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The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators on Campus

Author:Tang Xiao

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In order to live he must get close to girls, what kind of rule is this? Tang Zheng possess the Nine Yang Saint Body, a rare body constitution that is hard to come across within a millennium, yet he must absorb pure Yin energy to stay alive. In order to live, he will fight! Absolute campus bullies, goddess teachers, charming housewives, haughty lolis… all kinds of woman walk into his life causing him to be surrounded by beauties! Associated Names Strong True Cultivator on Campus 修真强少在校园
《The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators on Campus》 Text
Chapter 1: Gifted Weakling Student
Chapter 2: Nine Yang Saint Body
Chapter 3: Secrets of the Ancient Clear Heaven Scroll
Chapter 4: The Old Witch is Coming
Chapter 5: Hell Class
Chapter 6: Ice Goddess
Chapter 7: Low-key Arrogant
Chapter 8: The School’s Pretty Boy
Chapter 9: Sowing Dissension
Chapter 10: An Overnight Celebrity
Chapter 11: Intimidation
Chapter 12: As long as I have breath in my body, our clasped hands will not falter
Chapter 13: Mysterious Yin Body Constitution
Chapter 14: Assassination
Chapter 15: Descending from the Sky
Chapter 16: Are You a Peeping Tom?
Chapter 17: Baseless Father
Chapter 18: Being a Good Person
Chapter 19: Jealous of a Love Rival
Chapter 20: Framed
Chapter 21: Holy Shit!
Chapter 22: What is his Background?
Chapter 23: Demonic Energy
Chapter 24: Heaven Fragrant Flower
Chapter 25: Underground Fighting Arena
Chapter 26: Death Match
Chapter 27: To Have No Choice But To Pick Up Girls
Chapter 28: Girlfriend
Chapter 29: Ci Jun
Chapter 30: A Strand of Hope
Chapter 31: You Are Not Worthy!
Chapter 32: Pleasant Surprise
Chapter 33: The Truth Comes To Light
Chapter 34: Mother-In-Law Snatching Her Son-In-Law
Chapter 35: Marketing One’s Own Daughter
Chapter 36: The Might of a Ninth Grade Pre-Natal Martial Artist
Chapter 37: Miracle Cure
Chapter 38: Qiao Fei’s Retaliation Plan
Chapter 39: Golden Bell Canopy
Chapter 40: Beautiful Dream
Chapter 41: Grandfather’s Disappearance
Chapter 42: Rage
Chapter 43: You want to make my daughter to stay at home when her husband is away?
Chapter 44: Yin Blade
Chapter 045: Goal Successfully Accomplished
Chapter 46:Replenishing Life
Chapter 47: Two First Place
Chapter 48: Heaven Flying Immortal
Chapter 49: Chang Heng Resort
Chapter 50: God of Gambling
Chapter 51: Nine Revolving Pill Furnace
Chapter 52: Song Yu
Chapter 53: Expulsion Crisis (Unedited)
Chapter 54: Gambling Contract
Chapter 55: Spark
Chapter 56: Marriage Proposal
Chapter 57: Fiance
Chapter 58: Truth passing for an act
Chapter 59: Ah, youngsters!
Chapter 60: Trap
Chapter 61: Death upon touch
Chapter 62: Explosive News
Chapter 63: Scram
Chapter 64: The so called “rescue soldier”
Chapter 65: Unable to see through
Chapter 66: Feast at Hongmen
Chapter 67: Swindler
Chapter 68: Godly Doctor
Chapter 69: Demonic Energy Enters the Body
Chapter 70: Curse Technique
Chapter 71: Profit from Disaster
Chapter 72: Prince and Princess
Chapter 73: Smack your face with money!
Chapter 74: Shield
Chapter 75: Over my dead body!
