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Chapter 1015: All Out

Chapter 1015: All Out
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False combo.

This technique wasn't like Vanishing Step. Vanishing Step was a purely high-level technique. It was only possible to perform when the user's experience, awareness, and tech skill reached a certain level.

False combos were completely different. It wasn't just pro players that could do them. Even normal players often linked skills with false combos. This technique was similar to the previous Battle Mage combo executed by Qiu Fei. The skill floor was low. Anyone could follow that approach and do a short combo, but making a 20 hit true combo that was impossible to break, even by a God like Ye Xiu, wasn't so easy to perform. Even Qiu Fei himself probably wouldn't be able to replicate it if he tried again. Back in the old days, Ye Xiu's zero to death combo on his opponent had only been performed once.

It was because of the endless possibilities that made Glory so fun to watch.

False combos had its own unique characteristic. Everyone could use them, but when it was used, even the commentators and analysts might not be able to recognize it. Even the pro players fighting needed to ponder over it.

The three Team Tiny Herb players among the spectating crowd knew that these were false combos. Qiu Fei naturally knew it even better than them. False combos weren't counted by the system, but for a player, false combos were even more difficult to deal with because the theory behind false combos lay in the player being unable to make any sort of counterplay. Along with Vanishing Step, Qiu Fei was in extremely dire straits. The poor crowd was also unaware though. The commentators misled the viewers. They saw that the combo counter had clearly reset, but Qiu Fei failed to counterattack. Ye Xiu would then quickly start his combo count again. Everyone felt sorry for Qiu Fei.

How could they know? It was actually the hardest to deal with when the combo count reset.

As a result, when this scene happened for the third time, the crowd started letting out sounds of dissatisfaction. Li Yibo noticed that something wasn't right.

After retiring, Li Yibo didn't study Glory as devotedly as he had before. He was already having trouble keeping up with the times. When he commentated a match, there were often times when he felt like he was inadequate. However, at these times, this guy would reassure himself and activate the plausible-explanation high-level skill. When he saw the combo reset again and Qiu Fei still being helpless, Li Yibo's intuition told him: it's time to activate that skill.

He carefully studied this combo reset and the two previous ones. Li Yibo had once been a pro player and knew a lot about false combos. After analyzing it for a bit, he finally came to a realization.

F*ck. I really do need to activate that skill. Li Yibo felt somewhat annoyed.

Beside him, Pan Lin was still wondering if there was a problem with Qiu Fei. Li Yibo lightly coughed.

Pan Lin's heart suddenly became tense. Mother of god! Li Yibo is casting his high-level skill! If Li Yibo was preparing to use his skill, then it meant that they had previously said something wrong.

"This is... Qiu Fei seems to have been out of form for awhile now. Could something have happened to him? In order to be cautious, I think we should do a careful recap." Li Yibo said.

Pan Lin listened and knew that the high-level skill was imminent. As expected, Li Yibo carefully analyzed the previous sections and came to the conclusion: it was because of false combos.

"So it's like that….." Pan Lin could only go along with it. He felt somewhat ashamed for his previously misleading commentary. He didn't have Li Yibo's thick skin and couldn't calmly say that it was originally like this and that. It was as if their mistakes hadn't been committed by them.

"False combos aren't counted by the system, but practically speaking, they should also be considered combos. If we count those... then Combat Form has been struck by a 32 hit combo already. Of course, these 32 hits are just an informal calculation. It won't be listed as a statistic. I just wanted everyone to know about it." Li Yibo said.

"How is Qiu Fei going to break out of the 32 hit combo?" Pan Lin's focus returned to the match.

How is it going to be broken? 

As soon as these words were said, Lord Grim's combo count reset. Combat Form once again fell into a predicament. This was the fourth false combo.  

It really is difficult…...

Qiu Fei wasn't like what the crowd thought. He wasn't doing nothing and standing there taking the beating. He had been trying his best the entire time, trying to think of a way to break free from his predicament. He just hadn't rashly used any skills yet. Mashing random keys when the situation wasn't right was a noob's method. Pro players would never do that because... skills were most threatening when not used.

Qiu Fei remembered these words. These words had been said by the opponent in front of him and had helped him eliminate many of his bad habits in the beginning.

He was unable to return the favor to his coach. He could only prove himself through victory.

These were Qiu Fei's thoughts. He didn't say them out loud because he knew that the other side knew. Both sides were going all out in this match. This was the best proof.

What were his old coach's efforts for? Wasn't it for all of this moment on the stage?

