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Chapter 994: Now He“s Dead

Chapter 994: Now He's Dead

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What the commentator called the strongest offensive trio in all of Glory didn't stick together. The three characters each went down different paths. The broadcast switched to a bird's eye view of the entire map, with the players of each team outlined by different colored highlights. All the pathings of the players became much more obvious.

"Uh, from the bird's eye view we have, we can clearly see the movements of the players on each team. Jade Dynasty's players are more concentrated, maintaining a formation as they advance together. Team Happy, on the other hand, is completely scattered around, apart from One Inch Ash and Little Cold Hands, who are just barely in range of supporting each other. The other three characters have all pulled away, but from the directions they're each heading in, their intentions are rather clear. It's a little hard to believe, but these three… It seems like they plan to surround Team Jade Dynasty." The commentator's tone was very doubtful.

However, the developing situation gave them their answer.

Team Jade Dynasty, advancing forward in a straight line, met Sun Zheping's Another Summer of Sleep first. With a greatsword in hand, he charged right towards the front of their team's formation. He was a single man, but he seemed to have the air of a general leading an army of thousands into battle.

Jade Dynasty's formation didn't change. The four swordsmen charging forward to meet their opponent while maintaining their positions around Lu Shilin's Cleric. However, none of them could resist looking around as their characters charged forward. Sun Zheping was just charging over on his own? There really wasn't anyone nearby to support him?

"Don't let him close in." That was when Lu Shilin gave that order. The Spellblade among the four swordsmen stepped forward, an Earthquake Sword sweeping out. Sun Zheping's Another Summer of Sleep sidestepped it and continued to advance. Jade Dynasty's Berserker then jumped out, also wielding a greatsword, and charged furiously at Another Summer of Sleep.

However, his charge was just a feint. The real attack was the Ghostblade hiding beside him, sneakily summoning a Ghost Boundary. He swung his blade down, but then saw Another Summer of Sleep abruptly swing his Broadsword at him.


The Ghostblade hastily raised his sword into a Guard, sliding back several units, but still managing to take the blow. Following that, the Blademaster and Berserker executed a pincer attack against Another Summer of Sleep, the Spellblade's Wave Formation had trapped Another Summer of Sleep within as well. They were really quite surprised, not expecting for Sun Zheping to charge right into their formation like that. This was underestimating them. Even though Jade Dynasty might not have been the best, they had once been pros. They didn't think that they had fallen to the level of being underestimated like this.

They decided to punish Sun Zheping for this. Yet that was when Tang Rou's Soft Mist arrived, spear raised, charging over at their flank with a Dragon Breaks the Ranks.

Lu Shilin smirked. What was this? Support? These two were both recklessly charging into their formation, not supporting or working together. This was the level that Happy's tactics were at? One of the legendary four Master Tacticians?

Lu Shlin thought to himself and then turned his view, seeing a glimpse of Lord Grim from a different direction. So he had snuck around their back and was still on his way over!

Lu Shilin was really almost about to laugh out loud. So he wanted to use wave after wave of furious attacks to mess up their formation, huh? The problem was, they were absolutely terrible at controlling the pace. They were just coming out to get killed one by one!
"Take out the Berserker first," Lu Shiling ordered, not telling the four Swordsmen to deal with the two newcomers yet.

That was when he saw Soft Mist not even bothering to help Another Summer of Sleep and instead charged at Lu Shilin's Cleric.

"This isn't something unexpected." Lu Shilin kept up his smile, backing away a few steps and entered the Ghost Boundaries and Wave Formations of their Ghostblade and Spellblade. This was originally a defense against Another Summer of Sleep, but now it also acted as the perfect protection for Lu Shilin.

As expected Soft Mist didn't dare to follow him into such dangerous territory and could only change directions to go and assist Another Summer of Sleep. Never mind Lu Shilin, even the commentator felt like Happy's strategic arrangements were terrible this round.

"This round of attacks from Team Happy wasn't executed very well! First of all, Sun Zheping made the mistake by facing his opponent's head on; he completely underestimated Jade Dynasty's players and him being surrounded means that the second wave of attacks from Tang Rou didn't work very well. They've lost their goal for this wave of attacks. I trust that Happy didn't intend to throw Another Summer of Sleep into enemy territory and then pull him out a again."

"Now Ye Xiu's Lord Grim is approaching as well, but can he turn the tides alone? Oh… He's stopped. It seems like he doesn't intends to charge into the fray. It's true that the situation isn't the best, but he can't just give up like that, can he? Are they giving up on Another Summer of Sleep? It seems like it. Soft Mist is preparing to retreat."