Chapter 76: Unrivaled Hero
Chapter 77: Evasion
Chapter 78: To hesitate over what move to make
Chapter 79: Escape from coercion
Chapter 80: Liu Qingmei’s Background
Chapter 81: Ye Xuanji
Chapter 82: Abandoned Son
Chapter 83: Confession Crisis
Chapter 84: The Medicine King’s Confusion
Chapter 85: Large Scale Search of the City
Chapter 86: Explosion
Chapter 87: Take responsibility for one’s action
Chapter 88: Fourth Grade Refining Qi
Chapter 89: Jade Women’s Heart Sutra
Chapter 90: Priceless Treasure
Chapter 91: Car accident
Chapter 92: Looming Danger
Chapter 93: Assassinate
Chapter 94: Extreme Yin God Needles
Chapter 95: Demonic Way
Chapter 96: Consciousness Sea, Fire Sea
Chapter 97: Identity Exposed!
Chapter 98: Not Human!
Chapter 99: Magical Treasure
Chapter 100: A Bunch of Dirt Poor Fellas
Chapter 101: Refusal
Chapter 102: Hand-to-Hand Combat
Chapter 103: The hand raises, the knife descends
Chapter 104: Young Master Tang
Chapter 105: Behind the Scenes
Chapter 106: Taking care of matters with one fell swoop
Chapter 107: Using money to smack others
Chapter 108: Conflict
Chapter 109: Fear
Chapter 110: Difference between heaven and earth
Chapter 111: Good things don’t happen, but bad things happen in surplus
Chapter 112: Exchange
Chapter 113: Spiritual Awareness
Chapter 114: Recognizing a Master
Chapter 115: Key Person
Chapter 116: A Resounding Slap to the Face
Chapter 117: A Good Home
Chapter 118: To Stir
Chapter 119: Promise
Chapter 120: Unconstrained Youthfulness
Chapter 121: Demon
Chapter 122: Disciple
Chapter 123: Appointment with a Beauty
Chapter 124: Kidnap
Chapter 125: Invasion of the Devil Race
Chapter 126: Topple
Chapter 127: Morgue
Chapter 128: Evil Spirit
Chapter 129: Messengers
Chapter 130: I’ll Just Marry You Then!
Chapter 131: Fake Boyfriend
Chapter 132: Disturbance at the Reception
Chapter 133: Seeking one’s own death
Chapter 134: All Out Attack
Chapter 135: Battle Spirit
Chapter 136: The Mantis stalks to cicada, unaware of the Oriole behind
Chapter 137: Chase To Kill
Chapter 138: Burning With Anger
Chapter 139: To Broaden one’s Horizons
Chapter 140: Hoodlum’s doubts
Chapter 141: To Start a War
Chapter 142: Get Revenge for Us!
Chapter 143: Transformation
Chapter 144: Alliance
Chapter 145: Capturing the overlord
Chapter 146: Unstoppable even in the face of tens of thousands
Chapter 147: Weakness
Chapter 148: Doomsday
Chapter 149: Angering Humans and Gods Alike
Chapter 150: Nowhere to Run
Chapter 151: The Hero Saving The Beauty
Chapter 152: Future Son-in-law
Chapter 153: Sleeping Over at the Goddess’s House
Chapter 154: Defenseless
Chapter 155: Verge of Conflict
Chapter 156: The Strength of the Body Lock Technique
Chapter 157: Scary Side Effects
Chapter 158: Head Seat
Chapter 159: Bed Skills are Skills Too
Chapter 160: Lingering Soul
Chapter 161: Imperial Sword Technique
Chapter 162: Waste You To Death
Chapter 163: Mysterious Ranked Treasure
Chapter 164: A Woman Called Martial *Wu=Martial
Chapter 165: Martial Organization
Chapter 166: Don’t cooperate? Fight!
Chapter 167: Capture
Chapter 168: Lifeline
Chapter 169: Double-Edge Sword
Chapter 170: Attracting fire to burn the body
Chapter 171: Fighting Side by Side
Chapter 172: Ten Direction Killing Formation
Chapter 173: Rebirth
Chapter 174: Turning oneself in
Chapter 175: Decisive Kill
Chapter 176: At most I just won’t get married!
Chapter 177: God’s Blade
Chapter 178: Scramble over the High School Exams!
Chapter 179: Purely Fictional
Chapter 180: First and last in history!
Chapter 181
Chapter 182