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Chapter 1013: One More Hit

Chapter 1013: One More Hit
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The new Level 75 skills were studied by everyone. It didn't matter what skill level one was at. In the end, it was still something new. Those at a higher skill level would use it very effectively. Those at a lower skill level would easily get their attacks neutralized. While at the pro level, it was no longer as simple as if the timing was right or wrong, better or worse. What mattered was suitability. Every player had their own style. Every character had different stats. As a result, how a skill was used would be different. The variances from standard combos came from these differences. Pro players would make adjustments to these combos depending on their strengths and their style.

Qiu Fei was no longer that young training camp kid. He had always dreamt of his character standing on stage. From the very start, he never blindly imitated anyone. He had his own understanding of the Battle Mage and his own playstyle. It was true that Ye Xiu had studied the new Level 75 skills, but that didn't mean he could predict how every player would use them. Ye Xiu had a good understanding of Qiu Fei, but it was like what Li Yibo had analyzed. No one could predict how young players grew. After another year of growth along with Qiu Fei's own understanding and utilization of the new Level 75 skill, Qiu Fei had finally created his own style.

Falling Flower Palm!

Combat Form slid forward and smacked the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella. Shields not only reduced the damage from an incoming attack, but effects like knockbacks were reduced significantly too. However, the reduction was directly proportional to the shield's weight. The Myriad Manifestations Umbrella could swiftly change into different forms. As a result, could be determined that the weapon shouldn't be too heavy. Therefore, when the umbrella switched to shield form, Qiu Fei was confident that it would be unable to completely block Falling Flower Palm's knockback effect.

As expected, when the Falling Flower Palm struck the umbrella, Lord Grim was forced back. The path of the attack had been from bottom to top. As Lord Grim slid back, the umbrella also moved up, leaving a huge hole. Qiu Fei wanted this result and attacked with a Tyrant's Destruction. Even though he couldn't completely see Lord Grim, he knew that his spear would reach him.

The umbrella suddenly collapsed with a bang. The umbrella tip transformed into a gun and fired a round of bullets. Qiu Fei reacted quickly. Combat Form borrowed the momentum from Tyrant's Destruction to twist his body and dodge it. However, Lord Grim borrowed the recoil of his gun to slide even farther back, causing Combat Form's Tyrant's Destruction to miss.

"Wow... is this for real? The transformations from Lord Grim's Myriad Manifestations Umbrella are truly too unexpected." Pan Lin sighed, seeing Qiu Fei's attack miss.

"What's more important is that it can change forms instantly." Li Yibo said.

"But Qiu Fei isn't done yet!" Pan Lin shouted.

Dragon Breaks the Ranks!

Combat Form raised his spear and a dragon roared out. Ye Xiu had predicted it though. Lord Grim forcefully changed directions while sliding back, but to his surprise, this Dragon Breaks the Ranks didn't move in a straight line. There was a slight curvature to it. Lord Grim tried to move away, but in the end, he fell into Dragon Breaks the Rank's path. Dodging was impossible. With no time left, Ye Xiu could only have Lord Grim Guard. This pure defensive skill had been completely maxed. Although it could reduce the damage from the attack, Dragon Breaks the Ranks had a much higher priority. Lord Grim's right hand holding the sword collapsed to the side under the pressure. Lord Grim was knocked back and also stunned by the attack.

"Beautiful!" Pan Lin cried out. He hadn't thought that after Qiu Fei's first attack missed, he would follow up again to quickly make up for it.

"Mm, this attack was very brave. Qiu Fei guessed that Ye Xiu would have Lord Grim dodge, but would he dodge left or right? I don't think he knew, but he still had Dragon Breaks the Ranks move in an arc. This is like a penalty kick. Left or right? He had to make a gamble. Qiu Fei is playing very decisively!" Li Yibo said.

"If that attack hadn't hit, the big opening would have been patched up." Pan Lin said.

"Of course. But he made the correct guess and grasped an opportunity. Glory is just this amazing." Li Yibo said in admiration.

"Yes. Even though Ye Xiu quickly put up a Guard and reduced the damage, he was still stunned by Dragon Breaks the Ranks. Qiu Fei has already started his combo." Pan Lin yelled, "Sky Strike into the air and using Chasers to keep the target afloat and stunned. This is a conventional Battle Mage combo, but this combo is also very difficult to pull off!"

"Correct. It's exactly because executing this combo is so difficult that it's given rise to the "Random Chaser Combo", which is much easier to execute and still very formidable. More and more players are starting to use it nowadays. In fact, it's actually very rare for someone to execute the original combo anymore." Li Yibo said.

