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Chapter 2: This Location Was Somewhat Scary

Chapter 2: This Location Was Somewhat Scary

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"Is it really so magical?"

Chen Feng curiously reached toward his left wrist, and a screen suddenly appeared.


The black wristband trembled lightly and a force circulated within his body before quickly returning to the wristband. On the screen, new data appeared.


Strength: 10

Agility: 10

Physique: 10

Spirit: 30

Endurance: 10/10 (every 1 point of physique increases the maximum endurance by 1 point)

Spiritual Energy: 30/30 (every 1 point of spirit increases the maximum spiritual energy by 1 point)

Genetic abilities:

Wind Blade: Creating a dance out of violent wind. Form a formation using spiritual energy and release a wind-formed blade, dealing a certain amount of damage. Small probability (initial estimate 5%) to continuously release wind blades.

General function:

A low level combat technique possessing a certain degree of lethality. (Judged in accordance with your muscle memory and spiritual memory assessment, coupled with the memory database. It should be stored within the wristband chip. To guarantee your safety, it should not be connected to the network. Please update the data consistently to guarantee data accuracy.)

Special ability:

Luck Aura. Exhausting the luck value within the Fate Stone, able to greatly increase luck within a short period of time. Balance of luck value: 10 points. (The Fate Stone formed its energy by absorbing the world’s energy. Based on evaluation of the current world, one point of luck value can be obtained per hour.)


This was the digitized version of himself!

The basic attributes were units of measurement based on the most primitive of human strength. The ability to clearly show everyone’s condition was magical, but what Chen Feng cared about the most was nevertheless the final special ability.

"Luck Aura?"

Chen Feng was astonished.

He had thought that the Fate Stone had disappeared. Never had he expected that the Fate Stone had actually merged with him.

The moment he saw the remaining luck value of 10 points, Chen Feng managed to vaguely guess that at his moment of death, when the library collapsed, the Fate Stone had unleashed all of its stored luck value and brought him to this world.

"So this is your power?" Chen Feng muttered to himself.

Fate Stone, fortune and misfortune interwoven together.

He went through a whole life having the worst luck. In his current life, he might be able to create a whole new world for himself! But then, why was he here?

"Let’s see."

Chen Feng skipped through all the miscellaneous information in the original owner’s memory and directly looked at memories about himself. Immediately, he saw a very encouraging story.

His name was Chen Feng, citizen of Gold City, an orphan.

He had lost his parents at a young age. However, relying on his outstanding grades and a scholarship, he had managed to forge a path into an elite high school and enrolled in gene study courses there. After his training at the school, he had grasped a genetic ability and some other techniques. This enabled him to join the elite class and become the "other family’s child"[1] always mentioned by parents of his fellow schoolmates.

If nothing unexpected had happened, he would have been able to have a smooth journey as he progressed, becoming the rare case of a commoner who soared despite bad circumstances!

However, more often than not, reality was cruel. On the last day of the university entrance examination, Chen Feng, who should have been at the examination, was instead thrown into the sea by others to feed the shark...

The reason?

The original owner of the body probably couldn’t understand what happened even at the moment of death. However, as Chen Feng went through his memories, he guessed the reason.

The world’s top university, North Qing University’s Gene Production Major Facility, was recruiting one headcount from their Gold City. Yet the original body’s owner just had to be the top student who was aiming to major in this all along. Did one still need to guess what would happen as a result of this?

He had became an obstruction in someone else’s path.

"What a pitiful child."

Chen Feng mourned him in silence. It was quite apparent that this body’s original owner, who had spent the majority of his time laboring and studying, must have had an EQ in the negatives to have gotten himself set up by others unknowingly.

"If I was here earlier, things wouldn’t be so miserable," Chen Feng said confidently.



He kept feeling that something wasn’t right.

Top student?

No... ugh... wait!

Chen Feng suddenly remembered something and had a bad feeling.


Thrown into the sea to feed the shark?


Chen Feng finally realized what the problem was.


The entire cave suddenly shook.

The thick ground started trembling while the walls around him started wiggling slowly. Some weird mucus started to secrete from his surroundings as Chen Feng’s expression abruptly changed.

"Curse it!"

