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Chapter 996: Deliberate Provocation

Chapter 996: Deliberate Provocation
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All of Lin Yi's persuasion couldn't calm Lu Shilin down. However, what else could he do? Even if he made a huge scene onstage, he couldn't alter the results of the match. That would probably only get them thrown out of the stadium by the security.

Lin Yi felt that he could no longer communicate with this guy. He could only take the rest of the players back to their seats. However, when he looked over, Boss Xiao Jie also had an angry look on his face.

"You guys go back to clean this stuff up. Leave me alone!" Xiao Jie pointed towards a group of players offstage. As soon as he said this, he turned and left without looking back.

Lin Yi and the others looked distressed. After staying in Jade Dynasty for this long, they had only thought about going their separate ways in the event that the team was unable to go on. Yet, they had never considered a result like what had happened today. None of them could be considered extremely strong players. Without this kind of team, they might never be able to become pro players again.

Lin Yi sighed. For them, this competition had only decided whether the team lived or died. However, Lu Shilin was actually acting like it was the end of the world. Indeed, this was also a type of mockery!

After Xiao Jie left, he disappeared in the blink of an eye, walking away without looking back once. Jade Dynasty's players had definitely seen their end as pro players, and their hearts ached. However, at this time no one went up to the boss to beg or give an explanation. After a year of getting to know each other, they knew what type of personality their boss had. His conceitedness made it so that he wouldn't go back on his word even when he knew he was wrong.

Lin Yi stood in place in a daze. He didn't chase after his boss, nor did he immediately leave. Instead, he turned around and walked towards Happy.

Seeing Happy celebrate made Jade Dynasty's players feel envious. When Happy saw Lin Yi head towards them, everyone in Happy restrained their emotions. They should show empathy towards the feelings of the losers!

"That was a good match." Lin Yi extended his hands towards Ye Xiu. Even if that loss spelled the end of his career, Lin Yi didn't lose the professionalism he should have. The respects paid to each other by the team captains before and after the match were too often just for show, but Lin Yi remembering to do this even with this kind of outcome showed his sincerity.

"Thanks." Ye Xiu shook his hand, "Don't give up. Keep working hard."

"I want to." Lin YI forced a smile, "I'm only afraid that there won't be any more opportunities for us."

Everyone in Happy was startled. Chen Guo pointed towards Xiao Jie disappearing into the passageway: "Could it be that... those words weren't just out of anger?"

They had seen Xiao Jie flare up at them. The match had just ended though. In the time it took to raise his hands, he disbanded the team under everyone's eyes. Who would easily accept such words? As a result, they just treated those words as a burst of anger from Xiao Jie. However, from what Lin Yi seemed to imply, those weren't empty words.

"I hope we'll have a chance to meet again in the future. I wish you all good luck." After Lin Yi finished speaking, he turned around and got ready to leave.

"Ah! Wait!" Chen Guo suddenly jumped out and shouted towards Lin Yi.

Lin Yi stopped his footsteps and turned his head.

"Those weren't just words of anger from your boss?" Chen Guo was still pondering over this issue. She couldn't believe someone would handle things so unreasonably.

"I'm afraid not." Lin Yi quietly said.

"Then what do you guys plan to do in the future?" Chen Guo asked.

"I don't know yet. For players at our skill level, we probably won't get any offers from teams!" Lin Yi laughed at himself, "Today's match is probably our final match."

"Uh...." Chen Guo hesitated. She appeared to be thinking over how to word her reply as she turned her head to look at Ye Xiu.

"Our boss is trying to say that if you guys don't have any way out, you guys can come over to Happy for now." Ye Xiu spoke for her.

"Ah?" Lin Yi was shocked.

"But….. I'm afraid you probably won't have the chance to be a team member. There are still a few suitable positions related to Glory work." Ye Xiu said.

Lin Yi listened and understood. They were all people from the same scene. How could he not understand Ye Xiu's implications? These positions were what many retired pro players hoped for. After all, Glory was what they were best at, but the problem was that Jade Dynasty's players weren't at the point where they wanted to retire yet. If the circumstances allowed it, they were more than willing to continue as a pro player and compete on stage. Even though they knew their skill levels were limited, they felt like it was still too early for them to be certain that they had no room for improvement.

If Lu Shilin was here, he would probably immediately jump out and question it: "What do you mean? Are you saying that I'm not good enough to be a pro and that I'm only good enough to do miscellaneous tasks?" However, Lin Yi knew that the other side had good intentions. Perhaps only a team of old players like Ye Xiu, Wei Chen, and Sun Zheping would truly understand and sympathize with such players, who were at the end of their road.

"Thanks." Lin Yi first expressed his gratitude, "But I think it's best if I discuss this with my brothers first before coming to a decision!"

