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Chapter 406: Hunting on Mount Lao

Chapter 406: Hunting on Mount Lao
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Lin Naoi arrived on the peak amidst the rosy glow of twilight, her white attire granting her a pristine and transcendent sense of beauty. The smile on her normally cold demeanor was exceptionally beautiful.

The rays of the setting sun showered down upon her and enveloped her in a faint golden halo. Her fine black hair flowed with the wind blowing past her pure countenance.

Chu Feng gazed upon this scene in silence.

On the peak, Mu Qing performed a full greeting towards Lin Naoi despite being gravely injured. Her actions made her status as a maid very clear and she was quite happy as she greeted Lin Naoi.

Lin Naoi asked her about her injuries and gifted her some new drugs produced by Deity Biomedicals. She told her that these were produced by extracting active substances from top grade mutant fruits and that it possessed great healing properties.

Mu Qing understood that there were only three such bottles of the blue medicine liquid on her table. She revealed an astonished expression because it was an extremely rare drug. After applying it to her wounds she felt waves of coolness and its effects were miraculously good.

Chu Feng watched the two while circulating his breathing technique in silence—he had perceived everything clearly.

On the Mountain, Mu Qing raised her hand and raised a tent made of green muslin which covered up everything. The two ladies went inside and everything immediately became blurry. The two of them disappeared along with the muslin tent.

Chu Feng immediately understood that the people from the qilin's lair were previously within the tent. It was a secret treasure capable of concealing auras and preventing others from sensing anything.

The evening glow was at its most intense. Its radiance, as red as blood, washed over the silent land.

Even the jade green sea below Mount Lao was, at this moment, quite calm and devoid of wind and waves. It reflected the final moments of the setting sun amidst the evening mist.

Chu Feng gazed at the mountain. His ultimate breathing technique made his perception much stronger but unfortunately, he was blocked out by the muslin tent.

At this time, he recalled Lin Naoi of the past. His deepest impression of her was that she was very reasonable. She would never get involved in impractical and impulsive actions. She had always been very calm and collected.

Naturally, he had also never seen her warm side. As for her beauty and cold temperament within his impression, it was ranked after her realistic personality.

Chu Feng recalled how she had never once lost control all this time. She had always been reasonable and made her choices with great rationality.

Long afterwards, it was already nighttime. The sky was full of stars and the round moon hung high in the sky.

There was finally some movement on the peak as the muslin tent appeared and Lin Naoi walked out from within. She was enveloped by a clear splendor under the moonlight, appearing pristine and transcendent.

Mu Qing's face was full of smiles. Even though she was wounded and even smiling would affect her injuries, she was still expressing her delight as she sent Lin Naoi all the way to the base of the mountain.

Chu Feng wanted to approach silently on her way back but he stopped because the people from the qilin's lair appeared within the woods, still hanging around like evil spirits.

Chu Feng continued hiding. He would wait for the perfect opportunity to hunt!

The Mastiff King was humiliated like this. She had also called upon Uncle Liu and Grandpa Zhao. Chu Feng didn't want to let this woman become a threat later on.

Only deep into the night did Mu Qing open her eyes again. Her injuries had improved somewhat, but she was frowning.

Presently, she was speechless and felt as if she had confessed her love to the wrong person. She had prepared people to wait for the fish to get hooked, but nothing had happened in th end.

She had guessed that Chu Feng would target her after humiliating the Mastiff King and leaking her whereabouts, especially since she was accidentally injured. How could he let go of such a good opportunity?

In the end, neither the big fish nor the small one came.

This made her truly upset.

It was like clenching one's fist in preparation to injure the enemy only to strike air. She had wasted the strength and expression for nothing.

Mu Qing felt stifled and felt that she had overdone it.

In truth, the experts from the qilin's former lair weren't very happy either. Mu Qing had invited them to help her and swore that she was going to catch a big fish. But now, where was this person?!

If she wasn't the maid of a heaven-chosen prince, they would've long since erupted in anger. They felt that it was senseless to hide there and count the stars.

"Don't relax, perhaps the big fish has already arrived and is waiting for an opportunity."

Mu Qing said thus. In truth, she felt that this wasn't a bad outcome either. At least, she could recuperate in peace without fear of being ambushed.

She would recover completely in a few days. At that time, it wouldn't matter anymore. She would be able to slap any enemy to death herself.

Before dawn. The world was shrouded in darkness. At this time, Mu Qing once again opened her brilliant eyes. That night was about to end and this was when everyone was most relaxed. If there were an enemy nearby, he should've appeared by now.