Chen Feng suddenly remembered something.

Based on the scene seen by the original owner before death and the data provided by his wristband, this was a mutated blacksea shark. A spirit-type mutated beast! The moment it swallowed the original owner, his consciousness and soul were immediately destroyed. This left behind an empty shell, enabling Chen Feng to luckily transmigrate here.

And this place... was totally not some cave, but was instead the inside of the shark’s body!



The entire wall was shaking.

Chen Feng stubbornly leaned on one of the walls.


Unending sounds of explosions.

This mutated shark seemed to have awoken. Within the shark’s body, Chen Feng felt like the whole world turned upside down, and the strange liquid was secreting nonstop.

Earlier, Chen Feng had thrown a cloth to test it out, and the cloth had been corroded immediately.

And now, that liquid was constantly flowing through the cracks, heading toward Chen Feng.

"This won’t do."

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

Although he did not know where he was, based on his guess, it was very probable for him to be in the mutated blacksea shark’s stomach. There were no exits around him, while the only entrance should be the esophagus. However, it was obstructed by even more mucus. Trying to pass through there was simply courting death!

"What to do?"

Chen Feng calmed himself down.

No exit while the entrance was blocked. He could only break out by force.

Genetic warriors of the current era were very strong. 1 point of strength was equivalent to the strength of a non-genetically-strengthened human. Chen Feng’s strength and agility were both at 10 points! Tenfold of strength and agility, perhaps...


Chen Feng resolutely punched.


Chen Feng inhaled a mouthful of cold breath. There was an acute pain in his hand, while there was no reaction at all from the wall he had punched. Chen Feng’s strength was indeed strong. However, in this era of genes, the body quality of these large mutated beasts such as sharks was even crazier!

"This won’t do."

Chen Feng looked at the other ability on his digital screen—Wind Blade.

Genetic ability was the symbol of this era’s genetic warriors.

Only after obtaining control of a genetic ability could one be considered a real genetic warrior, while the spirit-type genetic warriors were the most mysterious and formidable! Hence, spirit-type genes were extremely expensive. Even after exhausting his whole scholarship, the body’s original owner could only afford the gene reagent of this bottom-tier spirit-type ability.

Wind Blade...

Compared to other spirit-type genes, this genetic ability was too weak!

However, presently, he could only try it out.

"At least I have 30 points of spirit. Hopefully it won't disappoint me."

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

Wind Blade!


A mysterious power emerged from Chen Feng’s body and condensed in empty air. A curved azure-colored blade blossomed and relentlessly cut forward.


With a light sound, the blade disappeared while a bloody gash appeared on the wall.


A loud bellow could be heard as the shark’s belly started shaking violently, as if the sky and earth were turning upside down. Chen Feng was almost penetrated by the weird liquid sputtering around him.

"Not good."

Chen Feng looked at the bloody gash.

His strongest ability could only cause a light wound. He lacked the ability to even shake this huge mutated blacksea shark! They were totally not in the same league!

Even if he was currently within the mutated blacksea shark! At the most vulnerable part of it!

Damn it! Would he die here so shortly after he got transmigrated?

Chen Feng looked at the data displayed on his wristband. He still had 10 points of luck value; however, he did not feel that this ability could let him survive. In front of absolute strength, luck sometimes...


Chen Feng was suddenly in a daze.

He carefully looked at Luck Aura, and then at Wind Blade, before he finally stopped at the Wind Blade ability’s description: "Small probability (initial estimate 5%) to continuously release wind blades."

Continuous release?


Due to the probability being too small, Chen Feng had subconsciously ignored it.

The reason was simple, a probability of 5% just to activate a 2-hit combo. How about 3-hit combo? 0.25%! As for 4-hit combo and 5-hit combo? Even lower! Plus the strength of the Wind Blade itself was too ordinary; hence, this gene, fused by the body’s original owner, received a very low evaluation. However...

What if it was matched with the Luck Aura?

Chen Feng was enticed.

He still had 10 points of luck value. It should be enough to support Luck Aura’s operation for a period of time. Within that period, what kind of power could the Wind Blade unleash?

He was looking forward to it!


[1] Other parents child – Parents will often compare their child with other child who presumably have better achievements.