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Chapter 1014: Can’t Tell

Chapter 1014: Can’t Tell
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The commentators had a lot to say to the audience on the combos of a battle mage, but when Lord Grim begin his offensive, Pan Lin was only able to keep up with announcing the skills for a while before he fell silent once more. The same thing had happened twice in one match: being forced to shut up because he couldn't keep up with the pace of the actual match.

The last time, Qiu Fei had unexpectedly used a level 75 new skill, interrupting Lord Grim's combo, but this time, he didn't seem to be able to find a similar opportunity. Combat Form was airborne, as if suspended there. Lord Grim darted about him, landing different skills on him continuously.
"Uh… This…" Pan Lin felt like he should say something. After switching to Qiu Fei's view, he spoke up with some uncertainty. "He's using Vanishing Steps, right?"

"Yes, it's Vanishing Steps." Li Yibo was much more confident on this than Pan Lin.

However, after confirming this, the two couldn't help but exchange a glance. They had both realized something was a little strange.

No matter when a high-end technique like Vanishing Step was used, it would count as a climax to the match. So shouldn't they commentate about this with some sort of passion?

Yet what did they do? They were both unnaturally calm. This was because the person on the field was called Ye Xiu. To a normal player using Vanishing Step was a climax, but Ye Xiu using Vanishing Step, wasn't that as simple as eating?

In reality, both of them knew that was too much of an exaggeration. No matter who was behind it, the use of Vanishing Step would never be as a easy as eating. Like a software that a CPU could only use smoothly when at 90%. Even if Ye Xiu had better hardware, there was still a limit to his actual abilities. Comparing him to the other Gods of the Alliance, on par was the best description.

Yet when Ye Xiu used these high-end techniques, Pan Lin and Li Yibo would think it very normal. If it was another God, like Wang Jiexi, Huang Shaotian, Zhou Zekai, no matter who it was, Pan Lin would probably be willing to yell about it until his voice gave out.

That was what you called influence.

In the hearts of these people, who had been with Glory for a long time, there would always be an unshakable and powerful figure, and that figure was, without a doubt, Ye Xiu. When he accomplished something extraordinary, people had higher expectations of him, and what was extraordinary became ordinary.

It's just a Vanishing Step, that's all.

If someone dared say that casually, they'd probably get slapped by the millions of people that played Glory.

But when you added Ye Xiu to the sentence, it suddenly seemed much more reasonable.

It was because of this that Pan Lin and Li Yibo kept their cool when Ye Xiu used Vanishing Step. By then, the program director had cut the shot to Qiu Fei's view already, waiting for them to commentate on this spectacular moment.

"So, Vanishing Step, what Ye Xiu is using right now is actually a very high end technique, Vanishing Step. What we're currently broadcasting is Qiu Fei's view. You can see here that Lord Grim's figure never appears in Qiu Fei's view. Huh?"

Just as Pan Lin said this, Lord Grim's figure appeared in Qiu Fei's view.

"Chance!" It was then that excitement got to Pan Lin and he suddenly yelled.

The broadcasted shot switched back to the battle at large: Combat Form was still suspended in the air, Lord Grim was still darting about, his attacks not stopping… The situation hadn't changed at all.
"Ah, what a shame!" Pan Lin sighed. He thought that it was Qiu Fei who had missed the opportunity. Li Yibo coughed a little, but couldn't really correct Pan Lin on this. They were live!

The so-called chance that Pan Lin had been yelling about, wasn't actually any sort of opportunity. The foundations to the Vanishing Step were built on finding an opponent's blind spot and attacking from there. Here, landing the attack was the ultimate goal and walking into the opponent's blindspot was simply a method to achieve this goal more easily. So, when you could easily hit an opponent, there was no need to expend any excessive effort into finding the said blindspot.

The reason Lord Grim had wandered into Qiu Fei's view was because in that moment, there was no need for him to conceal his attack using Qiu Fei's blindspot.

He actually managed to do that!

If he didn't check Qiu Fei's view, there was no way Li Yibo would've noticed that. After noticing it, Li Yibo was shaken. He didn't know that Ye Xiu had managed to reach this stage with this skill. Using Vanishing Step continuously was also very tiring. If one was able to use it like this, then it would reduce a lot of unneeded mechanics and effort, but at the same time, there was a lot more precision and accuracy needed in terms of judgement and awareness.

Li Yibo was certain that no player in the current Alliance was able to use Vanishing Step so masterfully. Li Yibo felt that what he had just seen was a coincidence with Ye Xiu's actions. If it really had been used purposeful, then that was terrifying. At the age Ye Xiu was at, he was already approaching the end of his pro career, yet his technical ability was still at such heights. It was terrifying even to think about it.

Suddenly, Li Yibo felt that the broadcasting room was rather cold.

"Chance!" It was then that Li Yibo heard Pan Lin yell out in disappointment again. He, on the other hand, had gotten completely distracted and had no idea what had just happened. He couldn't really go and ask, so he could only say, "Such a shame. He really shouldn't have missed that opportunity either."
"Yeah, Qiu Fei has already wasted two good chances," Pan Lin said.


