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Chapter 1011: A Confrontation Separated by a Year

Chapter 1011: A Confrontation Separated by a Year
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"Sky Strike! After Combat Form's Tyrant's Destruction was blocked, he immediately followed up with a Sky Strike! How fluid! This is a very basic combo though. I'm sure many players in the game can do it, but being able to link them together so fluidly isn't easy." Pan Lin shouted.

"But Lord Grim was still able to evade it with a leap backwards." Li Yibo said.  

"Mm... This type of basic combo probably won't be any threat to Ye Xiu." Pan Lin said.

"Yes, Qiu Fei needs to set his own rhythm and make things difficult for Ye Xiu to grasp. In other words, facing Ye Xiu, such fluidness isn't actually a good thing." Li Yibo said.

"Yes, Qiu Fei's playing is as precise as a textbook, but the problem is, the textbook was written by his opponent. If he continues to fight like this, he won't be a threat." Pan Lin said.

"His attacks have all been neutralized by Ye Xiu. Even though Qiu Fei has the initiative and is on the offensive, he hasn't dealt any significant damage to Lord Grim. He needs to keep a calm mind and not be so anxious." Li Yibo said.

"Dragon Rises from the Sea!" Pan Lin suddenly cried out. Qiu Fei took advantage of an opening and released a high-level skill.

"It still missed." Li Yibo continued, "There were no problems with the execution of this Dragon Rises from the Sea, but just like what we said before, it definitely matters who you're playing against. Facing Ye Xiu, your perfect execution happens to be the problem."

"But it seems like Ye Xiu hasn't been able to find any opportunity to counter attack." Pan Lin said.

"Uh... Qiu Fei is playing perfectly, so he isn't giving Ye Xiu any opportunities." Li Yibo said.

"In that case, Qiu Fei's playstyle isn't bad then. It's at least put him in a position where he can't lose?" Pan Lin said.

"..." Li Yibo was rendered speechless. This time, I fell into that trap way too easily. 

Luckily, it looks like the tides are turning!

Combat Form used a Sky Strike. Lord Grim attacked to block it, while simultaneously leaping backwards. This time, Qiu Fei didn't quickly follow up. Sky Strike had been blocked and Lord Grim may not have taken much damage, but because of the knockup effect, Lord Grim's leap backwards was affected and went a bit higher than what was expected.

This slight change became a turning point in this match. Combat Form thrust his spear forward with a Dragon Breaks the Ranks.

Not many could see such a tiny detail. After seeing the high-level skill come out, the stadium erupted with cheers. Even Li Yibo shouted "It hit!"

But Dragon Breaks the Ranks missed. Lord Grim activated Rotor Wings and flew towards the sky, dodging the attack. The crowd felt disappointed. Li Yibo, who cried out "It hit", felt embarrassed.

"Haha, he used Rotor Wings to dodge it. Only an unspecialized can be so flexible! It looks like our Coach Li isn't too familiar with the unspecialized class either?" Pan Lin left this question hanging, when he saw Li Yibo's expression. He knew that Li Yibo probably wasn't too happy with his teasing, but he couldn't deal with it right now. The match was still underway!

"Falling Light Blade! Lord Grim uses Falling Light Blade in midair to directly come down. Combat Form turns around and stabs with his spear. Oh, it's a Circle Swing! Is he going to catch him? No! Lord Grim pulls his blade back to block the spear. His Falling Light Blade turned from an attack into a block. I'm sure everyone knows. Circle Swing's grab priority is somewhat different from normal grab skills. The spear has to hit first before the grab priority comes into effect. If not, then the grab is neutralized."

"Lord Grim lands at the rear diagonally. Combat Form chases after him. Dragon Breaks the Ranks doesn't have any ending lag, so Qiu Fei was able to react extremely quickly. In that previous exchange, even though Dragon Breaks the Ranks doesn't have a dead angle, Lord Grim's Falling Light Blade was a back attack! Who would have imagined such a young player could make such an experienced decision? Could this be the intuition of a genius?" Seizing the opportunity while the two sides weren't fighting, Pan Lin commented on the previous exchange.

After he finished saying these words, Qiu Fei's Combat Form rushed to Lord Grim's side. A Dragon Tooth came out. It was a very normal combo, but it was timed perfectly.

Lord Grim, who had just landed on the ground, turned around. He lifted his Myriad Manifestations Umbrella and opened it up to form a shield.

Knight's Blind Shield playstyle?

Qiu Fei weighed it in his mind. He didn't doubt that Ye Xiu could use any class's playstyle. It was not just Battle Mages. Many of the playstyles for many of the classes in Glory had been created by him. There were so many that it was impossible to count.

Combat Form retreated one step. As he expected, Lord Grim's Myriad Manifestations Umbrella was quickly retracted. The umbrella tip opened and an artillery shell flew out.

Combat Form's step back helped win Qiu Fei some time to react. Combat Form twisted his body and dodged the artillery shell.

"Woah, Ye Xiu's weapon opened up. It looked like he was going to use a Knight's Shield Blind playstyle, but in the end, when he attacked, he didn't hide behind his shield. It was still an unexpected attack! But Qiu Fei was ready. Everyone, look. Just before the attack, Combat Form took a stepback, giving him enough time to react. If he hadn't taken that step, no matter how fast his reaction speed was, he probably wouldn't have been able to dodge it." Li Yibo commented.

