did he turn into a ghost?

He could only blame his sub-guild leader tag being so eye-catching. It was always best to kill the leader first if there was an opportunity to. It was like this in war, on the streets, and in the game.

The leader was killed not long after the battle began. It didn’t need to be said that Parade’s defense fell into shambles.

They couldn’t even defend against these 18 elites, when the rest of the troops arrived. That sea of people completely devoured them.


Martial Awareness received his sub-guild leader’s message. He was still busy killing the boss. He just looked at it, but didn’t have time to reply. When suddenly, the players next to him clearly made a mistake. He immediately shouted: “What are you doing! Focus! Where are you looking?!”

“Guild leader….. Look behind us……” Someone beside him stuttered.

Martial Awareness turned around to look. F*ck! What the hell was this? Where’d everyone go? Why are there so many people? Who are these guys? Bringing so many people for a boss, have some integrity!

The sea of people had arrived in front of Martial Awareness’s group. Trying to bring the boss away now was impossible. They lost focus out of terror and Sword Master Kayou killed four of them in one slash.

At this point, the guild tags on the players bared their fangs. Martial Awareness immediately realized that it wasn’t just one guild, but three guilds! What’s going on? Were they allying together to swallow them up?

At this moment, a top-heavy weird-looking guy stood out in front of everyone. Martial Awareness glanced at him and was furious! F*ck, what’s this? You’re sending this guy out to make fun of me? But soon afterwards, he saw the ID on this weird guy’s head: Lord Grim. Martial Awareness’s heart fell to his feet.

He knew very well who this person was. At this moment, Lord Grim calmly spoke: “Guild leader, let’s put the boss aside and have a chat?”