"No problem." Chen Guo nodded her head, "Leave me your contact info!"

The two exchanged contact info. Lin Yi thanked them once more and then turned around to return to his teammates. As they left, they constantly turned to look towards Happy. Their expressions were filled with surprise. Lin Yi had clearly told them about Happy's intentions.

Lu Shilin was still petrified on stage like a statue. He stared blankly at this scene. Suddenly, he woke up and jumped down like a madman, pointing at the departing Jade Dynasty. Then, he pointed at Happy and shouted: "Good! I get it now! You guys were working in collusion with each other. You guys have already been bribed, which was why you guys intentionally performed poorly in this match! Too despicable. I'm going to complain. Referee! Where's the referee?"

This guy had gone absolutely mad. He actually thought that a normal conversation between the two sides was a shady business deal. Such a grand line of thinking made everyone surprised. Even the experienced Ye Xiu had never seen such an extreme person before.

"F*ck, what's with this guy? Steamed Bun, it's time for you to shine." Wei Chen responded and immediately cursed.

"Okay." Steamed Bun jumped out bravely, "How should I do it? Kill him?"

"Stop stop stop!!" Ye Xiu hastily stopped him.

"What? You dare to do it, but you don't dare to admit it?" Lu Shilin looked as if he had found a magic treasure that could reverse the situation and furiously retorted.

"Don't stop me! I'm about to cripple this shameless b*stard!" Wei Chen couldn't bear it anymore and was prepared to personally take action.

Lin Yi and the others were about to leave, when they heard Lu Shilin lose his mind. Xiao Jie had already disbanded the team, but in the end, Lu Shilin was still one of their teammates. They saw this guy causing trouble and even thought of himself as correct. He actually accused them of playing a fixed match. They couldn't help but get angry.

Jade Dynasty's players came back, ready to drag Lu Shilin away.

"Let go of me! You shameless b*stards. Don't you have any sense of professionalism?" Lu Shilin did everything he could to break free as he cursed at his teammates.

The expressions on the players of Jade Dynasty were ashen. If they really had no professionalism, they would have already beaten Lu Shilin to death. Just look at Team Happy's Wei Chen! Wasn't he already preparing to come over and beat him up!

The crowd went into an uproar, but because they were rather far away, they could only see it happening. They couldn't hear what the two sides were saying. It looked like Team Jade Dynasty had gotten into a dispute with Team Happy.

In the end, Ye Xiu was the most experienced. He didn't attack the unreasonable Lu Shilin, nor did he try and reason with him. He blocked Wei Chen, while shouting left and right: "Security! Security, help! There's someone here who refuses to acknowledge that he's lost the match."

As he shouted, someone laughed. When he looked at Lu Shilin, he felt like he wasn't that annoying anymore. He was just a brat who didn't get what he wanted.

The security guards noticed these movements and rushed over. Not even half a minute after Ye Xiu started yelling, they had reached the scene. Ye Xiu and the others hadn't even said anything to them yet, when Lu Shilin looked as if he was clutching onto his last hope as he grabbed the security guard's hand: "I'm going to report them. These guys colluded to play a fixed match."

Everyone slapped their hands to their foreheads. The Alliance obviously had a disciplinary committee to handle these matters and there were means to make a report, but the security was not responsible for it. These two systems were completely unrelated.

The security guard was experienced at dealing with these issues. After being grabbed onto by Lu Shilin, he didn't force him off. Instead, he warmly encouraged him: "Okay okay okay. Calm down first. Here here here, speak slowly."

"It's like this..." Sure enough, Lu Shilin started talking. Then, Happy and Jade Dynasty watched as this noisy kid was escorted out by the security guard.

"He got his life saved." Wei Chen said with certainty.

Ye Xiu didn't bother with this braggart. Lin Yi's group said farewell to Happy again. This time, Happy was ready to leave too. Chen Guo boldly walked towards Seven Fields and the others, who were staring foolishly at what they had just witnessed, and waved: "Let's go celebrate our victory!!"

Tonight, Team Happy had a reason to relax. It had been a long and arduous journey, but they had finally reached the final step. Next up was Team Happy's goal for this entire year: Team Excellent Era.

Excellent Era had arrogantly left, not waiting to see the results. After they left the stadium, before they could even sit together at the hotel, they already got the news. Team Happy had won and would be their opponents at the finals.

"That fast?" Everyone in Excellent Era was shocked, seeing the time. Even though Jade Dynasty was a weak team in their eyes, wouldn't Happy also count as a weak team on the same level as them? Yet Happy beat them in such an overwhelming manner? On the way back to the hotel, no one in the team talked about the upcoming finals. This was a rare scene.