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Chapter 869: Chief Sealed Mountain Tiger

Chapter 869: Chief Sealed Mountain Tiger

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In comparison to Brown Bear, who was so buff that it looked wrong, the big boss of the Sealed Mountain Thieves and the final boss with Sealed Mountain in his name, Sealed Mountain Tiger, looked very normal.

In the eyes of players, normal meant that he looked no different from your average player. If he was thrown into the main city, he would be mistaken for a player.

However, as they approached the Sealed Mountain Hall step by step, Sealed Mountain Tiger suddenly stood from his tiger-skin covered throne in the center of the hall.

It seemed like he had been waiting for them.

Should they directly go into battle with the boss?

After the experiencing both the ambushes and the cooperation between boss numbers three and four, everyone was hoping that there would be more tasks to complete before getting to fight the last boss. This was because if there weren’t, then this boss was certain to be immensely powerful, to the point where fighting him alone would be more difficult than a road of ambushes and the combined power of Frigid Eagle and Brown Bear.

Pioneering players only wanted to safely clear the dungeon, and didn’t care about testing their limits against challenging stages. So, at this moment, no one hoped that Sealed Mountain Tiger was strong. If only he could be as weak as a normal monster, that would be great.

Unfortunately, that was also impossible. In dungeons, the strength of bosses wouldn’t necessarily increase as you ventured further into the dungeon. The second boss might be stronger than the third and the third might be stronger than the fourth. However, the final boss would always be as strong as a final boss should be. They would be the most difficult to beat, sometimes even harder than Hidden bosses.

No matter how normal Sealed Mountain Tiger looked, Ye Xiu and the others wouldn’t underestimate him.

As soon as they entered the plaza in the center of the hideout, everyone started to take in their environment and familiarize themselves with the terrain. This was battle preparation. After that, they approached slowly and the final boss finally reacted.

"Everyone, get back."

As always, Lord Grim stayed, everyone else retreated.

Sealed Mountain Tiger’s steps were calm, slowly walking out from the hall. Ye Xiu didn’t make any moves lightly either. He had to focus on figuring the boss out. There was no need to rush in to attack.

Sealed Mountain Tiger was empty handed, no weaponry in sight. His equipment wasn’t of any recognizable class either. It was impossible to figure out what class this boss might be.

But, the boss had to act eventually.

Standing on the stone steps in front of the Sealed Mountain Hall, only 18 steps away from Lord Grim, Sealed Mountain Tiger glanced at Lord Grim and raised his hand to strike.

Not caring what it was, Ye Xiu hurriedly had Lord Grim dodge to the side.

Yet what came at him wasn’t a skill, but people.

The originally empty plaza suddenly became populated with four people who had came out of nowhere. They didn’t know if it was out of convenience or not, but the names above their heads were exceptionally simple: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta.

As soon as the four appeared, they didn’t hesitate to charge towards Lord Grim. As they charged, they each took out their own weapons.

Lightsaber, Revolver, Boxing Gloves, Dagger.

Four people, four different classes, and looking at the weapons they were all DPS-focused classes. Were these four the four elite killers working under Chief Sealed Mountain Tiger?
Ye Xiu didn’t care about the backstories of NPCs. He would defeat them no matter what sort of backstory they had. Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta quickly engaged them. Beta, revolver in hand, was naturally the first to attack.

Gunshots rang out and Lord Grim moved out of the way. Blademaster Alpha, lightsaber raised, sent over a Downwind Sword Slash. The speed of the attack didn’t see much difference from the Enraged Brother Wolf. Lord Grim sidestepped it. Unfortunately, Blademaster Alpha had already closed in on Lord Grim with this attack, sending out more skills.


A missile exploded between them. Lord Grim was unmoved, but Blademaster Alpha was pushed back by the force of the explosion.

Wu Chen’s Dawn Rifle had attacked first, and then Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze also followed with a Gatling Gun.
Though they weren’t your average monsters, they weren’t nearly enough to be considered bosses. So for Happy, there was no need for Ye Xiu to go up first and figure them out. As soon as they engaged in combat, Happy’s members acted as well.

Launchers Dawn Rifle and Chasing Haze’s attacks were just the opening scene. Windward Formation’s Hexagram Prison soon followed, falling on and entrapping Striker Gamma, who looked like he could beat an elephant to death with a single punch. The dagger wielding Delta was an Assassin, whose movement speed was very fast, to the point where he seemed to be having problems controlling it. He smashed directly into an oncoming brick, and then Tang Rou’s Dragon Breaks the Ranks arrived, slamming Assassin Delta into a stone lion in the plaza with the force.

The Gunner Beta, who had stayed away and kept shooting from afar, was now being kept busy by Concealed Light’s summons. With the protection of the team, Luo Ji didn’t have to worry. If all he had to do with focus on controlling his four summons, then he had very good foundations for his skill level. The Gunner Beta had to contend with four at once, no longer able to find the time to attack anyone else.

Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash was the last to strike. Only after everyone had found their own targets did his Ghost Boundaries come to support them.

Did these four elite killers of Sealed Mountain Tiger have any special team tactics?
They didn’t know!
Since everyone had come up like this, they had isolated the four killers from one another. In a party like Happy’s, there were more than enough people who were strong enough to stand on their own, so everyone had enough skill to be a DPS MT.
"Very good! Keep it up!" Ye Xiu had everyone continue, seeing that they were all doing pretty well. He wasn’t bored enough hold back on purpose just to see what tricks these four killers had up their sleeves.

So, Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim dueled Blademaster Alpha, while Dawn Rifle and Chasing Haze provided backup from afar.

Wei Chen’s Windward Formation tormented Striker Gamma. Strikers had some of the lowest attack ranges, so he was helpless against Wei Chen’s Warlock, whose cast range would shock everyone in the Glory circle.

Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion were wiping the floor with Assassin Delta, who went up against them alone.

Most of the others were taking on one in teams of two or three, but Concealed Light had managed to keep Gunner Beta occupied on his own. It was a pleasant surprise, but he didn’t dare to be overconfident, taking extreme care in his performance. As for One Inch Ash and Little Cold Hands, they sent support and healing wherever it was necessary.

With everyone taking their own jobs, the four elite killers had been completely isolated from support and backup. Yet Happy’s party wasn’t necessarily a complete team either. They also had a guy who wasn’t in sync with everyone else, and that was obviously Mo Fan’s Deception.

This guy was like a headless fly. He didn’t have a clear target, sometimes landing a few blows here, then sending a few skills there, like he was a firefighter. However, he wasn’t nearly good at firefighting as One Inch Ash and Little Cold Hands. It would’ve been no different had he not been there.

Soon enough, Blademaster Alpha couldn’t hold on any longer. He was been taking on three people at once, and among them was an expert like Ye Xiu. It didn’t need to be elaborated on how he was holding up. When his health fell to 10 percent, Ye Xiu was careful and held back a little, uncertain if this monster, who could be an elite monster or a mini boss had an Enraged State. When the Blademaster showed no change upon reaching red blood, it was evident that he didn’t have an Enraged State. Soon enough, Blademaster Alpha fell and Ye Xiu’s three person group prepared to switch targets and support another group. Yet, it was at this moment that Sealed Mountain Tiger raised his hand again, standing on the steps, and another Blademaster Alpha came out suddenly, exactly the same as the previous.

"Holy crap, this guy’s a summoner!!" Ye Xiu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. They had thought this was a pre-boss battle or something, and had no idea they had actually already engaged the boss. Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta were actually Sealed Mountain Tiger’s summons.

If this was the case, then it was a bad idea to keep tangling with these four. No matter how many summons died, it wouldn’t cause any harm to the summoner. Though continuous summoning would take a toll on Mana, but this was a boss. The mana consumption of a boss wasn’t something players cared about since their mana was usually just as high as their health.

Thinking of this, Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim immediately aimed his muzzle at the boss. At first they were thinking that they probably shouldn’t provoke the boss before the final battle, but knowing what was really happening now, it would just be a waste of time to give the boss a wide berth.

With a bang, bullets flew. Yet the newly summoned Blademaster Alpha courageously jumped in front of Sealed Mountain Tiger and took the hits for him.

"Meddlesome!" Chen Guo scolded Blademaster Alpha loudly, sending a Satellite Beam directly at him.

Sealed Mountain Tiger, who hadn’t left the stone steps all this time, finally moved. Satellite Beam wasn’t a skill that one could block with their body, so it wouldn’t matter how courageous and loyal a summon was.

With this move, Sealed Mountain Tiger disappeared. When he reappeared, he was ten body units away from his original position.

"He can teleport!" This was a headache for the onwatching Team Happy. Summoners didn’t have much offensive or defensive capabilities and relied entirely on their summons for protection, making the class complicated to control and extremely passive in battle. So Summoners needed to be very good with positioning and movement. This way, your opponent wouldn’t be able to catch you and you could have your summons continuously attack. This made the use of Summoners very complicated, to the point where not a single one had become an All-Star yet.
For positioning and movement, it was obvious that the faster the movement speed, the better, and was there anything faster than Teleportation? It was good that this skill wasn’t of the same class as Summoners, so they couldn’t learn it through normal means. However, self-made weapons could still give them built in skills, no? So, in the Pro League, Summoners would, without a doubt, choose to have Teleport built into their weapons. This skill would definitely fortify a Summoner’s strength.

And now, it seemed that the designers had noticed the advantages this sort of Summoner had and designed a Summoner boss who used that exact strategy. Also, boss’ class skills weren’t necessarily the same as players’. If this boss had a low CD for Teleportation, then that would be very annoying!