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Chapter 993: Deciding Match

Chapter 993: Deciding Match
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The person who spoke up was Team Jade Dynasty's Cleric, Lu Shilin. Xiao Jie had personally scouted him. In his eyes, he was an outstanding Cleric. When Xiao Jie purchased Team Jade Dynasty, he naturally stuck him into the team. Lu Shilin could be considered as someone under his personal command. Xiao Jie had originally intended on directly handing Lu Shilin the team captain's position, but he wasn't stupid. He knew that he hadn't brought half of the team over. He had only brought one person. An individual's power was rather weak, even if he had the boss' backing. It might not be enough to convince the rest of the team.

As a result, the team captain was still Lin Yi. Apart from that, Xiao Jie even asked their former captain, Zhang Jian to help. Thus, when Team Jade Dynasty's ownership changed, no one was unhappy.

It was just that, at this moment, Xiao Jie was not happy at all. He had thought that they were in a superior position, but he didn't see any of their superiority in the group arena, which made him seriously question these players' ability to perform. If not, how could they have lost in such an ugly manner?

Right now, if they wanted to reach the finals, they needed to win the team competition with three or more players surviving. If this team continued to perform the same way that they did in the group arena, it would truly be hopeless. Fortunately, the true core of Team Jade Dynasty would finally be coming out.

This was Team Jade Dynasty's true power. Just wait and see, Happy. Xiao Jie shot a glance at Happy. An arrogant and proud smile once again appeared on his face.

The break time in between the group arena and team competition quickly passed. Jade Dynasty's players readied themselves. There was nothing new to their player list. It was the same five players from the group arena along with Lu Shilin.

"Do well! Take revenge!" Xiao Jie yelled to his teammates.

"Haha, revenge already? Then what will happen when you get eliminated?" The person who replied was Happy's Ye Xiu.

"You truly deserve to be called a God. You're quite confident!" Xiao Jie's voice carried a hint of sarcasm. His politeness at the start of the match was non-existent.

"And I should be." Ye Xiu nodded his head towards Xiao Jie's remark.

"You'll pay the price for your conceit." Xiao Jie sneered.

Ye Xiu didn't know whether to laugh or cry: "And I thought you were conceited! You didn't give any advice to them for the team competition, right?"

Xiao Jie's face darkened. He hadn't said too much in the team competition, but he still said a few words. He had purchased Team Jade Dynasty so he could enjoy planning strategies with the team.

"I hope you didn't. If not, the Alliance might have to work overtime and convene a meeting to discuss the new competitive format if this match ends too quickly." Ye Xiu said.

"Hahahaha." Chen Guo was unable to keep up her image and started laughing loudly. She had long since gotten a bad impression of Xiao Jie since long ago. 

Xiao Jie always acted as if his beliefs were infallible. If the team played spectacularly, it would be because of him. If the team played poorly, it was the fault of the players; he wouldn't blame himself at all. If Ye Xiu hadn't returned fire, Chen Guo would have rushed forward to say a few words herself. Fortunately, Ye Xiu did it first. His replies were much more brilliant. This type of reasonable and justifiable trash talk was truly Ye Xiu's strong point!

The Alliance wanted to test the new competitive format in the Challenger League, but they forgot that there was a huge skill disparity in the Challenger League. Didn't Excellent Era quickly and easily finish up and go home to eat? If Happy crushed Jade Dynasty and also finished early, what conclusions would the Alliance be able to come to with this Challenger League experiment? That truly was quite an incisive question!

"Hang in there! You have to hang in there!" Chen Guo added fuel to the fire and blurted out a few more words.

"Hmph. You won't be smiling in a bit." Xiao Jie replied.  

"Of course." Chen Guo said proudly. She was usually the one who was the more worried, but in this critical moment, she was suddenly filled with confidence. She firmly believed that Happy wouldn't lose to this team. That wouldn't be professional!

Team Happy's participating players started going on stage too.

Because only three players had appeared on stage in the group arena for Happy, it was still unknown who would be going on stage in the team competition. The players who closely followed the Challenger League were quite familiar with an eye-catching team like Happy. They paid particular attention to this issue. Even the commentator was guessing who Happy would send out for the team competition. It was only until Happy's players started going on stage was the answer revealed.

The one in front was Ye Xiu. He wasn't just a God in Team Happy. He was someone who remained unsurpassed in the Glory scene. Behind him was Sun Zheping. With the name Blood and Blossoms, he was only one step away from the peak of Glory. From the boos from the crowd, it wasn't hard to guess who was next. Wei Chen. He would win by any means necessary. He embodied the concept of shamelessness. After the boos, the crowd suddenly started cheering and clapping because this was another player who had won through solid fundamentals in today's group arena, Qiao Yifan. He had come from a top team and had similar accomplishments in the group arena like Wei Chen, but the treatment towards him was the complete opposite. It was certainly a wondrous scene to look at.