However, there still wasn't anything even until the horizon began to whiten.

"Ah, I overestimated him. In the end, he's just a spineless native. He doesn't even dare come here to ambush me. How timid! But he's actually just a small fish."

Mu Qing smiled, but she was quite upset at heart.

At this time, the rising sun had stained the white mist on the mountains a bright red and the world was filled with comfortable warmth.

She sighed at her miscalculation. No one had come in the end.

As for the five people from the qilin's lair, all of them were speechless. What was going on? Did they just wait here the whole night for nothing?

They cursed inwardly. This woman seemed crafty but was ultimately small-minded. What was the use of mobilizing so many people to lay down a trap? She was just overthinking things.

"I'm going to meet His Majesty the Prince. You all should follow me," Mu Qing spoke.


The five experts nodded. Only at this moment did they become more spirited. Their sole purpose for coming here was to build a good relationship with the people from the evolver's dynasty. No matter where they were from, an orthodoxy that could be called a dynasty was a terrifying power.

After arriving at the base of the spiritual peak and moving towards the depths of the mountain range, Mu Qing suddenly stopped after seeing a distant spring. "Everyone, please wait here for a while. Allow me to freshen up myself."

The five revealed odd expressions but still withdrew.

Mu Qing was a woman and also someone close to the imperial prince. Now that they had to go meet the prince for important business, they would naturally be on their best behavior.

But she had been burnt. Parts of her beautiful body had been charred black and this ruined her appearance. That was why she wanted to head to the clear spring to put on some makeup and remedy her appearance.

Only at this point did Chu Feng truly make his move. He had waited for a whole night with great patience. Finally, the moment he had been waiting for had arrived.

He avoided the others with his unimaginably powerful spiritual instincts and moved silently through the bushes, his spirit and body merged into one.

He possessed the ultimate breathing technique which afforded him the ability to regulate himself into a state of emptiness.

The morning rays were golden and brilliant bathing everyone with comfortable warmth. Mu Qing arrived beside the quiet spring and began to apply makeup. She hoped to look more presentable.

As the sun rose, her vigilance fell.

At this time, Chu Feng suddenly attacked—a lightning rune began to glow on his right palm and in his left was the purple gold lightning hammer used to amplify the power of the lightning.

What could be faster than lightning?

Chu Feng had waited a whole night in order to kill her. After coming across such an opportunity, how could he miss it? His attack had to connect and immediately break her body apart.

According to his inherent nature, Chu Feng wanted nothing more than to slaughter her and be done with it, but he had promised the Mastiff King that he would leave her alive for him to vent his anger.

In fact, it was just as Chu Feng and the Mastiff King had discussed, it would be making things too easy for her if he killed her outright. It's best to cripple her for now.


Lightning erupted as the thunderbolt shot out from Chu Feng's palm and flowed along the purple gold lightning hammer. The energy which poured out was shockingly intense.

A thick beam of dazzling light shot out towards Mu Qing's back.

This morning, she was lacking in vigilance after a night of tense nerves. She was currently in a relaxed state, so how could she have expected that she would be ambushed in broad daylight.


The lightning bolt struck her back and sent her flying while coughing up large amounts of blood. She had suffered an intense injury.

"Eh?!" Chu Feng was astonished because he had expected the attack to tear her body in two and explode through her chest, but the result wasn't so.

"Goddamned heart protection treasure!" He understood what had transpired. This woman was wearing a mysterious treasured armor which protected her.

Had I known earlier, I would've attacked her abdomen. That place had been burnt before so it would definitely tear her body apart.

Chu Feng rapidly without any hesitation. He attacked again with the purple lightning hammer and blasted out a beam of lightning.

But the woman had already come to and was able to evade depending on her powerful divine instincts.

At the same time, the experts from the qilin's lair had heard the commotion and were rushing over like bolts of lightning, kicking up sand and winds on the way.

The forest was blasted apart and ruined as the five ran.

Boom, boom, boom…

The sound of thunder shook the ears as the water in the clear spring evaporated. Chu Feng frantically launched a series of attacks within moments.

Mu Qing was quite powerful and also very agile. However, she hadn't yet recovered after being wounded by the essence flames of extreme yang. The injury made her lose out in an exchange of blows.

Especially since Chu Feng's first strike had indeed struck her, despite not piercing right through. It put her in extreme pain and numbness, making her movements awkward.

And the follow-up attacks were all extremely fast lightning bolts. It was truly difficult to defend.


