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Chapter 987: Who’s Mistake Was It

Chapter 987: Who’s Mistake Was It
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"What's with that guy?" Chen Guo couldn't bear Xiao Jie's behavior any longer.

If the match was played poorly, it was normal for post-match critique. It was just that when pointing out mistakes, it was best to console the player first and then calmly analyze why the match had gone the way it did. Everyone had their own way of communicating, but starting with criticism outright was no good.

Although Lin Yi lost the match, he had lowered his opponent's health down to 5%. That was still an acceptable result, However, he originally had complete control over the fight, but in the end, his opponent stole away the win. Such a fall was the true reason why Xiao Jie wasn't happy, which was why even though the outcome wasn't too bad, Lin Yi was still extremely indignant.

Chen Guo stopped watching. After all, this was the other team's matter. It wouldn't be good to butt in.

After being admonished, Lin Yi quietly sat to the side. The other players came over and patted his shoulders to console him.  

As for Xiao Jie? After venting his anger, his mood seemed to have taken a turn for the better. He looked very satisfied with his strict way of handling the issue. He even had a smile on his face as he turned to say to Happy: "We actually lost with such a big lead. We've really made a fool of ourselves in front of God Ye."

"If it's just because of us making a comeback, you shouldn't blame him too much." Ye Xiu replied.

"What do you mean?" Xiao Jie said.  

"If he had been picked to go first because you guys guessed that our first player would be Steamed Bun and specifically made preparations on dealing with him, then the person who arranged for him to go first should be the one responsible for bearing this loss." Ye Xiu said.  

"What are you saying?" The expression on Xiao Jie's face changed.

Ye Xiu smiled. He had seen through it all. Usually, the team captain was responsible for the pick order. However, from Xiao Jie's bossy rebuke, it looked like the team owner not only guided the general direction of the team, he even interfered in the team's tactical arrangements.

An amateur leading experts was always a major fear. As for Xiao Jie, he couldn't be considered a complete amateur at Glory. After all, he had been a fan of Glory for so many years. Even if he hadn't eaten pork before, he had seen pigs run. Just because he didn't have pro-level technical skill, that didn't necessarily mean he didn't have pro-level tactics and theorycrafting. It was similar to how although a football coach might not be an outstanding football player, but the coach still had the qualifications to tell the team how to kick the ball. It was the same reasoning.

Since he was interfering with the team's matters, when something happened to the team, he should naturally have a clear idea of knowing where the problem lay. Was it because of a bad pick order or because of the player performing poorly?

Lin Yi lost the match. When he came down, he was yelled at by Xiao Jie. Chen Guo didn't like his conduct, but Ye Xiu didn't even put it in his eyes. Xiao Jie couldn't distinguish between right and wrong. Ye Xiu didn't know if Xiao Jie actually had the skill to control the team in such a manner, but from what he saw in the first match, if Lin Yi had been placed specifically to deal with Steamed Bun, then that had not been a wise move.

Sure enough, after pointing this out, the expression on Xiao Jie's face turned even uglier. It appeared that he really had been the one to make the arrangements, so when Lin Yi had control of the fight, he had been delighted, feeling that it was because of his own genius that allowed Lin Yi to suppress his opponent, but after a comeback was made, he suddenly became furious. He thought that Lin Yi failed to seize such a good opportunity. He had placed victory right before his eyes, yet Lin Yi couldn't even grab it. In his eyes, Lin Yi was utter trash.

But now, Ye Xiu actually said that it was problem with the pick order?

"What do you mean?" Xiao Jie glared at Ye Xiu. He didn't even act as polite like before.

"Judging Lin Yi to be Steamed Bun's bane is a mistake." Ye Xiu said.

"Based on what?" Xiao Jie called into question.

"Based on the results of that round." Ye Xiu smiled.

"What a joke." Xiao Jie sneered, "What does the outcome of a single round prove? What's more, Lin Yi had complete control of the match in the beginning. If he hadn't been careless....."

"Once is carelessness. Twice is carelessness, but being careless continuously? Have you not considered that there might be another reason for it?" Ye Xiu said.

"So you're saying that it was because of the pick order? Are you saying that he shouldn't be matched against an opponent that's too easy, so he won't easily underestimate his opponent?" Xiao Jie's voice was filled with ridicule.

"You should think about the specifics yourself!" Ye Xiu smiled. He didn't give him a detailed explanation.

"What? You don't know?" Xiao Jie sneered.

Ye Xiu said helplessly: "Don't tell me you're hoping that I'll help you analyze how to beat my team?"  

"Then how about you enlighten me after we beat your team. When the time comes, it won't affect the big picture anymore." Xiao Jie said.

"You guys are going to need a lot of luck then." Ye Xiu said.

"Don't worry about it." Xiao Jie said coldly.

