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Chapter 992: Victory Boos

Chapter 992: Victory Boos
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The viewers watching the broadcast could hear the commentator's words, so they understood how impressive Wei Chen's play was. However, the lesser skilled members of the audience couldn't see anything special about it. They continued to boo at Wei Chen.

Amidst these boos, Windward Formation moved into an exceptionally good position. Perfect timing and advantageous terrain. Everything was in his favor. As soon as he attacked, he forced Jade Dynasty's Spellblade into a difficlult situation.  

Warlocks excelled at controlling situations. Their attack range was higher than a Spellblade's. In addition, Windward Formation's Silver weapon, Death's Hand, gave +4 to spell casting distance. The Spellblade was being toyed around by Wei Chen like a wooden marionette.

The crowd was still booing wildly, hoping for Jade Dynasty's Spellblade to teach Wei Chen a lesson, but they soon discovered that it was the complete opposite from what they had hoped. Jade Dynasty's Spellblade was actually being destroyed by that dirty, shameless guy.

The boos stopped. The crowd had mixed feelings. For a moment, they were unable to give any applause to Wei Chen, even though he had beautifully grasped the distance and pace of the fight.  

At the same time, the other match taking place at a different stage had officially ended.

1v5. What was thought to be impossible was established on the basis that the level of the two participating sides were close. Continuing their streak from the last match, Excellent Era's Sun Xiang once again swept through the group arena alone. In the follow team competition, after easily killing one of the other side's players, Excellent Era ended the match early with all six of their members intact.

There were many Excellent Era fans at the stadium. Although they couldn't help but focus more of their attention on the match between Happy and Jade Dynasty, Excellent Era sweeping through this match was still welcomed with applause.

This kind of achievement wasn't anything to be proud of for Excellent Era, but they wouldn't refuse the passionate support of their fans. Excellent Era's players stood together on stage, waving their hands towards the audience. The broadcast officially announced Team Excellent Era's advance to the Challenger League's finals.

However, it looked as if Team Excellent Era didn't care who their next opponent would be. After satisfying a few requests for signatures and pictures, Team Excellent Era exited the stadium. They didn't even bother waiting for the other match to end.

Xiao Jie noticed Excellent Era's arrogance and felt extremely unhappy. He couldn't bother bickering about it at this moment though. It was still a question whether or not Team Jade Dynasty could beat Team Happy.

Team Jade Dynasty hiding their strength was originally supposed to be a surprise for Team Excellent Era, but when they faced Team Happy, Xiao Jie was shaken.

After all, he had been a fan of Glory since the very beginning. He was no stranger to the names Ye Qiu, Wei Chen, or Sun Zheping, so after hesitating again and again, Xiao Jie reluctantly decided to reveal his surprise ahead of time.

With that, he thought beating Happy wouldn't be a problem, but even after switching to superior equipment, Xiao Jie was unable to see any sort of advantage. They were being dominated from start to finish. This match didn't even look like a competition between two equals. They were still being beaten even after switching equipment. If he had left the surprise until the end, how badly would they be losing?

Xiao Jie didn't dare think about it. Seeing Windward Formation force his team's Spellblade into all sorts of predicaments, disgust was written all over Xiao Jie's face. He hated losing and loathed this kind of performance. He had bought Team Jade Dynasty to have fun, not to endure suffering.

The Spellblade was finally defeated. Wei Chen won effortlessly. If the part where he had shamelessly went into hiding had been removed, the crowd would have been very willing to give him a round of applause. However, with that sort of opener, the crowd felt like the quality of the match had been dragged through the dirt.

To think he won like that... everyone thought to themselves.

Xiao Jie continued to sit there, not saying a word. The let the players swap on their own. They were already on their last player. As for Happy? Including Wei Chen, Happy still had three players. Ye Xiu and Sun Zheping had yet to even make an appearance. Xiao Jie didn't have any hope towards this Spitfire either. He only hoped that he would lose without making a fool of himself and not give a shameful performance.

The poor Spitfire player didn't have any confidence either. 1v3? For a small character like himself, such an achievement only appeared in his dreams. He didn't dare think about who the next player on Happy was. He was afraid that he might not even be able to beat the player on stage right now. What shameless method would this despicable guy use to deal with him?

The Spitfire player trembled with fear as he walked towards the stage. He swiped his account card. A short moment later, the match began. A string of letters popped up in the all chat: "Is there any point in trying to fight? Why don't you just forfeit!"