She was struck and the glow of lightning erupted over her abdomen, almost causing it to explode.

Chu Feng was astonished. The woman was so strong that she could endure even a bolt of lightning and actually wasn't blasted apart.

Behind him, five figures shot through the sky and were about to arrive.


Chu Feng shot out more lightning bolts and also spat out a beam of sword radiance. The invincible metallic qi nurtured within his lungs flew out like a flying knife.


This attack finally displayed some effect. It shaved off one of Mu Qing's arms—the snowy white metallic qi was as dazzling as a divine rainbow. It ground the arm into pieces and sent blood flying in all directions.


Mu Qing let out an incomparably shrill scream. She was both astonished and terrified. A beauty like her could hardly bear the loss of an arm.

"Kill him!"

Mu Qing's hair was in disarray as she screamed at the five experts who were running over.

Her body was erupting with radiant energy; she was planning to fight it out with Chu Feng regardless of the cost.

Chu Feng's eyes were cold. He shot out two beams of golden light form his eyes which landed on Mu Qing's body with a pfft, sending her flying amidst a rain of fresh blood.


This time, there was no suspense. Mu Qing's abdomen was blasted apart and her body was cut into two, causing her to scream in misery.

At the same time, the metallic qi spun around and ground her lower body into pieces.

With that, Chu Feng disappeared into the forest with a swoosh.

"I'll leave you with your life so that you can see me annihilate your imperial dynasty!" Chu Feng said coldly.

He shot forth with a crack and, unable to resist his killing intent, shot out another bolt of lightning towards her. The bolt struck her head and caused her to fall head first onto the ground.

Her constitution was indeed astonishing. Any other person would've been blasted apart after suffering such an attack and turned into meat paste.

Chu Feng ran madly, congratulating himself for going all out with the attacks. If he had held back in order to leave her alive, then she might not have been heavily injured.

The five experts behind him were hot in pursuit. Three of them were at the level of ten severed shackles while the other two were at the level of nine severed shackles. This lineup was astonishing.

However, Chu Feng didn't run away frantically after entering the forest. He turned back to counterattack at the critical juncture and with the intention to kill.

His spine began to glow brightly the very moment he turned back and lowered his head. A draconic serpent arose and formed a golden spear formed of frightening energy which shot out towards the group.


One of the experts with nine severed shackles was immediately pierced through by the spear and exploded.

"You dare?!"

The other four were furious. This was especially true of the experts with ten severed shackles. Two of them actually had illusory wings at their back as they shot through the air. They were able to fly.

Chu Feng didn't stick around and kept on running. But there were mountains blocking his way and his speed became limited. In the end, he rushed down a mountainside and leapt into the jade sea in front of Mount Lao!

"We'll kill you even if you fly into the sky or hide into the ground!"

The two winged experts dived into the ocean to chase down Chu Feng.

At the bottom of the ocean, Chu Feng wasn't running and, instead, waited silently for them with the diamond chakram in his hand.


The two experts roared telepathically as they approached Chu Feng with great speed.


Seeing them approach, Chu Feng shot out the diamond chakram without any hesitation. This time, it wasn't to smash the two into pieces but to draw out the essence flames of extreme yang.


A golden light surged up and drowned out the whole sea.

Chu Feng himself hid into the Pristine Jade Bottle had moved it towards the distance.


The two entities screamed wretchedly amidst the boiling sea.

On the shore, the other two experts who had chased Chu Feng to this place looked at each other. They didn't dare enter after seeing the sea raging with intense energy fluctuations.

Very soon, Chu Feng returned with great speed. The essence flames of extreme yang had spread out in the area and even the seawater could do nothing against it. One of the experts had already been burnt to ashes while the other had only half a body left.

Chu Feng approached and slapped out through the seawater, tearing that half-dead expert into pieces.


He retrieved and put away the diamond chakram.

Chu Feng was secretly speechless. He had collected too much extreme yang essence last time. The whole seabed was filled with high-level energy particles which didn't disperse for a long time.

Everything calmed down only after half an hour.

The two remaining experts from the qilin's lair on the shore glanced at each other. They felt chilled after realizing that their companions hadn't returned.

The two hesitated for a bit but turned away and left in the end.

Chu Feng emerged after some time and headed towards the shore to dry his clothes.

He glanced at Mount Lao and, once again, walked towards the mountain range.

He utilized his superior perception to evade everyone and finally approached a silent spiritual peak with an ancient silver pine growing from the precipice. There was a small Taoist temple nearby where Lin Naoi was staying and Chu Feng had to meet her.