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Chapter 991: The Older the Wiser

Chapter 991: The Older the Wiser
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The system announced One Inch Ash's victory, but the stadium was completely silent.

The final turnaround had happened too quickly. Everyone had yet to comprehend what had transpired. The vast majority of the viewers as well as the commentator felt like Qiao Yifan had been playing way too cautiously. He had lured the opponent into a trap, but he failed to perfectly restrict the opponent. The viewers and the commentator had overlooked the fact that, while Qiao Yifan's One Inch Ash lost a huge amount of health, he also successfully lowered his opponent's health.

The commentator explained how Qiao Yifan played this match, waking up the viewers watching the stream. However, the stadium didn't have a commentator speaking. Amidst the silence, everyone watched as Team Jade Dynasty's player Zhao Shengchao stood up and walked down from the stage.

In any case, Happy had won again. There was no need doubt about it. As a result, the first to react were Happy's supporters. Even if they didn't understand the contents of the match, just the result deserved applause.

Zheng Shengchao received the cold-shoulder like the previous player. The boss, Xiao Jie, ignored him. Zheng Shengchao sat down nervously. The fourth player went over to Xiao Jie for instructions, but he saw Xiao Jie wave his hands at him with a look of disgust. He didn't say anything and sent him away.

Xiao Jie used silence to express his displeasure with his players. The fourth player was Jade Dynasty's fourth swordsman. His opponent was still Qiao Yifan, except Qiao Yifan's character One Inch Ash only had 10% of his health left. He was nearly out of mana too. Even so, this Spellblade still felt fearful.

This time, Qiao Yifan didn't drag the fight on. One Inch Ash headed straight for his opponent. Without any mana, One Inch Ash couldn't use any skills. He could only use basic attacks. Not long afterwards, the opponent killed him. 

Qiao Yifan lost. He got up from his seat and got ready to leave the stage. This time, the stadium wasn't confused. They didn't hesitate and applauded wildly.

Even if many of them weren't able to understand the contents of the previous match, Qiao Yifan finishing a 1v2 in the group arena was clear as day. For a Phantom Demon, which did not excel even at 1v1s, being able to accomplish this was very impressive. The applause towards Qiao Yifan wasn't lacking.

As Qiao Yifan left the stage, he heard the thunderous applause and felt a bit dazed. Once he confirmed that the applause was for him, the formerly invisible Qiao Yifan felt moved. When he looked towards his team, his teammates also stood up and welcomed him with applause. Qiao Yifan felt moved once again. He also felt somewhat embarrassed. He rushed off the stage and walked over to his teammates.

"How does a 1v2 feel?" Ye Xiu asked.

"Pretty good." Qiao Yifan scratched his head. The smile on his face brimmed with happiness.

"Take a break. Watch us next." Ye Xiu smiled.  

"Mm." Qiao Yifan nodded his head. He and everyone else returned to their bench. Team Happy's third player didn't immediately take his baton though.

"Old Wei?" Ye Xi looked around. He discovered that Wei Chen was at the very corner of their player bench. His head was buried in his arms, and he was scrunched up like a ball. Who knew what he was doing.

"Wait wait. Let me finish smoking." Wei Chen raised his head. He let out two puffs of smoke from his mouth. Chen Guo was furious when she saw this! The stadium was a public venue. Smoking was not allowed inside. However, this guy had hidden himself in a corner to grab a smoke. Chen Guo didn't know what to say. As the oldest in Team Happy, Wei Chen truly wasn't a role model for his peers.

After breathing in two puffs of smoke, Wei Chen clapped his hands and stood up. Who knew where his cigarette had gone off to. He walked over boldly and nodded his head fiercely at Qiao Yifan: "Little Fan, you played pretty well."

"Haha..." Qiao Yifan laughed foolishly.

"Watch me next." Wei Chen's arrogance pierced the heavens as he spoke.

Chen Guo didn't even say "Good luck!" to this guy.

Wei Chen didn't need this kind of encouragement. He walked onto the stage high and mightily. The stadium clapped out of politeness towards the next player. Then, they saw this guy wave his hands to send his greetings. He looked like he was enjoying it very much up until the applause died down. Only then did he finally climb onto the stage.

Soon afterwards, the next round of the group arena began. Team Jade Dynasty's Spellblade versus Wei Chen's Warlock, Windward Formation.

"Okay, I'll give you three minutes to come find me! If you can't find me, you should just forfeit!" As soon as the match started, the first thing Wei Chen did was type this into the all chat.

Jade Dynasty's player ignored him.