"Hahahaha…" On the player stands for Jade Dynasty, their boss Xiao Jie finally witnessed a situation he could enjoy. It was unfortunate that he couldn't talk to Ye Xiu now. After all, that guy was currently trying to awkwardly clean up after the strategic disaster he had planned, no?
"Hey, I say, is this your strategy?" Xiao Jie called out to Chen Guo who was watching the match on Happy's side.

Yet, at the same time as his shout, the audience suddenly cried out in collective shock.

Xiao Jie turned his head back around to see Lord Grim, who hadn't jumped into the fray, suddenly break his weapon in two and stretch out his hands. Then, Lu Shilin's Cleric was grabbed, and Soft Mist's retreat seemed more like a pursuit.

"What?" Xiao Jie stood suddenly.

These words were heard by all the viewers watching this match. What they heard, naturally, wasn't Xiao Jie's yell, but the commentator, who had only just been commenting on how terribly Happy was doing, suddenly stop and cry out in surprise.

This scene was too unexpected. Because the stadium itself had many angles being played together, the audience there could see what was happening. However, the TV broadcast only had what the program director showed them. Most of the time, only one scene was being played on the TV and the scene just now hadn't been broadcasted on TV because the program director had not been expecting it at all. By the time he saw it and hastily switched to the correct angle, Lu Shilin's Cleric was already flying through the air, eventually landing in Lord Grim's hands.

"Cloud Grasping Fist?? Was that a Cloud Grasping Fist? How did Lord Grim manage to use Cloud Grasping Fist? We all know that unspecialized characters can learn all of the pre-advancement skills from every classes, but this doesn't include skills beyond level 20! All the skills learned beyond level 20 are only available after job advancement, unless… unless…"
"It's an equipment bonus!? The commentator yelled out in realization. "If it's an equipment bonus, then of course he'd be able to use it, god! What sort of weapon does Lord Grim have? We knew it could change forms, becoming weapons of all sorts of class types so that Lord Grim can fully utilize all of his skills, but now it seems that there are skills built into the weapon too! That means Lord Grim is no longer limited to those low leveled skills. Though these skills won't be at a very high rank, another skill means more options and more combinations. For example, what we're seeing now is a Cloud Grasping Fist. It might not have the same speed and range as a maxed rank Cloud Grasping Fist, but its usage here might be the deciding factor of this match. Jade Dynasty's Cleric has been abducted from their formation by Lord Grim just like that…"

"Okay, he was stolen a while ago, and now he's already dead…" The commentator had yelled excitedly, only focused on analyzing that Cloud-Grasping Fist and forgetting to talk about what had been occurring. When he got back to it, the Cleric of Jade Dynasty's had immediately received a beating. Soft Mist definitely hadn't been retreating just now, but running over to kill her target.
The four Swordsmen Jade Dynasty panicked, forgetting about dealing with Another Summer of Sleep. This wasn't a fair trade at all. How were they going to fight without a healer?

The four hurriedly ran over to help, but that was when two others arrived. One was One Inch Ash, who arrived with his Ghost Boundaries that immediately came down in a chain. This was the layering playstyle that he had used in the Group Arena. No, to be accurate, it was even more fierce, even more swift, because what he needed to do now was block them, stall for time, so he didn't need to consider how long this could last. As long as he stalled them for a little bit of time, allowing them deal with the Cleric, he would have done his job.
On One Inch Ash's other side, Little Cold Hands charged out, not to heal, but as support for their offense. A Holy Commandment was branded on Lu Shilin's Cleric, raising his damage taken by thirty percent, as if afraid he wouldn't die fast enough.

While one side was bleeding, the other side had just bled. 

"Question: What does a Berserker that has lost blood do to the people that made him lose blood?"

In the public chat, Another Summer of Sleep suddenly sent out this sentence. The four people freaking out at being blocked by One Inch Ash saw this and turned their cameras, only to find Another Summer of Sleep with Berserk and Whirlwind Slash activated, charging over.

The four hurriedly attempted to parry. As expected of a Berserker that had lost enough blood, the addition of Berserk transformed him into a hurricane and blew them everywhere. However, the four had no time to think about themselves. Cleric! This match depended on the Cleric's survival!

That was when they saw a sentence in the global chat, coming from Lord Grim. "Your Cleric said this would be a battle between two Clerics. Now he's dead. What about you guys? Are you going to continue?"