"But in theory, this combo is impossible to escape from." Pan Lin said.

"That's only in theory." Li Yibo smiled, "Even Ye Qiu at his peak was only able to pull off an infinite inescapable combo that one time, no?"

"Haha, the first classic in the history of Glory. I've seen that clip. It's truly incredible." Pan Lin said.

"Yes, classics can't be reproduced. After that, even Ye Qiu was unable to do it again. Usually, an inescapable ten hit combo is already considered quite good." Li Yibo said.  

"But we know that for the Random Chaser Combo, fifteen hits within a short time frame isn't anything difficult." Pan Lin said.

"True. The Random Chaser Combo's burst is much better and is easier to perform. In real combat, I think it's a lot more practical." Li Yibo said.

"But Qiu Fei is choosing this more difficult to control combo."

"He doesn't have a choice. The Random Chaser Combo requires a certain number of Chasers to pull off. There has to be at least four. However, Ye Xiu intentionally limited the number of times that they exchanged blows, making it impossible for Qiu Fei to produce many Chasers. Qiu Fei is choosing this combo out of helplessness."

"Then what about other combos?"

"Uh... well, if he can get ten or so hits from this combo, then the damage is quite considerable. Qiu Fei probably doesn't want to let this opportunity go so easily."

"Yeah, he's doing well right now."

"Yes, neither too slow nor too fast. It's already his seventh hit."


"Usually, ten hits isn't a problem. We'll have to see how long he can continue." 

While the two commentators discussed this, Qiu Fei had already reached ten hits. He stared at the screen, not daring to relax. He knew the difficulty of this combo and he knew how well his opponent understood it, but it was exactly because of his opponent's mastery over it that he could develop this combo into an unbreakable one.

Ten hits!

The passing line had been reached. Qiu Fei still didn't relax. It was a rare opportunity, and he needed to do as much as he could with it.

Eleven, twelve, thirteen....  

The combo continued. Truthfully speaking, Qiu Fei didn't feel like it was that difficult. His brain seemed to be frozen. He was no longer thinking. His fingers moved instinctively, making it so that Lord Grim never left his spear's tip, making it so that the Chasers constantly flew about ready to use at any time.

Fifteen, sixteen. Qiu Fei felt excited. He felt like his condition today was extraordinary. Originally, he had been planning on finding an opportunity to end it with a high-level skill when it was about time, but he felt like he could keep going on.

All the way until death?

Pan Lin and Li Yibo started discussing this topic. The viewers were hoping for it, but Qiu Fei wasn't thinking about that.

One more hit!

That was the only thought occupying his mind. One more hit. He single mindedly pursued each hit, and he succeeded hit after hit all the way until twenty!

Qiu Fei's Combat Form, facing a Battle Mage master, had performed a twenty hit combo.

This was more than enough to make the crowd go wild with cheers. Excellent Era's fans felt incomparably proud. They had such a talented player! They felt like they were invincible.

But at the twenty-first hit, there was finally a slight deviation. 

No one discovered this deviation. Not even Qiu Fei did. He had already started his attack. The commentators and viewers were all waiting for this attack to strike.

But when this attack came, Qiu Fei saw Lord Grim's movements.

Twenty second hit?

Qiu Fei was the first to question it.

The attack hit, but Lord Grim had already transformed into smoke. 

Shadow Clone Technique!

When Qiu Fei realized it, the first thing he thought of was his back. However, the attack came from beneath.

Underground Tunneling Technique!

Lord Grim tunneled out from the earth and attacked. He followed up with a Knee Strike to send Combat Form up into the air. The combo started and in an instant, the comboer and comboed switched positions. Combat Form floated in the air as Lord Grim started his combo performance.

The crowd had been counting Qiu Fei's combo. When they were about to shout twenty two, Lord Grim's clone was destroyed and the words were stuck in their throat. In an instant, the combo count was reset. It was no longer Combat Form comboing.

"What a pity." Pan Lin wasn't worried about Qiu Fei. He was just sad that the brilliant combo had been interrupted.

"Being able to execute such a combo against Ye Xiu as a Battle Mage is already very outstanding. Only Ye Xiu would have been able to seize that tiny opening."

Li Yibo said solemnly, but where had that tiny opening even been? He had absolutely no idea. He didn't even know, and he said with certainty that Qiu Fei had exposed an opening. Ultimately, it was because he was also convinced that the original combo studied meticulously by Ye Xiu was unbreakable if performed perfectly.