"Dragon Tooth! Combat Form used another Dragon Tooth. The cooldown on that skill is very low!" Pan Lin said. 

After dodging the artillery shell, Qiu Fei used a Dragon Tooth, which had just gone off cooldown. This simple skill was the fastest counterattack that could be made at this moment. The smoke from the tip of the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella had yet to dissipate!

But the umbrella canopy once again opened up.


Qiu Fei didn't dare be careless. He once again chose to retreat one step. However, this time, the umbrella canopy opened up until it was transformed: Myriad Manifestations Umbrella spear form. It thrust towards Combat Form from the same angle. 

Also a Dragon Tooth?

It was a clash between the same skills. In that case, whoever had the higher attack power would have priority. In terms of stats, Qiu Fei believed that his Combat Form didn't lose to Lord Grim. A Level 70 Silver weapon wouldn't be too different from a Level 75 Orange weapon in terms of stats, but the weakness was that unspecialized didn't have armor proficiency.

All 24 Glory classes had armor proficiency. When they used armor that the class was proficient in, there would a bonus in stats. And this was something that an unspecialized character couldn't possess. As a result, even if they were wearing same-level equipment, unspecialized characters lacked armor proficiency, so there would naturally be a disparity in stats.

Of course, more importantly... Lord Grim didn't have any Silver equipment apart from his weapon, so the stats of his equipment were quite obvious. Even though Qiu Fei didn't have the exact numbers, he could do a rough estimate of the capabilities of Lord Grim's equipment. 

Since both of us used Dragon Tooth, I should win the exchange!  

Qiu Fei verified this thought in an instant. As a result, he didn't retreat and had his Dragon Tooth continued forward.

In this way, the two spears clashed. The degree of precision displayed was astonishing to see. However, right when the two sides clashed, from how the attacks changed due to priority, Qiu Fei determined that this wasn't Dragon Tooth.

Yes! Lord Grim hadn't used Dragon Tooth, but another Battle Mage skill: Double Stab.

The first attack lowered Dragon Tooth's striking power, but the first part of Double Stab was weaker in priority than Dragon Tooth. However, after the first stab, Dragon Tooth's speed had been greatly reduced, while the second stab came like lightning towards Combat Form.

Use the first hit to interrupt and the second hit to strike!

A bunch of words floated in Qiu Fei's mind. It was a technique commonly used by Ye Xiu. At the same time, it was also when Qiu Fei played for Guild Excellent Dynasty against Happy. When he fought against Ye Xiu, who had been using Soft Mist, Qiu Fei had missed the opportunity to use that technique, which Ye Xiu had pointed out to him.

A year had passed since then.

Last time, he missed the opportunity to use it. This time, he was hit by that very technique…... 

Thoughts floated through Qiu Fei's mind.. He thought of that match last year to when Ye Xiu was still in Excellent Era to when he was still in the training camp.

Team Excellent Era was a top team in the Alliance. The scale of their training camp was far greater than most teams. Among these trainees, nine out of ten dreamed of becoming One Autumn Leaf's successor, even if that trainee didn't play a Battle Mage. Nothing would affect this dream of theirs.

Qiu Fei had played a Battle Mage from the beginning. From day one in Glory, he had loved this class at first sight.

That year, Team Excellent Era won the champions for the third time in a row. God Ye Qiu's fame soared like the sun.

But this God never gave anyone a chance to meet with him in person. The only indication of him was the character that stood on stage.

Battle God One Autumn Leaf. The heroic pose displayed when he fought was deeply imprinted into Qiu Fei's mind. Later, he joined Team Excellent Era's training camp. However, he was different from the other kids. His dream wasn't to become One Autumn Leaf's successor. He wished to bring his own character and leave the same mark in battle like that year's One Autumn Leaf.

Who took a young child's dream seriously? As he gradually stood out in the training camp, Qiu Fei became titled as One Autumn Leaf's successor.

This was a position that who knew how many trainees envied. However, Qiu Fei's dream never changed. He liked his own character much better. He liked his Combat Form, and in Excellent Era's training camp, he finally got to see God Ye Qiu with his own eyes. God Ye Qiu was completely different from what he had imagined. The mysterious God Ye Qiu, who never appeared in public, wasn't as arrogant as most people thought he was. Everyday, with a cigarette in his mouth and smoke circling around him, he chatted with everyone at Club Excellent Era. He was the Alliance's number one player, but even Club Excellent Era's janitor could proudly say that he had fought a match against Ye Qiu before.

The janitor wasn't lying. Numerous people in the club played with this God before. Rumors said that whenever these people got into a conflict in game, if they couldn't win, they would pull Ye Qiu over to play for them, and Ye Qiu would happily go over.

God Ye Qiu dominated the Alliance, but he enjoyed Glory in the simplest and most ordinary ways. Qiu Fei had seen him play on an alternate account not just once or twice. Every time, the account was different too.

"Don't tell anyone!" The God would always look at him, "In a bit, I'll gift you a good piece of equipment." The God would always pat his shoulder and say.

How could there be any good equipment? The alternate accounts that God played on had the worst equipment. Who would have imagined that behind these trash characters stood the God who controlled the most powerful character in the Alliance, Battle God One Autumn Leaf.