Li Yibo was stunned, but quickly recovered. Pan Lin was still making Lord Grim's appearance in Qiu Fei's vision during the Vanishing Step out to be an error on Ye Xiu's part, and a chance for Qiu Fei! It wasn't a good time for him to rain on that parade, but he didn't want the experienced people watching the tv broadcast thinking that he, Li Yibo, wasn't up to standard, unable to even notice something like this.

He felt conflicted, but what he heard was Pan Lin counting Lord Grim's combo. He couldn't keep up with the pace with the skill names, but he could easily count it. One, two, three, four, five...

Wait, one two three four five? Why was the count resetting?

Li Yibo had missed too much while he had been momentarily distracted, and hadn't even managed to catch up when Pan Lin yelled out again, "Ah! It broke, chance chance chance chance… Ay, what's wrong with you, Qiu Fei!"

Pan Lin's tone was extremely frustrated, and Li Yibo kept an eye on the match this time. Just now, Lord Grim's combo really did break and Qiu Fei didn't take the chance to counterattack either.

"This really shouldn't have happened," Li Yibo commented, "Although Qiu Fei is a player without much experience in official matches, he should still have the ability and awareness to try and grasp this chance. However, from Combat Form's movements, it doesn't seem if he even intended to even try."
"Yes, starting from Ye Xiu's counterattack until now, Qiu Fei has already missed three chances to turn the tables. Seems like this young player is a little too young. His rhythm has been messed up by Ye Xiu's single wave of counterattacks!"

"It won't be easy for him to get back into the right mindset in this sort of desperate situation."

"That's very true!"

In the audience, Liu Xiaobie was watching the projection while listening to what was coming from his earphones. However, at that moment, he pulled them down with an expression of disdain. "What bullshit."
"What's up?" Xu Bin turned his head around to ask. Liu Xiaobie had found the Excellent Era fans too noisy so he put his earphones in. He watched the match occuring in stadium, but he was listening to the commentary on his phone. Then he had heard the two analyzing the current situation and didn't know how to react to it.

"Those two guys! They said Qiu Fei missed three chances," Liu Xiaobie said.
"Three chances? Which three?" Xu Bin was puzzled.
"The first time was when Lord Grim's figure appeared in the shot of Qiu Fei's view. They thought that this was an error in mechanics on Ye Xiu's part, that it was one of the chances," Liu Xiaobie said.

"That… wasn't that because there was no need to use Vanishing Steps to attack?"
"Right? And the two false combos, they thought that the combo had been broken and it was a chance to counterattack," Liu Xiaobie continued.

Even Gao Yingjie stared wide eyed, obviously finding this unbelieveable.

Xu Bin, hearing this, just smiled. "It's natural that they can't tell with their lack of skill."

"But that's not what they think," Liu Xiaobie said.
"Yeah, so why are you listening to live commentary! Isn't it much clearer if you just look yourself?" Xu Bin said.

"These guys are too noisy, though," Liu Xiaobie said.
"Currently it isn't very noisy, right?" Xu Bin smiled.

It naturally wouldn't be very noisy right now. Ye Xiu had successfully counterattacked and his offense still hadn't stopped yet. Seeing Combat Form's life falling continuously, the Excellent Era fans were extremely anxious.
"I'm really not sure what they're expecting. Do they really think this rookie can wipe out Ye Qiu… er, Ye Xiu?" Liu Xiaobie said.

"So long as it's a match, nothing's impossible!" Xu Bin said.

"But at least don't hold such high hopes!" Liu Xiaobie said.
"I say, you seem to have high hopes for Happy defeating Excellent Era. According to your logic, you shouldn't hold such high hopes either!" Xu Bin said.
"No I don't…" Liu Xiaobie's retort was weak. "How about you, Little Gao."

"What are you trying to make him say?" Xu Bin didn't know if he should cry or laugh. This change of topic was a little too random, no?

"He really is strong." Gao Yingjie really did say something.

"Are you talking about that Qiu Fei?" Liu Xiaobie said.

"Do you think it's necessary to point out that God Ye Qiu is strong?" Xu Bin mocked.

"It's Ye Xiu," Liu Xiaobie nitpicked.

Xu Bin smiled. Ye Xiu or Ye Qiu, names were just a way to refer to people. They weren't important. He didn't care, so he still used Ye Qiu out of habit.

"As for this young man…" Liu Xiaobie began considering this seriously after hearing Gao Yingjie's comment. "He really is quite strong." He nodded, saying, "I think he'll be a strong rival for you in the future."
"He already is," Gao Yingjie said.

"Let's see how he deals with the current situation for now!" Liu Xiaobie said.
"If it was you, what would you do?" Xu Bin asked.

Liu Xiaobie didn't reply and Xu Bin didn't pry. In reality, all three of them were already thinking about what they would do in this situation if they were the ones on the field.