The current him had completely torn off his initial modesty. After this loss, his pride, his arrogance, and his conceit had been entirely revealed. From this perspective, Xiao Jie wasn't a sophisticated person. His ugly side took form with just a slight pull of the trigger.

On stage, the second round had already begun. A Ghostblade player from Jade Dynasty came out to battle. From a team composition perspective, Jade Dynasty had its own unique characteristics. Their team's main roster consisted of four swordsmen, a Berserker, a Blade Master, a Ghostblade, a Spellblade, as well as a healer.

This Ghostblade player was one of their main roster players. His character was called Anxious Ghost. He was a fairly standard Ghostblade player that walked the middle road, a Phantom Demon Sword Demon hybrid.

Steamed Bun's Steamed Bun Invasion only had 5% of his health left. The two sides clashed. Not waiting for anything surprising to happen, Anxious Ghost made quick work of him.

The previous round had a been a narrow victory over Lin Yi, but Happy's fanclub cheered as if Steamed Bun had done a 1v5. Nothing really happened this round and Steamed Bun was killed. Happy's fanclub immediately began jeering at him without mercy, and they even took something as unrealistic as a 1v5 to jab at him. It wasn't them being mean. It was because they viewed Steamed Bun as their friend, a brother who had once played with him in game. It was a form of teasing between bad friends.

Steamed Bun shook his head as he went down from the stage. He actually seemed a bit angry at his quick loss in the second round: "I only had that much health left. They didn't even give me some steamed buns to recover. Ai ai ai!"

Everyone on Happy's side laughed. They saw Steamed Bun sit down dejectedly. No one went over to console him though because everyone knew there was no need to. Sure enough, five seconds later, after hearing the fanclub's teasing, Steamed Bun turned his head and started chattering away. This guy even tried to climb over the wall between the players and the crowd, but the security guards stopped him.

The security guards were at a loss. They had seen fans rushing towards the player area, but they had never seen a player climb towards the fans. Was that in accordance with the rules? The security guards didn't know. They hadn't noticed in the rules whether a player was permitted to leave his seat and go to the audience. Who would think of doing such a thing?"

Not long after Steamed Bun went off stage, Team Happy's second player came up. It was coincidentally Team Happy's Ghostblade --- Qiao Yifan.

Qiao Yifan's Ghostblade, One Inch Ash, was a pure Phantom Demon though, which was a lot worse at 1v1s. He only had two pieces of Silver equipment too, while Team Jade Dynasty's Anxious Ghost was the same as their captain's Ten Thousand Swords. Anxious Ghost had seven pieces of Silver equipment. From just their characters, One Inch Ash was at a fairly large disadvantage.

But in terms of player skill, Qiao Yifan was much more consistent than Tang Rou and Steamed Bun. He had come from a champion team too, so he had solid fundamentals. Even if Team Tiny Herb never gave him a chance to play in a match, just from their practice quality, how could a team like Jade Dynasty, which had been relegated for so many years, compare to a champion team?

Moreover, after receiving wholehearted guidance from a God like Ye Xiu, his class change was a huge success. At this point, Qiao Yifan could already clearly feel the advantages from changing classes. He was like a fish swimming in water. His intuition and awareness were like a match made in heaven with Phantom Demons. He had never felt such comfortableness and freedom when he had played as an Assassin on Team Tiny Herb. As his skill level increased, this feeling of comfort became even stronger. Qiao Yifan simply loved this class too much.

His control over the class had reached a point where his character would move however he wished it to. For Qiao Yifan, it greatly made up for his confidence, which he had always been lacking. He no longer doubted himself. He firmly believed that he would become an outstanding pro player.  

The fight began. Team Jade Dynasty's Anxious Ghost raised his sword and charged over. In the previous fight, he made quick work of the nearly dead Steamed Bun Invasion. Victory had been easy. It wasn't enough. The current him was in high spirits. His thirst for battle was also extremely fierce. He hated how he couldn't immediately start clashing with his opponent and fight a real battle.

Qiao Yifan did not directly rush towards Anxious Ghost and instead took a different path. He began circling around from the side. This battle would begin with an ambush from one side.

It had to be said that Qiao Yifan's difficult practice for half a year as an Assassin had helped him grasp the techniques of an Assassin. For example, a sneak attack was something that Assassins needed to be proficient at. Qiao Yifan wasn't great, but he had tried his best the entire time. His grasp of it might not be very high-level, but it was at least very solid. He wouldn't lose it just because he had changed classes. The Phantom Demon One Inch Ash's sneak attack route was extremely precise. He circled around diagonally. When he showed his head, he was already behind Anxious Ghost.

"Idiot! Behind you!" Seeing this scene, Xiao Jie suddenly cursed anxiously.

Qiao Yifan wasn't in a hurry to attack. He hid himself behind Anxious Ghost, observing his movements.