The boos from the crowd nearly shook the stadium. They had never seen someone so shameless before. Couldn't you try a different method for once? The viewers saw it clearly! While Windward Formation typed that out, he once again hid in a corner just like in the last match.

What about Team Dynasty's side? The Spitfire player carefully moved along a strategic route. The thought that Wei Chen would do the same thing as in the previous round didn't even cross his mind. Not just anyone could fathom such shamelessness.

But after going around and around, he was unable to find his target. Jade Dynasty's player was forced to lower himself and consider things from a shameless point of view.

No way, right?

He questioned his own guess as he controlled his character to move towards Windward Formation's spawn point.  

The crowd was in an uproar. If this kept going, it wouldn't be a copy of the last round, would it? Boos and shouts erupted. Even Happy's most loyal supporters felt too embarrassed to say anything. The Happy fanclub formed by Seven Fields and the others had shrunk down into their seats. It looked as if they were ready to slide to underneath their seats at a moment's notice.

Fortunately, Jade Dynasty's player wasn't as stupid as everyone thought. After seeing his teammate get ambushed by Wei Chen's Windward Formation, how could he not be on guard against it? As he approached the spawn point, he changed his pathing, going along the route that Windward Formation had previously used to flank his teammate.

"Beautiful!!" The crowd couldn't help but cheer. Right now, they weren't concerned about the competition between the two teams. They just wanted to see that despicable Warlock get taught a lesson. They hoped that the Spitfire would surprise that guy from behind and make him piss his pants in fear.

This scene was about to happen. The Spitfire slowly approached, but Wei Chen's Windward Formation remained still. If this was before, he would have already started running, right?

Shouldering countless people's hopes, the Spitfire finally circled around to the spawn point. Wei Chen's Windward Formation didn't seem to be aware of him.

"Arrived?" He simply said in the chat.

What's arrived?

Everyone was puzzled. They hadn't thought that it was just a casual greeting. Weren't they playing a serious match, right now?

Unfortunately, the poor Jade Dynasty player was also puzzled. He had been startled by the sudden question. Then, Windward Formation's attack flew at him.

Jade Dynasty's player wasn't so confused that he had forgotten what he was doing. As soon as he saw the opponent attack, he instinctively dodged and counterattacked. The two characters immediately started fighting, exchanging blows.

The crowd started discussing amongst each other. They didn't think that this scene was as simple as it looked. Happy's Warlock must have some sort of disgusting trick up his sleeve.

What could it be? Everyone thought to themselves. As they thought about it, they saw Team Jade Dynasty's Spitfire fall.  


Everyone was dumbstruck, when they saw the word Glory jump onto the screen. 

Where was his signature despicableness? Where was the shamelessness? Why was it over already?

The stadium didn't have a commentator helping them, so they were all scratching their heads in wonder. However, those watching the broadcast had already been told by the commentator, who didn't know whether to laugh or cry, that this was just an ordinary fight. Happy's Warlock was more or less too lazy to move, so he just waited for the Spitfire player to come. Then, the two sides fought, ending with the Spitfire falling.

The viewers watching the broadcast were cursing, while the crowd at the stadium were still puzzled. They felt like they had missed something. Everyone was staring at the screen, hoping to find something from the replays.

But they still weren't able to see anything. The crowd watched as Wei Chen walked out from the stage, also completing a 1v2 like his previous teammate. However, they had no idea what to do.

But after seeing that guy waving his hands towards them, a single thought formed in their minds.

Boo at him! Keep booing!

The crowd once again booed the winner. And then, they saw this guy continue waving his hands, welcoming their boos.

Did he not understand what these boos meant? The boos suddenly became louder. Wei Chen acted as though there was no one there and returned to his seat.

In the group arena section, Team Happy had won 3 points. It could be considered as an impressive result. In the next team competition, as long as they killed three of their opponent's players, they could not lose the match. If they killed another one, the match would end in their guaranteed victory.

The pressure had been piled onto Team Jade Dynasty. Xiao Jie no longer stayed silent. He got up and walked towards the players.

"What did you think about your performances in the group arena?" Xiao Jie asked.

No one in Team Jade Dynasty uttered a word.

"It looks like all of you know and feel ashamed. What about the following team competition? What do you plan to do to win? Will it be like the group arena? Stroll right into the opponent's trap? Get crushed by the opponents?" Xiao Jie said.

"Of course not." Someone suddenly lifted his head and gave a smile full of confidence.