In that match, Mysterious Fantasy forfeited to Wei Chen because that point didn't even matter to them. In fact, that forfeit actually raised their team's morale. It was a trade off for better psychological stability. In this group arena, no matter how lacking a team's morale was, it didn't make sense to directly forfeit.

Everyone treated Wei Chen's words as psychological warfare. No one took it seriously, but in the next second, everyone actually saw Wei Chen's Windward Formation decisively run into a corner. This guy had actually started hiding.

The crowd went into an uproar. All sorts of rowdy jeering and whistling sounded. There was even some applause, but it sounded very weird. The applause was clearly a sarcastic one.

Chen Guo felt so ashamed that she wanted to crawl under the seats because Qiao Yifna's outstanding performance had helped Happy win a lot of fans. Chen Guo reckoned that all of that work had instantly been undone by Wei Chen's dirtiness.

Jade Dynasty's Spellblade wasn't affected by Wei Chen's words. He didn't directly head over though and instead took a more roundabout path. This was the first time Jade Dynasty's player went along a more strategic path. He walked around, but wasn't able to find the target. Wei Chen was still hiding in a corner near his spawn point, not moving.

The commentator suffered the most. No matter how experienced he was, it wouldn't be enough. One side wasn't moving. The other side was running around in circles. What was there for him to do? Calculate the distance between the two players?

Jade Dynasty's player ran around in a circle a few times but still didn't see his opponent, but continued to look around. This player had clearly underestimated Wei Chen's shamelessness. He didn't think Wei Chen would go so far as to do such a disgusting move. However, Wei Chen still did it. He sat in a corner near the spawn point like a cat.

In the blink of an eye, three minutes passed. Wei Chen typed out on the dot: "Three minutes is up. You still haven't found me. Go forfeit."

The stadium suddenly made all sorts of noise. However, the player booths were soundproof. The players wouldn't know what the stadium's reaction was. After all, Glory was different from other esports. Leaks could be game changing. As a result, players on stage were practically sealed in.

Even if he could hear the crowd's reaction, Wei Chen definitely wouldn't bat an eyelid towards it. He shouted for the opponent to forfeit, but there was no reply. Wei Chen continued to grumble: "Why aren't you forfeiting? Do you think this is fun for me?"

The crowd suddenly felt the urge to curse at him. That was exactly what they wanted to say to Wei Chen.

Jade Dynasty's player ignored him, but after running in circles for three minutes, he had to start seriously considering that his opinion of Wei Chen's shamelessness had been way off. The Spellblade turned around and started moving towards Windward Formation's spawn point.  

During this time, Windward Formation kept on typing messages, using all sorts of unscrupulous words to provoke Team Jade Dynasty. He obviously used Qiao Yifan's 1v2 a lot. The viewers finally got something. The viewers confused about Qiao Yifan's second win had been explained through Wei Chen's trash talk. What an incredible player! The viewers, who now understood Qiao Yifan's play, admired him even more. At the same time, they also felt sympathy: How did such a player have such a filthy teammate?

Finally, Jade Dynasty's Spellblade reached Windward Formation's spawn point. He started moving slower, carefully observing his surroundings.

Wei Chen's trash talk continued as if he didn't know his opponent was nearby. Everyone had one thought right now. They hoped that Jade Dynasty's Spellblade would hurry up and uncover him so that guy could shut up already.

He's getting close! He's getting close!

The viewers had an omniscient view of the match started to become excited, but the moment the Spellblade was about to make the last step to find his opponent, Windward Formation suddenly ran out of his corner and started moving.


Many people in the crowd cursed inwardly. How did he know? No one understood. He probably cheated? Quite a few people had started doubting Wei Chen's morality.

In any case, the Spellblade missed his opportunity. He wasn't able to find Windward Formation at the spawn point and that guy's trash talk kept on pouring out. This time, the Spellblade was finally a bit confused because he had lost all sense of direction. He started wondering if Windward Formation was even there.

He is! He's about to come too!!

The viewers hated how they couldn't rush over and tell the Spellblade what was happening. From their god's view, they discovered that after Windward Formation went in a circle, he had circled around to the Spellblade's back. The commentator became excited too because, after Qiao Yifan's two matches, he started taking the habit of paying attention to the map's terrain. When he switched viewpoints, he suddenly realized that after Windward Formation circled around, the distance, angle, and terrain were all favorable towards Windward Formation.  

The commentator immediately said this point and couldn't help but sigh: "It looks like Team Happy's veteran and Team Blue Rain's former captain isn't as boring as everyone imagined him to be. I only have one thing to say: the older the wiser."