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Chapter 1007: Details

Chapter 1007: Details
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"Life Extinguisher has entered Windward Formation's line of sight. Wei Chen immediately had Windward Formation launch an attack. Chaotic Rain has already been cast. Xiao Shiqin.... Xiao Shiqin's Life Extinguisher dodged it..." Pan Lin instantly became excited as soon as the attack came out, but it ended up having a strong start but a weak finish. He obviously didn't want that to happen. He had hoped to talk about how Xiao Shiqin was caught off guard and panicked because of Wei Chen's sudden attack.

Unfortunately, Life Extinguisher dashed diagonally, nimbly circling around Chaotic Rain's effective range. Xiao Shiqin reacted without delay, not at all rushed. Evidently, Wei Chen's Windward Formation standing there and attacking didn't have any of Li Yibo's "reverse reverse psychology" to it. Xiao Shiqin had been prepared!  

After dodging Chaotic Rain, Xiao Shiqin waited to counter attack. Another curse from Windward Formation flew over. A Hexagram Prison suddenly emerged, attempting to seal him in, but Xiao Shiqin reacted promptly and had Life Extinguisher dodge it too. At the same time, he also threw out a Mechanical Seeker. The little robot strode cheerfully, marching towards its target.

At this distance, Xiao Shiqin obviously wasn't hoping for this skill to damage Windward Formation. It was mainly to distract him, so Wei Chen would have to split his attention elsewhere and have a harder time locking him down.  

Wei Chen seemed to not have noticed the robot though. Windward Formation waved his Death's Hand and continued to point it at Life Extinguisher. Curse after curse was cast, up until the little robot was about to reach him. Only then did Death's Hand move. A Curse Arrow shot out. Bang! The little robot was shattered into dust. Windward Formation didn't seem to be affected at all and continued throwing out attacks.

"Xiao Shiqin attempted to use a Mechanical Seeker to distract Wei Chen, but it failed. Wei Chen deserves to be called an experienced player. This type of method isn't able to faze him." The commentator Pan Lin saw this scene and quickly commented on it.

"After beating two clearly inexperienced players, Xiao Shiqin will need to make adjustments in this match. He can't keep playing like he did before!" Li Yibo sighed.

Xiao Shiqin didn't need anyone to remind him.

Seeing how his little distraction produced no effect, Xiao Shiqin was deeply moved by his opponent's efficiency. As a player who had joined in season four, Xiao Shiqin had never fought against Wei Chen before. In order to prepare for this match, he had looked up recordings from the past. From a tactics perspective, watching those past recordings didn't help much because of Glory's foundation in the game. As the level cap increased, new strategies and tactics would be created. Back then was still the Level 50 era. Those past tactics wouldn't work in this day and age. Xiao Shiqin simply wanted to get a feel for his opponent's style from these old matches. He felt like he wasn't getting enough information from the Challenger League. Most of the time, the gap between the opponents was too wide. There was nothing valuable to learn from those matchups.

From the match recordings of Team Blue Rain's old captain, Xiao Shiqin's deepest thought was that Huang Shaotian had truly inherited Team Blue Rain's glorious tradition of trash talking!

At the same time, Xiao Shiqin once again felt gratified at Yu Wenzhou, whose hand speed was no good. If Team Blue Rain's two ace players had both inherited that non-stop trash talking tradition, it would have brought disaster upon the entire Alliance.

How lucky, how lucky…...

After rejoicing inwardly for a bit, he obviously had some understanding of Wei Chen's style. Wei Chen was an aggressive player. His tricks or his disrespect for his opponents were simply a way to disrupt the opponent's mentality. Because after every little trick came a sharp wave of attacks.   

Warlocks were proficient at controlling their opponents. His style seemed to be made for this class. As for whether Wei Chen picked this class because of his style or the class made him play in such a way, Xiao Shiqin didn't know. From those past matches, Xiao Shiqin deeply felt that facing this player required staying calm and maintaining steadiness. This wasn't easy. You could restrain your actions, but how could you restrain what you felt? As a result, it could be seen from those past matches that many clearly strong players lost miserably against Wei Chen. The performance that those players displayed wasn't at all what it should be.

There were exceptions though. The one that stood out the most was his current teammate, Ye Xiu. In that year's match, Wei Chen wanted to distance himself from Ye Xiu to assail him with trash talk, but Ye Xiu rushed towards him and slapped him relentlessly until there was no future left in Wei Chen because he was already dead.

It was like that…...

Xiao Shiqin had thought up a way to deal with Wei Chen, and the person who gave him the greatest lesson just happened to be Wei Chen's teammate , Ye Xiu.