After Combat Form was dealt two devastating combos by his opponent, he didn't have much health left. At this moment, other players might have given up already. They probably wouldn't go so far as to randomly start mashing their keyboard, but they would almost be at that point. However, Qiu Fei didn't think about it. He hoped to see this match through with a professional attitude. He would clearly be aware of what he was doing at all times. These words... were probably also said by Ye Xiu.

It just that now, everything he could do had already been completely sealed.

This was a true match. It was no longer a coaching one inside the team. The other side wouldn't hold back and give him room to guide him. The other side would do his best not to give him any opportunities.

Opportunities were somtimes seized, but opportunities sometimes needed to be created!  

Dragon Rises from the Sea!

Combat Form, who had been taking a beating the entire time, suddenly moved. A spear came downwind and magic undulations spread like waves as the spear stabbed forward.

It was just that... the direction of this attack was slightly off. Ye Xiu was using Vanishing Step, so Qiu Fei couldn't see him. This attack had been purely a guess. Unfortunately, he guessed incorrectly.

Another attack from Lord Grim fell onto Combat Form, but at this moment, Combat Form boldly used Cloud Whirling Windstorm!

A high-level skill was released, but the aim was still off. Quite a few people shook their heads. They felt like Qiu Fei had given up and started testing his luck.

To their surprise, Cloud Whirling Windstorm's magic undulations, along with the waves from Dragon Rises from the Sea, collided. Clouds and mist seemed to form at their intersection. Combat Form's figure suddenly became hazy.

"This is?" Everyone was stunned. They had never seen this scene before.

New technique?

These two words popped up in everyone's eyes. Pan Lin had already started yelling. 

"Dragon Rises from the Sea and Cloud Whirlwind Windstorm can produce such an effect! I've never seen this combo before. It's a combination created by Qiu Fei while facing a predicament. The collision between these two skills produce an effect that hides the character. This is an opportunity to turn his situation around. Wow….." Pan Lin paused halfway through. On stage, Lord Grim's Myriad Manifestations Umbrella moved and tore through the mist, throwing Combat Form down from the air with a Circle Swing. After Combat Form smashed into the ground, two sweeping attacks followed. Combat Form was still unable to break out of the combo. His created technique didn't seem to be that worthy of praise.

For a moment, Pan Lin was at a loss. Who would have thought that Li Yibo would pick it up: "What a pity. Ye Xiu was still able to catch him. Qiu Fei's usage of these two skills was very successful. Against another opponent, he might have been able to turn the situation around. Unfortunately, his opponent is Ye Xiu. Experience helped Ye Xiu accurately catch his opponent in this situation, but we can see that the situation has at least changed. Ye Xiu was forced to stop using Vanishing Step and false combos. After Qiu Fei created this effect, Ye Xiu couldn't continue his previous combo, which was why he used Circle Swing to pull Combat Form back.

"This young Qiu Fei has shown us his creative talent." Pan Lin immediately followed. 

"Yes, he has a boundless future ahead of him. Unfortunately, he'll most likely lose this match. However, he fought well against Ye Xiu, even executing a beautiful 20 hit combo and producing an unknown effect with new skills. Many things can be learned from this match." Li Yibo said.

"Yes, Qiu Fei is making his final effort. He hasn't given up yet." 

"But it looks like there isn't much of a chance….."


"Okay, Combat Form has fallen. This match has ended with Team Happy's victory. However, besides the deep impression Qiu Fei has given with his performance, he was able to take away about half of Lord Grim's health." Li Yibo said.

"A part of that was from the back and forths in the beginning. In the middle, there was that incredible 20 hit combo and that final struggle at the end.

"Yes, being able to win an opportunity to attack in the final moment is due to his beautiful combination of the two new skills."

"In comparison, Coach Li, what do you think of the winner Ye Xiu's performance?" Pan Lin asked.  

"An abundance of experience and correct decision-making." Li Yibo gave seven words as a comment. This was a comment that applied to any player that wasn't a rookie, but what else could Li Yibo say? He didn't understand unspecialized characters at all. If he wanted to give a more detailed analysis, he didn't know where to start. He was depressed that Ye Xiu would still be playing in the next round and show off his unspecialized combos. He could only brace himself and continue commentating. This time, he needed to be more careful. He couldn't make a mistake like not seeing a false combo.

The commentators treated Ye Xiu's matches as a formidable enemy. As for Team Excellent Era, after Qiu Fei came down, the player who stood up was their ace player and team captain of the new generation: Sun Xiang.