After Qiao Yifan, the next player was clearly quite popular as this player received many cheers. This player had always received a lot of attention over the entire course of the offline tournament.

Tang Rou. Not only did she possess incredible mechanics, she also had outstanding looks. After appearing in the offline tournament, she received all-around attention. Chen Guo had received not just a few requests for Tang Rou. There were even many powerful people who directly looked for Tang Rou, trying to recruit her.

These people seemed to have a good understanding of Happy's situation. As a result, they felt like the reason Tang Rou was willing to play for Team Happy was definitely because she didn't fully understand her own value, and in order to recruit such an outstanding player in all regards, many teams were willing to pay a high price for her. This was why the clubs were quite confident.

Unfortunately, they didn't completely understand Tang Rou. They thought that they could move Tang Rou with very generous offers, but these had no effect on Tang Rou.

What exactly did she want?

This was what the various clubs wondered after getting in touch with Tang Rou. Unfortunately, no one could find the correct answer. They could only watch quietly as Tang Rou performed spectacularly again and again for Happy. It made them lament. Such a pearl was being thrown to the swines right in front of them, but they were unable to save it. It was truly too regretful.  

After Tang Rou was Happy's Cleric, An Wenyi. Healers were a rather mild and not very eye-catching class that made people's blood boil. In addition, all of his other teammates shined too brightly. When An Wenyi appeared on stage, the atmosphere in the stadium clearly became a bit colder, but An Wenyi dind't mind because he never felt like he had done anything to deserve their cheers. If someone actually cheered for him, wouldn't that be more strange?  

When he came onto the stage, he saw that Jade Dynasty's Cleric hadn't gone to his seat yet. Instead, he was waiting on the side for Happy's players. Ye Xiu, Sun Zheping, Wei Chen, Qiao Yifan, Tang Rou. All of them passed by him one by one. He kept a smile on his face and didn't pay much attention to them, but when An Wenyi walked by, he came over and welcomed him. 

"Hi." Lu Shilin extended out his right hand. 

"Hi." An Wenyi naturally shook his hand.

"In this team competition, the two of us will be the ones who decide who wins and loses." Lu Shilin said. Then, he drew back his hand and left with a smile.

An Wenyi was startled. His hand was hanging still in the air. The other side had only shook his hand casually. As for Lu Shilin's words, it wasn't hard to figure out what he implied from the way he shook hands. He was hinting that the huge disparity between the Clerics would decide the winner of this match.

"What an arrogant guy!" Wei Chen exclaimed. The rest of Happy had heard Lu Shilin's challenge to An Wenyi.

"Haha, psychological warfare? Boring." An Wenyi shook his head.

"Not entirely." Ye Xiu said, "Healers are frequently the deciding factor in the team competition. This isn't a bad tactic."

"I'll still do my best." An Wenyi said.

"Everyone will." Ye Xiu smiled.

"Then you guys work harder. It's best if you don't need this senior to rescue you guys." Wei Chen said lazily and then headed towards his seat. In this team competition, he was their sixth player. 

Happy's players took their seats and swiped their cards. After checking everything, the characters on both sides entered the waiting room. Once the countdown reached zero, the two sides loaded into the map. Happy versus Jade Dynasty. The deciding battle that decided who would advance to the finals officially began.  

The players on both sides spawned at the corners of the map and started moving. Both sides had studied the map previously. As for their opening moves, none of them started discussing them when the match started. They had already made preparations beforehand. Afterwards, they would need to make the appropriate adjustments throughout the match.

Team Jade Dynasty's four swordsmen circled around Lu Shilin, maintaining a complete formation before advancing. Team Happy's five players separated and ran randomly around the map like they had no solid strategy planned.

Of course, no one believed that Happy didn't actually have a strategy going in. The commentator looked around the map through his god's view, observing the movements of Happy's characters to determine their intentions.

"One Inch Ash and Little Cold Hands are fairly close to each other. They aren't moving forward as fast as the other three. The attackers clearly aren't going to be these two. As for those other three, Ye Xiu, Sun Zheping. One is the Battle God, the other is the former number one Berserker. I think besides Han Wenqin, no one is more aggressive than those two? As for Tang Rou, even though she's a rookie, her aggressiveness isn't lacking compared to her seniors. In terms of style, I don't think there's a player combination that's more aggressive than these three….."