Life Extinguisher, who had been dodging Windward Formation's attacks the entire time, suddenly stopped and was hit by a Voodoo Curse.

It was only a DoT skill. Xiao Shiqin smiled. Life Extinguisher didn't dodge the attack and instead launched his own attack.


This wasn't the same as that Mechanical Seeker. Hunter was far faster than a Mechanical Seeker. As soon as the mechanical dog landed, it immediately pounced on Windward Formation.

Blood Siphon Curse, Soul Entanglement.

Life Extinguisher was hit by two more curses. Xiao Shiqin didn't have any intention of dodging those two, although he did dodge the Binding Curse. While he ate those two curses, Life Extinguisher launched two more of his own attacks.

Air Drop, Self-propelled Artillery.

After releasing Hunter, he started an attack from the skies and the ground. Even though Life Extinguisher was suffering from several debuffs, that wouldn't kill him so quickly. He used forceful attacks to destroy the other's control. 

Warlocks had cast times, so they had no way of casting curses under such concentrated attacks. Windward Formation withdrew and retreated.

"Windward Formation is falling back! Xiao Shiqin paid the price of three debuffs to win this opportunity to launch a dense wave of attacks. Wei Chen has no choice but to retreat. Windward Formation is starting to move. Hm... he's only going to here….. here….."

The commentator Pan Lin hesitated for an instant. Air Drop's surprise attack had arrived. Bombs dropped down from the stomachs of those Rising Winter Melons. Boom boom boom boom. Explosions erupted one after the other. However, these bombs exploded above Windward Formation's head, so the only things that fell were a few effect scraps. Windward Formation had found some cover for his head with just a few steps back. In the end, Air Drop was only able to get him to move to a different platform. 

"Wei Chen found some a good cover. Air Drop is unable to reach Windward Formation, but there's still that Self-propelling Artillery. Ah.... the Self-propelling Artillery can't reach here either. Windward Formation has a cover in front of him. Self-propelling Artillery isn't able to get to this height."

The machines summoned by Mechanics weren't huge fierce metal beasts. The majority of them were small precise gadgets. The Rising Winter Melons from Air Drop were about the size of a watermelon. The Self-propelling Artillery was even smaller. A washbasin was big enough to hold it.

Stopping these attacks wasn't impossible. If not, if Air Drop actually dropped bombs like a real bomber, wouldn't the map just get completely decimated?

As a result, Wei Chen found two covers, easily blocking both of these attacks. Behind those high walls, Windward Formation didn't delay and started casting. After reaching this position, he continued his attacks on Life Extinguisher. As for that Hunter, he had trapped it with a Hexagram Prison long ago. That stupid dog was fearless and tried to escape. It was a challenge of skill priority which ended with the dog being turned itself into a pile of scrap metal. 

Xiao Shiqin had eaten three debuffs to launch those attacks, but all of them were stopped just like that. What stood in his way had just been a platform and a tall wall.

"Wei Chen utilized the terrain beautifully, blocking Xiao Shiqin's attacks. We talked about this when the match first started. Team Excellent Era should have a greater understanding of the maps than Team Happy. Xiao Shiqin's performance has confirmed this conjecture. His familiarity with this map is as if this is one of his home maps, but it looks like the two details that Wei Chen used to block his attacks were details that he hadn't studied!" Pan Lin said.

"This... Xiao Shiqin might have known about them, but he probably didn't think that Wei Chen would be able to react so quickly!" Li Yibo said.

"It looks like Xiao Shiqin underestimated Wei Chen's familiarity with the map. Disregarding everything else, Wei Chen has never left this part of the map ever since he started. Even if he wasn't familiar with it at the start, he's got to be familiar with it by now! Haha...." Pan Lin said half-jokingly, but Li Yibo was surprised.

He thought of when this round first started. Wei Chen's Windward Formation didn't leave and instead strolled around the spawn point. Could it be that this guy really had been studying the map? He planned on fighting Xiao Shiqin here, so he utilized the time it took for Xiao Shiqin to reach there to study the area around his spawn point?

Yes, it must be like that!

Li Yibo was certain about his guess because at this moment, Wei Chen once again utilized the terrain to beautifully to negate Xiao Shiqin's attack. Pan Lin was currently in awe!

However, this discovery couldn't be talked about! Because previously, he had been certain that Wei Chen's movements at the start was a part of his "reverse reverse psychology". If he said that Wei Chen was actually utilizing this time to study the terrain, wouldn't that be the same as slapping his own face?

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